Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasonal Update- LIMITED September Items REVEALED

8/27/2021 4:59:18 PM

Animal Crossing New Horizons September is about to arrive which means some brand new limited-time seasonal Animal Crossing items and acnh fall update will introduce in animal crossing new horizons. Honestly, there are actually some pretty cool ACNH items to get your hands on this time around.

Not only are the returning ones for new players but there are some brand new ACNH items to enjoy as well. Next, go over all of the details of these new items. When you can get them for yourself? How you can get them and more?

Upcoming Seasonal Items For August, September, October, November 2021 In Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Animal Crossing World

Animal Crossing New Horizons - LIMITED September Items REVEALED

ACNH September Item 1- Grape Harvest Backpack

Time to get:  September first to the 30th

The first item that's actually returning from last year for the grape harvest festival, is of course the grape harvest backpack now, sadly this item isn't actually a basket that you can get and display around your island.

That would have been a much better item to get for this little festivity,  it is a pretty cool backpack in animal crossing: new horizons. You don't see too many clothing items for the seasonal shopping menu, so it's nice to see them introduce a backpack that is so cool, of course, this was actually introduced last year for the first time, a lot of people have started playing in 2021. 

But there's a lot of animal crossing: new horizons players who don't have this item yet and would really enjoy getting it.  Definitely consider going out there and getting it before it disappears! 

From the animal crossing: new horizons seasonal Nook shopping Tab, maybe you have the app as well or you can access it from resident services, either way, definitely be sure to get this item.

The Player does have them in animal crossing pocket camp, but sadly ACNH never introduced them in this game. There's a lot of potential for the grape theme and hopefully, see more of them in the future.

ACNH September Item 2-Cool-looking Rug

Time to get:  September 12th to the 20th 

As a part of the animal crossing: new horizons moon viewing festivities, this one returning from last year, maybe a lot of you probably already do have this one, but maybe if you only started playing this year you won't have this one yet.  It's definitely worth getting your hands on!

It's a really cool-looking rug that's basically all there is simple to say about it,  but it definitely would work well with some of the kind of space-themed items that already have in the animal crossing: new horizons game's floorings and walls.

If Nintendo animal crossing: new horizons just did a simple acnh fall update to allow place rugs outside, which will definitely be a cool item, some people may be putting it on the large rock formations on their island because it does kind of look like the moon and there's just so many other great rugs. It is definitely worth getting this item.

Of course, it is limited time and you won't have quite as long to get it as you did with the grape basket, so definitely worth going out there and getting it from your nook shopping tab.

Whilst, it lasts now these were the existing items that had last year but there are some brand new items introduced to the game in 2021 which were added in the  Animal Crossing 1.11 update.

ACNH September Item 3-Dango & Moon Cakes

Time to get: September 12th to the 20th

Actually, Dango and moon cakes are part of the moon viewing festivities now,  these ones already appear in past games. 

Dango and moon cakes as well so more food items were introduced to animal crossing new horizons, that people really wanted.

So many new food items are introduced through the ACNH seasonal shopping menu now,  there's a lot of people out there who really don't care about these new shopping items, that a lot of people said when the game came out that it didn't have enough food.   

The animal crossing: new horizons shopping menu has kind of adequately given us a lot of cool new food items, the best thing about these items as well is that its food from around the world. So it's maybe not necessarily food you like, but you'd be used to but it helps introduce kind of a lot of new cultures to people.

The Dango makes its return to animal cross new horizons and of course the moon cakes which are an entirely new item.   Even though it's not a ton of new animal crossing: new horizons items, it's always good to see more,  because people are going to make some really cool sort of food-related designs with these, like their own cafes and stuff.

ACNH September Item 4-Songpyeon

Time to get:12th to the 20th

The Songpyeon item is a part of Chushyok, which is a part of the Korean harvest festival holiday and again it's another food item.

So if you wanted even more food items in animal crossing new horizons, here you go, so many different food items in the past few months.  

It's actually from the 12th to the 20th all of these moon-viewing items and the Songpyeon are available from the 12th to the 20th. So you'll have roughly just under a week to get them, so make sure you go out there and get them before they completely disappear from the game,  because you may be waiting another year to get your hands on them.

Time Limitation for ACNH September Items

Take care of the time limitation to get this item, in case you forget to do it and lost this item in Animal Crossing September!

What do you think about these new items in animal crossing new horizons? 

Are you interested in getting any of them? 

Are there any other items that you would have liked to have seen introduced this month? 

There are definitely more seasonal items going into Animal Crossing November and October as well, so keep an eye out for those in