ACNH Halloween Event 2021 - Date, New Spooky Items, Rewards, DIY Recipes, Costumes | Animal Crossing New Horizons

9/1/2021 12:01:19 PM

As one of the biggest Fall festivals, Halloween will be celebrated in Animal Crossing New Horizons again in 2021,which saw the addition of several new items and rewards. Learn all the Halloween items (rewards, DIY recipes, Spooky items and costume) you can get from both Jack and Nook Stop in this guide of Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event 2021, plus the event date and process.

ACNH Halloween Event 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event 2021

The Halloween is a special limited-time event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) running through the whole month of October! Halloween is an anniversary of Celtic origin that, in the twentieth century, following the spread in the USA of this macabre holiday, has spread to all countries of the world. During Halloween, the world organizes games, parades, carves pumpkins and recites the famous formula "trick or treat?": why not do the same on our Animal Crossing New Horizons island? Let's find out what we can do to make it scarier than ever!

Release Date: Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event 2021 takes place on October 31 annually, while the event activation period starts from October 1st and runs through whole month. 

Changes: Same as the return of other large-scale events, we can be sure that this year’s Halloween event will also be refreshed with new items. Though there were no word on this year's Halloween event revealed by Nintendo, new Spooky items for Halloween 2021 were discovered on the screenshot posted in the latest 1.11.0 update announcement. But in addition, whether Nintendo will add more new content or change the activity mechanism, we don't know yet.

ACNH Halloween 2021 New Items

Thanks to the the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer 2021 Update, there are 3 brand new Halloween themed items in the Spooky Set discovered for the first time as the part of the refreshed Halloween event for 2021:

  • Spooky Treats Basket

  • Spooky Trick Lamp

  • Spooky Tree

ACNH Halloween New Items 2021 - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Similar to the old Spooky items, these new items can be crafted with DIY recipes or purchased from Nook’s Cranny during the month of October 2021, and different color variations (orange, yellow, green and monochrome) are obtained through customizing.

ACNH Halloween 2021 Items (Spooky DIY Recipes & Items, Rewards, Costume)

The actual Halloween event items and rewards appear to have been unchanged this year. There are dozens of spooky items and clothes during the Halloween activation period by planting pumpkins and collecting Halloween themed DIY recipes, purchasing from Nook’s Cranny:

ACNH Halloween Seasonal Items (2021)

During the month of October, you can purchase Pumpkin Starts from Nook’s Cranny (also available year-round from Leif) to plant and harvest different types of Pumpkins, which can be used to craft the Spooky Set of furniture and items or decorate your island directly.

Full list of the Halloween seasonal items you can collect during the holiday period:

  • Orange Pumpkin

  • Yellow Pumpkin

  • White Pumpkin

  • Green Pumpkin

  • Halloween Candy

ACNH Spooky DIY Recipes & Items (2021)

Beside buying Spooky Set items from Nook’s Cranny directly, throughout October, you also can collect Spooky Set DIY recipes from villagers crafting in their homes, balloon presents in the sky, and message bottles on the beach to craft the Halloween themed items.

Full list of Halloween Spooky Items you can buy from Nook’s Cranny during October, which are also can be crafted with the Spooky Set DIY Crafting Recipes and pumpkins:

  • Spooky Arch

  • Spooky Candy Set

  • Spooky Carriage

  • Spooky Chair

  • Spooky Fence

  • Spooky Garland

  • Spooky Lantern

  • Spooky Lantern Set

  • Spooky Scarecrow

  • Spooky Standing Lamp

  • Spooky Table

  • Spooky Tower

  • Spooky Treats Basket (New In 2021)

  • Spooky Tree (New In 2021)

  • Spooky Trick Lamp (New In 2021)

ACNH Halloween Items 2021 - Spooky Set DIY Recipes & Items

ACNH Jack's Halloween Rewards (2021)

On the Halloween event day - October 31st, there are bulk of rewards can earned by joining the Halloween Night event held by Jack starting at 5PM. By talking with Jack and handing candies to him, he will give you an extra set of Spooky Set items as reward, also your village will give you gifts if you share candy with them. 

Full list of Spooky Set Items you can get from Jack and your villagers as rewards during Halloween Event on October 31st, covering the way to get them in brackets:

  • Jack's Robe (Give Candy To Jack)

  • Jack's Face (Give Candy To Jack)

  • Haunt Reaction (Give Candy To Jack)

  • Scare Reaction (Give Candy To Jack)

  • Lollipops (Give Candy To Villagers)

  • Spooky Garland (Give Candy To Villagers)

  • Spooky Table Setting (Give Candy To Villagers)

  • Spooky Flooring (Give Candy To Villagers)

  • Spooky Rug (Give Candy To Villagers)

  • Spooky Wall (Give Candy To Villagers)

  • Spooky Carriage (Give Lollipops To Jack)

  • Spooky Wand (Give Lollipops To Jack)

ACNH Jack’s Halloween Rewards (2021) - Spooky Items

ACNH Halloween Costumes, Body Paint, Eye Colors (2021)

In order to fully integrate into the holiday party, a variety of Halloween-themed costumes and costumes will be on sale in October, you can purchase Spooky clothes from Able Sisters shop with ACNH bells, Body Paints and Eye Colors at the Nook Stop Terminal with Nook Miles. 

Full list of the Halloween themed costumes:

  • Flashy Animal Costume (Able Sisters)

  • Mage's Dress (Able Sisters)

  • Magic-Academy Robe (Able Sisters)

  • Raggedy Outfit (Able Sisters)

  • Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat (Able Sisters)

  • Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat (Able Sisters)

  • Impish Horns (Able Sisters)

  • Mage's Striped Hat (Able Sisters)

  • Magic-Academy Hood (Able Sisters)

  • Animal Nose (Able Sisters)

  • Horizontal-Striped Tights (Able Sisters)

  • Flashy Animal Boots (Able Sisters)

  • Mage's Boots (Able Sisters)

  • Impish Wings (Kicks)

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