ACNH Fall Update 2021 - New Events & Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons September, October & November

9/1/2021 4:15:03 PM

We have stepped into September and the autumn finally arrived in Animal Crossing New Horizons, what new items and events you can get during the season? In this article, we’ll go through all the seasonal items, themed furniture, clothing, crafting materials, and festivals included in the ACNH Fall Update 2021. 

acnh fall 2021

ACNH Fall Update 2021 - New Events & Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons September 2021

Moving to next season after Summer, ACNH fall 2021 begins from September 1 and ends on November 25. There is no big event in September, but you still have lots of items to gather. New items are introduced for holidays like moon-viewing day, and it’s the time to collect acorns and pine cones. If there are no special notes, all dates refer to the Northern hemisphere. 

1.  ACNH Tree’s Bounty Season (September 1 to December 10)

For Northern hemisphere players, you can get acorns and pine cones from September 1 to December 10, which means the Tree’s Bounty series items can be crafted throughout the whole fall season. 

Crafting material: Acorns, Pine Cones

2.  ACNH Grape Harvest Festival 2021 (September 1 to 30)

Seasonal item: Grape-Harvest Basket

3.  ACNH Moon-Viewing Day 2021 (September 12 to 21)


Seasonal item: Moon Cakes, Moon Rug

4.  ACNH Chuseok 2021 (September 12 to 21)

Seasonal item: Songpyeon

5.  ACNH Bug Off 2021 (September 25)   

ACNH Fall Update 2021 - New Events & Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons October 2021

Halloween preparations start in October, players can stock enough candy through purchasing with AC bells, then use candy and lollipops in exchange for various spooky themed items and costumes, and play games with villagers during the festival. In addition, there are new seasonal Nook Shopping items to be sold in the store during a limited time and new Halloween pumpkin DIYs to collect.  

1.  ACNH Fishing Tourney (October 9)

2.  ACNH Day of the Dead (October 25 to November 3)

Seasonal item: Marigold Decoration

3.  ACNH Halloween (October 31)

List of ACNH Halloween Furniture Items 2021

Spooky Treats Basket (new)

Spooky Tree (new)

Spooky Trick Lamp (new)

Spooky Carriage

Spooky Rug

Spooky Flooring

Spooky Wall

Spooky Garland

Spooky Table 

Spooky Table Setting

Spooky Arch

Spooky Candy Set

Spooky Chair 

Spooky Fence 

Spooky Lantern 

Spooky Lantern Set 

Spooky Scarecrow 

Spooky Standing Lamp 

Spooky Tower 

Spooky Wand 

Jack’s Face

Jack’s Robe

List of ACNH Halloween Clothes

Animal Nose

Flashy Animal Boots

Flashy Animal Costume

Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat

Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat

Impish Horns

Mage’s Boots

Mage’s Dress

Mage’s Striped Hat

Magic-Academy Hood

Magic-Academy Robe

Raggedy Outfit

Crafting material: Orange Pumpkins, Yellow Pumpkins, White Pumpkins & Green Pumpkins


ACNH Fall Update 2021 - New Events & Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons November 2021

November should be a busy month in the second half of the year, with two series of DIY crafting recipes, new seasonal items, and the major festival Thanksgiving Turkey Day for celebrating the harvest season.  

1.  ACNH Lantern Festival (November 1 to 11)

Seasonal item: Handheld Lantern (Stars, Moons, Stained Glass, Suns, Geese & Leaves)

2.  ACNH Mushroom Season (November 1 to 30)

Mushroom season starts from November in the North, players have a chance to find out five types of mushrooms to craft related furniture.

Crafting material: Round mushroom, Skinny mushroom, Flat mushroom, Elegant mushroom and Rare mushroom

3.  ACNH Shichi-Go-San (November 11 to 20)

Seasonal item: Chitose Ame

4.  ACNH Maple Leaf Season (November 16 to 25)

Collect maple leaf-themed DIY recipes and the seasonal material Maple Leaf from November 16 to November 25 to craft special furniture and items. 

Crafting material: Maple Leaf 

5. ACNH Turkey Day (November 25)

List of ACNH Thanksgiving Turkey Day Items

Turkey Day Casserole

Turkey Day Chair

Turkey Day Decorations

Turkey Day Garden Stand

Turkey Day Hearth

Turkey Day Table

Turkey Day Table Setting

Turkey Day Wheat Decor

Turkey Day Flooring

Turkey Day Rug

Turkey Day Wall


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