ACNH Pinecone & Acorn (Fall) Season 2021 - How To Get Pinecone & Acorn DIY Recipes

9/2/2021 4:00:26 PM

Autumn is upon us, the leaves on your trees will begin to turn vibrant hues of yellow-orange and red. At the same time, pine cones and acorns will start to appear all over your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. To accompany this season there is an entire acorn and pinecone DIY set that you can collect in Animal Crossing. Today at, we'll go over how to get every fall-themed Pinecone and Acorn DIY recipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons September update.


ACNH Pinecone & Acorn September 2021 - How To Get Pinecone & Acorn DIY Recipes

The acorn and pinecone season in Animal Crossing New Horizons is from September 1st to December 11th in the northern hemisphere. From March 1st to June 11th in the southern hemisphere, this gives you about three and a half months to collect all the acorn and pinecone, along with all the pine cones and acorns you'll need which are needed to craft these DIYs.

How To Get Pinecone & Acorn DIY Recipe

When the season starts, Isabelle will make an announcement that she has seen goodies falling from trees specifically acorns and pine cones. There are some situations where Isabelle won't make this announcement. Some examples include if a villager is staying at your campsite, Nook's Cranny is getting an upgrade and will be closed. If you don't have enough cedar and hardwood trees planted on your island, Isabelle will also send the trees bounty, little tree DIY to your nook phone during this announcement. 

If you want to get the rest of the ACNH pinecone and acorn DIY set, it's a little trickier. These acorn and pine cone DIYs can only be obtained by shooting down balloons with presents that fly overhead on your island. Any color of the balloon can contain these DIYs, so your best bet is to shoot down every balloon you see to increase your chances of getting an acorn or pinecone DIY.

The best way of using slingshots in Animal Crossing New Horizons

You’d better keeping a few slingshots in your pockets at all times, so you can quickly shoot down balloons as you see them. You won't be able to run into your house to get a slingshot or go to Nook’s Cranny to buy one on the spot, because balloons disappear when you enter any building. However, if you're speedy and in dire need of a slingshot, you can craft one at a DIY table that you've placed outside if you have five pieces of hardwood. 

If you're even speedier, you can use an ax to quickly chop wood from a tree, then scurry over to your outside DIY table to craft the slingshot you could also have a DIY table in your pockets that you can place anywhere.  Reducing the time you'll need to run in order to craft so you don't miss your chance to pop a balloon flying overhead. You’d better keep all your options open and carrying a few slingshots, hardwood, an ax and a DIY table on you at all times when you're farming for these DIYs. 

ACNH Pinecone & Acorn DIY Recipe

Tree-branch Wand: Tree branch x 5, Star fragment x 3

Yellow-leaf Pile: Acorn x 3, Clump of weeds x 5

Pile of Leaves: Pinecone x 3, Clump of weeds x 3

Leaf Campfire: Pinecone x 3, Clump of weeds x 5, Tree branch x 3

Traditional Balancing Toy: Acorn x 4, Hardwood x 2

Tree’s Bounty Lamp: Acorn x 6, Clay x 4

Tree’s Bounty Little Tree: Pine cone x 6, Acorn x 4, Hardwood x 1

Tree’s Bounty Big Tree: Pine cone x 5, Acorn x 4, Maple leaf x 4, Tree branch x 8, Clay x 4

Tree’s Bounty Arch: Pine Cone x 4, acorn x 5, maple leaf x 5, tree branch x 15

Pine Bonsai Tree: Pin cone x 8, Clay x 5

Tree’s Bounty Mobile: Pine cone x 2, Acorn x 3, Tree Branch x 3

Acorn Pochette: Acorn x 6

How to Farm Balloons in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Now that you have your slingshots, you need some balloons to pop to get these DIYs. To farm all the balloons, you'll need a method that uses jail bars to force your balloons to a certain part of your island, in order to make them easier to find and pop.

If crafting a jail bar isn't your thing, there's another way to encounter more balloons. Simply be outside on your island more than you're inside. The more time you're outside, the more chances you have to encounter balloons and pop them. Since you'll need to collect acorns and pine cones that only appear outside anyway. Collecting these materials is a great way to spend time outside on your island.

Balloons spawn your balloons will fly onto your island from East or West, depending on if it's day or night. The wind direction is determined randomly when your island is created, so you'll have to figure out your wind pattern to accurately know where balloons will spawn from. An easy way to do this is to look at a villager's chimney. If smoke is moving to the west during the day which means my balloons will spawn from the east side of your island during the day and spawn from the west side during the night. Once you know your wind pattern it will never change. 

What’s The Best Way To Collect Acorns And Pine Cones?

Acorns and pine cones are the materials fall from trees. Acorns from hardwood trees and pine cones from cedar trees, thus it's crucial that you have a decent amount of cedar and hardwood trees planted on your island. If you have very few or none of these trees on your island, you will not be able to harvest any acorns or pine cones. In theory, this season will not take place on your island. Typically when you shake these trees, a tree branch will fall, but during this season you have a 15 chance that an acorn or pine cone will fall instead.


There's a limited spawn area where acorns and pine cones can fall. the spots on the ground marked with an “x” are the only places ACNH items can land when they fall from trees. If you shake a tree over and over, eventually an item will land on every marked spot. Once every marked spot has an item on it, the tree will not spawn any more acorns pine cones or tree branches, no matter how long you shake it. Because all the spawn points are filled and when this happens you just need to pick up all the fallen items in order for the tree to drop more.

It's also very possible that when you shake your tree, only tree branches will fall on every marked spot. But you can always pick up the tree branches and try again. It's also likely you'll only get one or two acorns or pinecones per shaking round. Getting these crafting materials can be harder than getting all the fall DIYs themselves. 

What If A Beef Stings You When Shaking Trees?

When you're shaking trees you may also encounter a wasp nest that falls with angry wasps emerging that will sting you. If you hold a net while shaking your trees, you can easily catch the wasps right as they begin to attack you. If your catching skills aren't the best, you can also carry medicine in their pockets that you can quickly take to heal your wasp sting. 

If a wasp stings you two times in a row and you haven't taken any medicine, you will be worked back to your house. Not only this is annoying, but also it takes time away that you could be using to shake acorns and pinecones out of your trees. so to stay safe. You’d better carrying a stack of medicine in your pockets before you embark on your acorn and pinecone hunt. 

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