Top 7 Simple Panel Buildings In ACNH Fall 2021 - Dream Addresses For Simple Panel Buildings Designs

9/7/2021 11:07:24 AM

Various simple panels with various colored borders and interiors that may be customized with any design are available, allowing players to construct unique simple panel buildings in a number of configurations around their island. Here are top 7 best simple buildings in Animal Crossing New Horizons for fall 2021 with showing each dream address, check them out and get to know how to make simple panel buildings easy. 

Top 7 Best Simple Panel Buildings In Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall 2021 

1. Best Simple Panel Building Code - DA-3824-0940-2022 

We've got like stained glass window designs in the back, there's a nuptial bell creating like the roof illusion. There were candles, the candles would look so cool at night. The surroundings, the sign also is the campsite sign, this was pretty clever because it wouldn't fit if it was the other way around. We can see the train made out of standees.

2. Best Way To Make Simple Panel Build

Dream Addresses For Simple Panel Buildings

Another important point when it comes to simple panel builds and that is the surroundings, they can really enhance the build itself. It was so creative, putting these like viney sort of symbol panels around the house. When it's set up as a vineyard you can see the grapes down at the bottom.

This was very well built, everything is put together really nicely and the little details like the wine glass and the grapes really good. There was also wine house just to the side, it looked almost like a mini guest house.  The silos that were by the wine house great wonderful details are cool, you can see the grapes, we even have the little grape harvesting bag there, the dish of grapes. There were different colors, we have green grapes on the right and purple grapes on the left.

3. Simple Panel Build Design Code - DA-2811-6826-2788

Another simple panel building, that is standalone, it is entirely created by this illusion with the simple panels and other ACNH items that enhance the vibe. We have the imperial fence, it is used really often with simple panel builds to create roofing because the top of the fence does indeed have that look of like a roof. It was like a very green building, the plants, the vegetation are amazing. We have hedges on the first cliff tier. Very unique items were used here like the jail bars and the phone box. We even have like the iron frame.

4. Creative Simple Panel Build In ACNH

This is an island with so many simple panel builds that are all so well done. We have voodoo donuts which is based on a real place in the creator's life, that was cute and we also have Brewster cafe, how precious is this. There are many the details on this island's build, the trash can and the trash bags and then the little like pet feeder. 

5. Restaurant On The Beach - DA-7724-3224-6283

There are simple panel builds on the beach, rocks at the very back of the island. The cute little restaurant, seafood place was nice.

6. Unique Simple Panel Building Design - DA-6391-4169-3082

This one isn't like any of the other panel builds that we've seen so far. These like broken window custom designs definitely make this feel like an abandoned gas station, also the fact that there's like a massive mushroom growing up out of the ground feels like it's dilapidated.

7. Outdoor Library - DA-6800-4605-7802

There is an outdoor library right behind resident services that is created with the illusion of simple panels. These windows and the use of the imperial bed is genius for creating you a roof for this build, it was so cute, there were so many items here that really made it feel like a library. They really did a good job of constructing this area and making it interesting.