ACNH Turkey Day Event Guide & Update 2021: Date, Items, Rewards, Ingredients, Recipes & Changes

10/15/2021 10:46:19 AM

As the autumn times go on, we are getting closer to some of the last events for ACNH 2021, such as Halloween and Turkey Day. Each holiday event in 2021 has received a new set of Animal Crossing items, what can we expect for Thanksgiving Turkey Day this year? Let's get into the ACNH Turkey Day Event Update 2021, including limited-time items, DIY recipes, ingredients, changes and more details. 

ACNH Turkey Day Event Guide & Update 2021 - Changes & What to Expect

Nintendo has been making changes and essentially preparing for turkey day, their team has been tinkering with the Turkey Day items and removing a bunch of images with the harvest furnished items, including Turkey Day casserole, Turkey Day chair, Turkey Day table, Turkey Day decorations, Turkey Day table setting, Turkey Day garden stand, Turkey Day hearth and Turkey Day wheat decor. This does not mean that the items are removed but the icons, were likely associated with the Cozy Turkey Day DIY pack that you can buy with ACNH bells from Nook’s Cranny, it allows you to learn all of the recipes for the items, you literally learn the recipes when you purchasing them, so the icons are redundant.    

We expect the upcoming ACNH Direct 2021, which is scheduled to launch on October 15, will also trigger some new Animal Crossing items and updates for Turkey Day event 2021, except for the returning of Brewster and The Roost, as well as the addition of some new villagers and amiibo cards.

ACNH Thanksgiving Turkey Day 2021 Release Date

Turkey Day, known as Harvest Festival in the previous Animal Crossing series, is available in New Horizons for both Northern and Southern hemispheres, it will take place on November 25, 2021,  and runs from 9 AM to midnight.  

What to Do During Animal Crossing Turkey Day

On the day of Thanksgiving, Franklin, the special character will come to your island for the first time and celebrate the all-new Turkey Day event, and hosting a massive feast in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. You can find Franklin outside the Resident Services building, he is going to cook four different dishes for the residents on islands, but he will need your help to find all the required ingredients from somewhere on the town. 

1. Find Franklin at the plaza, he will ask you to assist him for obtaining specific ingredients required for the dishes. 

2. Hunt the needed ingredients down and return them to Franklin. You can get a Turkey Day item from the holiday-themed furniture set as a reward.  

3. Repeat this process for all four dishes, unlocking new rewards. 

4. Franklin will ask for a secret ingredient after each dish to enhance the flavor and add a little extra spark, if you provide him with the correct ingredient, you can earn even more Turkey Day items. 

ACNH Turkey Day Items & Rewards - How to Get All Animal Crossing Turkey Day Items

If you help Franklin cook the dishes and handing over the secret ingredients, you can earn a variety of different Turkey Day furniture items, as well as a bonus recipe. If you get everything correct, in total there are 12 different rewards available during the event. Some of them are craftable you can earn such as the turkey day casserole, some are non-craftable items such as the turkey day rug. Much like the other holidays and seasonal events, certain items are awarded in a particular order whereas others are awarded randomly. If you successfully cook all four recipes correctly, Franklin will reward you with the turkey day rug, turkey day wall, turkey day floor and finally the cornucopia respectively. Furthermore, if you hand over the secret ingredients correctly for each dish, you'll earn a bonus item which will be selected at random from the remaining Turkey Day items.

These items can be obtained by crafting with the right materials and DIYs. Check out the list of Animal Crossing Turkey Day items with their DIY crafting recipes.

Turkey Day Casserole: 5 Iron Nugget, 1 Clay

Turkey Day Chair: 5 Wood, 2 Hardwood, 2 Softwood

Turkey Day Decorations: 2 Softwood, 5 Clump Of Weeds, 2 Clay

Turkey Day Garden Stand: 8 Stone, 3 Clay

Turkey Day Hearth: 1 Campfire, 30 Stone, 10 Clay

Turkey Day Table: 10 Hardwood, 5 Softwood

Turkey Day Table Setting: 4 Clay, 2 Iron Nugget

Turkey Day Wheat Decor: 10 Clump Of Weeds

These Turkey Day items can be obtained by cooking regular dishes for Franklin.

Turkey Day Rug (first regular dish)

Turkey Day Wall (second regular dish)

Turkey Day Flooring (third regular dish)

Cornucopia (fourth regular dish)

ACNH Turkey Day Ingredients  

Franklin will tell you all the ingredients you need with the exception of the secret ingredient, which you have to figure out yourself, and it will be harder to find than others. But villagers will help you out, try to talk with villagers who are inside their house to get a clue to secret ingredients. If you provide them with some ingredients of their own, they will return you by providing you with one of the ingredients to Franklin's dishes, this is a great way to track down some of the rarer and harder-to-find ingredients. You should only give franklin the secret ingredients when he asks for it after the dish has been cooked, otherwise, you may hand over the wrong ingredients at the start. 

1. Clam Chowder Recipe: 3 Manila Clams, Scallop (Secret)

2. Pumpkin Pie Recipe: 1 Orange Pumpkin, 1 Random (Green Pumpkin, White Pumpkin, Yellow Pumpkin), Two Pumpkins differ from the first two (Secret)

3. Gratin Recipe: 

Northern Hemisphere

1 Mussel, 1 Random (Flat Mushroom, Round Mushroom, Skinny Mushroom, Oyster), Dungeness Crab (Secret)

Southern Hemisphere

1 Squid, 1 Sea Urchin, Dungeness Crab (Secret)

4. Fish Meunière Recipe:

Northern Hemisphere

1 Sea Bass, 1 Random (Dab, Olive Flounder, Red Snapper), Barred Knifejaw (Secret)

Southern Hemisphere

1 Sea Bass, 1 Random (Olive Flounder, Red Snapper), Barred Knifejaw (Secret)

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