ACNH How To Get Glowing Moss Items & How To Use - New Glowing Moss Items Added In 2.0 Update

11/8/2021 4:45:31 PM

Glowing moss and its DIYs are brand new and were introduced into the game as part of the 2.0 Animal Crossing New Horizons update. This new item set is amazing and also very rare, making it even more exclusive to collect. If you want to know where to find the new material, this ACNH glowing moss guide may well help you. Read on and find out how to get glowing moss in ACNH 2.0 and how to use it to craft DIY recipes. 


What Is Glowing Moss In ACNH

Glowing moss is a new plant weed hybrid item that spawns on certain cabin islands, that's part of the happy home paradise DLC just like weeds moss, can be picked up, planted in the ground and has different growth stages. When you pick up moss, it stacks in groups of 50 and is necessary to craft the glowing moss DIYs. The glowing moss items are some of the best in the game simply because they glow. There are 20 total ACNH glowing moss DIYs and the set includes: 

  • Glowing moss stool

  • Glowing moss boulder

  • Glowing moss balloon

  • Glowing moss jar

  • Glowing moss jar shelves

  • Glowing moss statue

  • Glowing moss pond

  • Glowing moss wreath

  • Hanging glowing moss

  • Glowing moss forest wall

  • Glowing moss cave wall

  • Glowing moss ruins wall

  • Glowing moss flooring round

  • Glowing moss rug

  • Glowing moss rug

  • Glowing moss hood

  • Glowing moss pointed cap

  • Glowing moss headband

  • Full body glowing moss suit

  • Glowing moss dress (a huge DIY set, you'll need a lot of glowing moss to craft them)

How To Get Glowing Moss Items And DIYs Fast

How to get every glowing moss item and DIY in Animal Crossing New Horizons? You will need a total of 208 pieces to craft one of each glowing moss DIY, this number includes some recipes that require an already crafted moss item to craft it. 

Now there are two known ways to get glowing moss fast for ACNH 2.0 update:

1. Visit A Mysterious Island Via Kappn’n’s Boat Tour

The first way is to harvest it from a Kapp’n and mystery island, there are a few different mystery islands captain can take you to, but the one you'll want in this case is the glowing moss island. You can only take a ride with Kapp’n to his mystery islands once per day and you won't get the glowing moss island each time. Once you find a glowing mass island, you should harvest as much as you can even if that means taking all of it since you don't know when you'll find this island again. Glowing moss stacks in groups of 50 which is great and means you can fit a ton of it in your pockets. But I recommend going on Kapp’n’s boat rides with your pockets empty. You'll also find vines crawling up the sides of cliffs, these can be used as ladders to climb up and down which is very helpful when harvesting the glowing moss. But they are also crafting material, there is an entire vine DIY set that complements the glowing moss set. So while you're here, harvest the vines as well since you'll need them later on bind stack in groups of 30 which help save space in your pockets. 

Note: Each Kapp’n and ride requires 1000 Nook Miles, so in the end gathering glowing moss requires more than meets the eye and is one of the harder crafting materials to come.

2. Happy Home Paradise DLC

The second way to harvest glowing moss is via the happy home paradise DLC. If you don't have the DLC or haven't played it yet, it entails flying to an archipelago where you design houses and buildings for villagers. This doesn't have much to do with getting glowing moss, but the main island where the happy home paradise office is located grows glowing moss. This island has the same grass type and dirt color as the glowing moss island Kapp’n takes you to. It's kind of random that the DLC island also grows glowing moss. But in this case, you can use it to your advantage. If you already bought the DLC when you first load up your Animal Crossing game, Nook should give you a call to come to the airport, but after that, each time you want to access the DLC you'll go to the airport.

Having the DLC does get you some guaranteed moss, but if you take it, that could be a potentially permanent change. 

Where to find glowing moss DIYs in ACNH? 

Now that you have all your glowing moss, it's time to get those DIYs. There are two places where you can find them: Kapp’n’s glowing moss mystery island and the Happy Home Paradise island. 

When you find a glowing moss Kapp’n’ island, there should be one DIY bottle on the shore somewhere, pick it up and open it and it will be a glowing moss DIY with 20 DIYs in the set, this means 20 separate instances of finding this particular mystery island to collect the whole set. So that is the main way to get the entire glowing moss set. However, if you do get the DLC after you complete your fifth villager request, Nico will give you the glowing moss stool DIY. 

How To Use Glowing Moss In ACNH

- Use Them for DIY Crafting: Glowing Moss can be used as an ingredient in DIY crafting recipes.

- Decorate & Plant Them on Your Island: Glowing Moss can be planted on the ground similar to weeds and flowers. They give out a faint glow at night and release glowing particles when you walk over them, which makes them great for decorating some outdoor spaces.

- Sell for 25 ACNH Bells: You can sell Timmy/Tommy Glowing Moss for 25 Bells at Nook's Cranny. You can also gift it to a villager if you’d like.

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