How To Unlock Roost & Brewster Rewards - ACNH 2.0 Brewster Update

11/11/2021 4:17:19 PM

As we know that both Brewster and the Roost were added in the 2.0 update to Animal Crossing New Horizons. Most players already unlocked the new cafe. Brewster warms to you with the more coffee you buy, the more you visit the Roost, and the more friendly your experience and dialogue with Brewster will be. For players who don't know how to unlock the Roost and the Brewster rewards in the 2.0 update, this guide is for you.

How To Unlock The Roost

All you have to do is ensure you have at least a three-star island, you have the museum art gallery upgrade with at least one Animal Crossing item donated in each exhibit. Speak with blathers when you see a thinking bubble over his head. Then he'll direct you to Kapp’n who will take you on a mysterious island tour where you will meet Brewster and basically convince him to move to your island and open up the Roost. The museum closes the next day for renovation, but the café opens the following day.

What Can You Do In Roost

Once you've unlocked the Roost, you'll soon realize it's as cozy as you expected. The Roost is a fantastic meeting place to meet friends or other players when they're visiting your island, and make for some great photo opportunities. It allows you to interact with both Brewster and any villagers who may be stopping by.

If you talk with Brewster, you can purchase a cup of coffee for only 200 Animal Crossing New Horizons bells. If you talk with any visiting villagers, you'll likely hear some new and unique dialogue, making the visit extra special. 

The Roost also comes complete with the amiibo phone facility that allows you to ring up any Animal Crossing character you want. Scan their amiibo to invite them in for a nice cup of coffee. Sometimes they'll come along, and other times they'll actually bring another character with them. They all sit down at the tables in the café and just relax until you leave or invite more characters. 

Brewster Rewards

The Roost does actually serve a purpose in Animal Crossing New Horizons other than being a super cozy place to relax with friends. In an attempt to encourage players to come back to the Roost regularly, Brewster offers some exclusive prizes and furniture items in a mini side quest of sorts. Brewster rewards players for reaching certain milestones when they buy cups of coffee. In total, there are seven items that can be obtained and are exclusively available from the Roost. These include the Roost Sable Cookie, the Coffee beans, the Cup with Saucer, the Coffee Plant, the Siphon, the Pro Coffee Grinder, and the most exclusive item of them all, the Brewstold. Each of these items can be unlocked and obtained at particular milestones. 

How to Unlock Brewster Rewards

Roost Sable Cookie

The DIY recipe for the Roost Sable Cookie is awarded after purchasing 5 cups of coffee, this cookie can then be cooked using one flour and two sugar ingredients.

Coffee Beans

The Coffee Beans are an exclusive item returning from previous games and are awarded after purchasing 10 cups of coffee. They also come in a variety of flavors including Original Blend, Mocha, Kilimanjaro, Blue Mountain, and Decaf.

Cup with Saucer

The Cup with Saucepan is an exclusive item featuring the Roost logo and is awarded after purchasing 15 cups of coffee. The coffee plant is an exclusive item awarded after purchasing 20 cups of coffee.


The siphon which you actually see Brewster using to pour your coffee is awarded after purchasing 30 cups of coffee.

Pro Coffee Grinder

Pro Coffee Grinder which you can also see in the Roost behind Brewster is awarded after purchasing 40 cups of coffee. 


To unlock Brewstold, Brewster has to hand over after purchasing 50 cups of coffee. You can only purchase 1 cup of coffee per day that counts towards the total number of coffees purchased. The milestones are the number of unique visits to the Roost on separate days rather than cups of coffee purchased, but it will take 50 days to unlock all the items available from Brewster.