ACNH New Year’s Eve & Day 2021/2022: Dates, New Items and More in Animal Crossing New Horizons

11/12/2021 5:51:23 PM

The Animal Crossing New Horizons fans who started playing the game last year should know the ACNH New Year’s celebration has two parts, the first of them is the New Year’s Eve countdown and the second part is the New Year’s Day takes place on the day following. What new items and offers can we get from Nintendo this year? Now here is the ACNH New Year’s Eve & Day 2021/2022 guide focuses on the release date, new items, food, furniture, and gifts. 

ACNH New Year’s Eve Countdown 2021 - December 31, 2021

The New Year’s Eve Countdown will be held on December 31 every year, and it actually begins with a board that shows the hours counting down to the New Year. Resident Services is closed for the entirety of New Year’s Eve. Beginning at 5 AM, the holiday decorations are placed inside the building. Tom Nook and Isabelle are standing outside near the countdown board. 

Starting from 11 PM, that is the last hour of the year, the celebration will come into full swing, villagers come to the plaza together while the music is playing, and people will wave their light sticks and dance in the last ten seconds, also countdown with the clock changes to the new year, a scrolling “Happy New Year!” message will be shown. 

ACNH New Year’s Day 2022 - January 1, 2022

New Year’s Day is another part of the big celebration, and it occurs on the first day of January. On this day, Isabelle will wish the residents a happy new year in her daily announcement, and the Nook Stop rewards the player with 500 Nook Miles to celebrate the new year. 

When the clock strikes the first time on January 1, ACNH fireworks will start to fire off on the sky until 2 AM, spelling out the New Year number, enjoy the fireworks and happiness with your villagers. From January 1 to 15, a series of seasonal items will on sale. 

ACNH New Year’s Items 2021/2022

During the celebrations, players will have the chance to get free gifts and purchase New Year-themed furniture at the in-game shop. All of the cheap items and ACNH NMT are in enough stock at MTMMO. 

1. Light Stick & Party Popper

Talk to Isabelle and Tom Nook respectively outside of the Resident Services to get one Light Stick and 5 Party Poppers as free gifts. You can use them during the countdown at night.

2. New Year’s Hat & New Year’s Silk Hat

There are two types of special Animal Crossing New Horizons items available on the day of New Year’s Eve, and you need to cost 500 bells for each of them from Tom Nook. Each type of holiday hats has 8 different color variations (red, pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, and purple), but only one will be sold in a year. 

3. New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day Seasonal Items

You can buy the following four New Year's items from December 26 to 31, using Animal Crossing bells through Nook Shopping. 

New Year's Noodles


Twelve-Grape Dish

Sparkling Cider

You can buy these New Year's items from January 1 to 15, with bells through Nook Shopping. The 2022 Celebratory Arch is a new Animal Crossing New Horizons item found in the 2.0 update. 

2022 Celebratory Arch (new)



New Year's Shimekazari

Olivier Salad

Yut Nori

Zodiac Ox Figurine

Guess you ask