New Best ACNH Winter Paths For Your 2.0 Island - Top 12 Winter & Christmas Paths Design Ideas 2021/2022

12/14/2021 5:31:07 PM

The snow is falling, the air is chilly, and the trees and roofs are all covered with snow now. With the holidays upcoming and Christmas close, it’s time to deck the halls of our islands in ACNH in the most festive manner possible. Custom winter paths are a fantastic method to accomplish this! Today we show the top 12 new ACNH Winter & Christmas custom paths designs for your 2.0 island 2021/2022 perfect for the cold winter nights when you want someone to come and hold you tight. So let's get our winter on!

2021/2022 ACNH Winter & Christmas Path Designs For Your 2.0 Island – Best ACNH Winter Paths Design Codes

For the new ACNH winter & Christmas path 2.0, the design often combines the weather, using snow, ice, flower, grass, frozen and festive elements and even Animal Crossing 2.0 items, along with white and blue colors, as well as regular and irregular shapes. Take a look at below 12 ACNH winter paths designs 2021/2022, with each custom design code presented. 

1. Grass Path Design Code: MA-4118-7361-8818 

There's snow on the ground, this grass path is perfect for cottagecore queens and for any illusions that you want to do, that like the snow is melting here because it's just like so warm, even better is that this path is super light on the custom design slot, this only takes nine full slots with two optional extra pieces there for like one square wide sections.

2. Snow Red Brick Path Code: MA-1176-6303-6289

This is one of those cool brick paths that comes in five pieces. So you have just like a top a bottom left right and center, but the good news is that this actually comes with two sets of those five pieces. So you can mix and match as you please. This is just one of many incredible brick and snow designs that this creator has. Another cool thing about this path is that there's even these little like tufts of grass poking up through it, so this is perfect for end of winter transition into spring. 

2. ACNH Snow Path 2.0: MA-9002-6253-3974 

This is a really cool path for your 2.0 island because this is like a snow path. As you can see by the edge it is like only slightly different than the actual in-game snow, so it is going to look so awesome especially on any of your rocks, on your beach, anything like that. But it even could look good if you have the in-game brick path, add some accents around the corner because this path looks like there's bricks underneath the snow. It's very cool at its most trimmed down form this path uses nine pieces, but there are five optional extra pieces. 

4. Snow Flower Path Design Code: MA-9002-6253-3974 

This is an incredible snow path winter ACNH 2.0 that has flowers all around the edges. Flora pairs perfectly with any white windflowers or any kind of flowers that you got and it's from the same crater as that other snow path. So as such there are optional pieces and it's most slim, this is a nine-piece path but there are six optional pieces of one square wide like vertical and horizontal with end caps for each direction. 

5. Snow Cobblestone Path: MA-4051-5003-8565

If you want even more brick options, check out this new ACNH winter path 2.0. This is a much more involved snow brick pattern, this has edges, it feels very paved, village and cottage. This is technically a 13 piece pattern because there are little inner corners that like connect each of the diagonals. So anytime that you want to do either like a straight diagonal line or an obtuse angle turn kind of like this, you'll need to use an inside turn piece. There are also three different versions of the inner piece so you can really make the insides and the middle pieces look all varied.

6. Dirt and Snow Path For Winter ACNH: MA-1446-9107-3804

If you're feeling less paved and dirtier, check out this new winter path for 2.0 island in ACNH. This winter path is simple, purely a nine-piece pattern, a little bit of decoration at each of the corners, this is one you're just going to want to do like little small circles here and there. Just to break up the monotony of all the snow but make it look to blend in a little bit better than just putting down the in-game dirt path. 

7. Dirt and Flowers Winter Path Code: MA-6247-2752-7000

If you want something that's a little bit more designed, this is dirt but flowers, dirt but make it life winter, they make a little green. This is one path that would pair very well with that other green grass path. It's a great way to bring some color into your winter designs especially since winter designs tend to be very blue and white, here you got your purple, blue, yellow and pink. You can throw in any kind of flowers all around this for any kind of design effects. The nice thing about this is it's still got some splotches of white here and there, so it's not completely disconnected from the snow that's all around it.

8. Icy Christmas Path Design Code: MA-4079-5593-9005

This ACNH Winter & Christmas path 2021/2022 is giving us winter ice vibes, this is an icy path that has a lot of decoration around it. You got your candy canes, ornaments, your little leaves. So she's given us decoration but slick. This pattern technically could just be a nine piece pattern. If you have this space as well, this creator has just plain versions of the ice path, so it doesn't have all this Christmas fluff and make it a more neutral like winter path pattern. So it can just be ice or you can mix and match it, so that it's not like all Christmas all the time.

9. Snow and White Brick Festive Path 2021 ACNH: MA-2315-6172-3608

If winter holiday vibes are what you're looking for, this new ACNH winter path is perfect for your 2.0 island. This has got candy canes and ribbons. If you wanted more Christmas, it's even got gingerbreads. This is a great brick path that is perfect for any holiday, Christmas, more kind of like island. And the good news is that this creator actually also has a version of this path without all of like the Christmas and winter stuff around the edges. So if you wanted to have something that is a little bit more understated just like with the ice path there's a blank version of this path for you to download, this is perfect. 

10. Multi-Colored Festive Cobblestone Path ACNH: MA-5244-7640-7091

If you love something festive but a little bit more understated, this brick path Christmas & Winter is a great choice. It's cute and got little reindeers, snowmen, variations of the middle pattern. So that there's like this normal one with the two things and then it's got like a square and then it also is like this the four little square thing. This is something that can definitely fill up a great big plaza because you have three different variations of the middle tile, so it's not going to look really repetitive, there also is versions of each of those corners that has the reindeer and the snowman that does not have the reindeer in the snowman. So you can space out those accents, put the festive in a little bit here and there but this path is perfect if you want something festive but still a little bit understated.

11. Snowy White Brick Path ACNH Winter: MA-0713-2850-0814 

If you want bricks but also a little bit more snow, take a look at this 2021/2022 ACNH winter festive path 2.0. This path has a bunch of different versions, if you downloaded every single version of this path that this creator had, you would probably have close to like 20 custom designs downloaded. There are two versions of the right side piece, one with little footprints and one without them. This is perfect for any winter city look, it feels old-timey, but it also feels very elegant and with all of the different opportunities that you have, there are so many options. 

12. Snowy Curved Steps Path ACNH 2021/2022: MA-1101-8218-7555

This ACNH winter path 2.0 is incredible, there are pebble cobblestone things at the bottom of each of the stairs, those are indeed a path, a full path you can get. Each curved step in each direction takes up five custom design slots and you just gotta get three extra custom design slots for the ledges. The key to make this work is putting down fencing and trees and things like this along the edges. Make sure that like your villagers can't just walk across the ledge because that'll definitely ruin the illusion. This honestly still looks good from any angle and it's a great way to add some three-dimensional spaces especially where it's flat.

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