Top 5 Best Lost Ark Classes For PVE & PVP 2022 - Which Class Is Best In Lost Ark | Beginners Guide

2/18/2022 5:57:21 PM

Maybe you don't care so much about class fantasy as you do about the effectiveness of the class, knowing if it is actually good and what specifically it is good at. Every class in this game is good and everyone is perfectly viable for every piece of content. There are simply some that excel in certain areas for specific reasons. More than anything it matters what content you care about the most. Are you more into dungeons and guardian raids? Are you planning to do loads of PVP? Today we'll be giving you an idea of the Lost Ark best melee class in PVE, the best range class in PVE, the best melee class in PVP, and the best-ranged class in PVP. 


Top 5 Best Strongest Classes In Lost Ark - Overpowered In PVP, PVE & Leveling 

1. Berserker

The Berserker is by far the greatest melee class for PVP. The tank and the gun lancer are probably the best melee options if you want to make the most of your time in a group. However, if you're looking to be a terrifyingly destructive force, few things compare to the Berserker's power.  However, that's a classic build for a reason; and while the Berserker might be the safe choice for players who aren't that confident of their survival skills yet, he really stands up to the game's challenges in the long term. With a 12% damage increase, he may benefit both himself and his squad, and he levels quickly to become a near-unstoppable damage-dealing monster. He's a great choice for new players, but he'll also serve you well if you decide to play him all the way through.

2. Gunlancer (Warrior)

A good Gunlancer is a powerful addition to any PvE group, as the subclass' high health and emphasis on defensive play makes them excellent tanks that can soak up damage alongside the ability to shield other characters and draw enemy attention to himself.  A special power that allows him to disrupt attacks or even completely ignore boss mechanics. In order to tear through Lost Ark at the speed of light, the Gunlancer is your best bet (even if you ignore the fact that his arsenal is visually stunning). So he's one of the best starter classes in Lost Ark.

3. Paladin

Anyone looking to engage their opponent at close range in PvP should seriously consider playing a Paladin. The damage a Paladin can deal in PVP isn't the highest, but it's more than compensated for by the massive amount of survivability it provides, as well as the increased damage your enemies take from your debuffs. In team games, your support role will be crucial, even if you don't consider yourself much of a support role. The coolest part about paladin's support capabilities is it mostly just sort of happens in a circle around you. You don't have to run around and aim at friendlies and corral your friends into a place where you can be effective, you just run into the fight, stand there, make your friends stronger, make your enemies weaker and live forever. And that's also what makes it good in the 1v1s, because your healing is almost passive, you can just keep attacking and you will take care of yourself. 

4. Gunslinger

As far as a range class for PVP in Lost Ark, the best has got to be the Gunslinger, this class is the female equivalent of the dead eye class. Most notably, the male version focuses more on close range whereas the Gunslinger at max level and the proper builds really likes to take advantage of the rifle at long range.

When it comes to PVP, being out of melee range of an attacker gives you an advantage in terms of your chances. As a result, the greater your attack range and effectiveness, the better. In addition to Gunslinger's ranged advantage, mobility, and crowd management, he also has the ability to help keep you at a safe distance. Overall, this class is an excellent representation of a PVP ranged damage provider, all you have to do is keep your opponents at a distance to win.

5. Deathblade

The best well-rounded class across PVE and PVP and put quite simply this one is the Deathblade. If you’ve been playing the game, then you've definitely seen people playing Deathblade all over the place and there is a very good reason for that. In both PVP and PVP, the Deathblade is very good, in fact when played to the skill ceiling, it is better than either recommendation for melee pve or pvp. But what makes Deathblade so good overall is that it has a very low barrier to entry. Beelzebub zombopolis, a four-year-old chimpanzee, would undoubtedly clean the floor with any enemy you put in front of him if he had a Deathblade in his hands. It doesn't matter if it's a dungeon lord or even a local bard. Deathblade's damage output is out of this world, and because it isn't made of paper, it can sprint around in the middle of a fight and lock down opponents. No one will ever complain about having a Deathblade in their party for any kind of group activity.

These are best classes in Lost Ark. To recap, Berserker and Gunlancer for PVE specifically, Paladin and Gunslinger for PVP specifically and Deathblade is the overall champion of the bunch.