ACNH Worst Feature (Leif's Weeding Service) - Leif Update In Animal Crossing

2/19/2022 11:56:27 AM

Leif happens to have one of the most broken features in all of Animal Crossing New Horizons that Nintendo seemingly has no intention of fixing. Now Nintendo has recently released a lot of bug fix updates but they haven't addressed this one particular issue that isn't so much a bug but just an oversight on Nintendo's part. 


ACNH Worst Feature (Leif's Weeding Service) - Leif Update In Animal Crossing

This was a fairly new feature that was introduced in the 2.0 update and a lot of you have dealt with it already. It is Leif's new weeding service. In fact, most people can't seem to get it to activate at all and get Leif to weed your island. Now doing a quick google search you can see a lot of people are asking the same question “Why can't I get Leif to weed my island and why isn't it working”. No matter what they seem to do they can't figure out an answer. Now very few people have actually been able to get it to work under certain conditions, but there are very specific ways that you need to get this to actually work now.


In simple terms, the required amount of weeds that you need to be able to use Leif's weeding service upon the time that he visits your island is for you to have 300 weeds. Now all in all that sounds pretty simple right, but it's honestly not. After speaking with a data miner, they confirmed that the only time you'd naturally have 300 weeds on your island is actually at the start of the game before you pick any of them up. The natural cap for spawning in weeds is much lower than this required number. This means that naturally, you'll most likely never have 300 weeds on your island. 

So the majority of people can't seem to get this to activate, because Nintendo made it way too high. That means that unless you're actually placing down a lot of weeds yourself which people do definitely do for various reasons, you won't be able to activate this feature without that many weeds on your island. It's interesting that they would make the cap something which only happens naturally at the very start yet, this feature from Leif is definitely not friendly towards newer players, it's something that's quite expensive and it's something that you can't really get right away at least not immediately when you start the game.


Honestly, the feature could be really useful having Leif collect all of your weeds and then put them into a recycling box for you to do whatever you want with them. This would be really convenient for a lot of players especially those of you who maybe don't get a chance to play as much as we'd like to and would like to declutter our islands from these weeds. But Nintendo has decided to make the requirement for doing so a really high number. This definitely feels like a bit of an oversight on Nintendo's part.


Maybe it's something that they actually could adjust in the future. Now we haven't seen this addressed in any of the previous sorts of small updates that we got for the game. Because this isn't necessarily a bug but given the fact that so many players can't get this to activate at all and it's probably become one of the least used features in Animal Crossing New Horizons because of this not by choice. It definitely does feel like a broken feature in ACNH.


Our main hope would be that Nintendo takes the time to actually adjust the number of weeds required in order for Leif to de-weed your island. This service is a really good idea but the fact that so many people have struggled to use it, really says a lot about the quality of it currently in the game. If you are looking for cheap Animal Crossing bells, will be your best choice!