How To Get The Duster In ACNH 2.0 - Fastest & Best Ways To Unlock Duster Animal Crossing

3/17/2022 10:22:05 AM

One of the best new items added in ACNH 2.0 update is the duster, it’s quite a rare item. This cleaning tool before the update was only available to your villagers to hold and use, but now we all get to enjoy the cutest cleaning tool in Animal Crossing. So in this guide, we’ll break through the best ways to get the ACNH duster as soon as possible. 

How To Get the Duster in Animal Crossing New Horizons

ACNH Duster Guide - Best Ways To Get The Duster In Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0

  • 1. First and most importantly, you need to have updated your game to the 2.0 update that came out in November 2021. So if you haven't played New Horizons since last fall, update your game now to ensure the duster can even appear on your island.

  • 2. Next, you can only find the duster for sale in your Nook's Cranny, it will randomly appear in the cabinet where you also buy tools and wallpaper because it is classified as a tool. The day it will be for sale is random, so it may take a bit of time for you to find one.

  • 3. You'll still need to check your Nooks Cranny every day to see if it's for sale and you can speed up this process by time traveling. This method will be your best bet, so you can cycle through days to check Nook's Cranny faster. If you want to do hardcore mode, you can move your house right next to Nook's Cranny. So you have a shorter distance to walk when you start a new day. If you don't want to move your house and you don't want to time travel, it will take a much longer time to find the duster for sale because you only have one chance per day.

  • 4. Once you do find a duster for sale on your island, you can buy as many as you want, as Nooks Cranny stocks an infinite supply of them just like how you can buy as many duplicates of any item in the cabinet and the miscellaneous items on the display counter next to the cabinet, Timmy and Tommy must have a huge back room for them to stock infinite items.

More ways to unlock the duster in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0:

You have one more option if you want to get the duster in ACNH and that is to visit the treasure islands. Ceomg runs two of glorious islands. The first one is free for all of the twitch live stream viewers. The second treasure island is exclusively for youtube members, this island is open 24/7 all day every day. So if you need some star fragments in the middle of the night on a Tuesday but you don't have shooting stars, the treasure islands got you covered. If you're trying to renovate your island but you need a lot of Animal Crossing bells to pay for the building and incline fees, the treasure island has bells and royal crowns that you can take and sell for 300,000 bells a pop. If you wake up in the middle of the night having dreamt of owning the entire cherry blossom set, you can immediately visit the treasure island and get the whole set.

That's how to get the duster in Animal Crossing New Horizons! If all these new items are busting out of your storage and you need help, check the guide Fastest Way To Throw Out Items In ACNH - How To Delete Items & Get More Storage Space.

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