6 Best Lost Ark Islands To Get Tier 1 Honing Materials - Lost Ark Island Guide

3/19/2022 11:50:08 AM

There are several Lost Ark islands to be found. Islands brimming with treasure and home to lovely panda bears. A common thing that will start to pop up is people sharing lists of reward tier 1 island to help drastically increase the speed of your tier 1 end game gear upgrade, the first sets of gear you will be working on. In this Lost Ark tier 1 island guide, we will be showing you which island you can go to at a lower gear level to get a ton of upgrade materials in Lost Ark.


Best Lost Ark Islands To Get Honing Materials & Upgrade Gear - Lost Ark Tier 1 Material Islands Guide

Islands play a crucial role in the Lost Ark map, and they include a variety of intriguing sites and aspects. The game's equivalent of upgrading and enhancing your weapons and armor is called Gear Honing. Once you've reached level 50 and accomplished all of the story objectives, you'll be able to use Gear Honing. If you are looking for the best Lost Ark island to get horning materials or upgrade gear, we are introducing you to Lost Ark best islands to visit for tier 1 horning materials. 

Top 6 Best Lost Ark Tier 1 Horing Material Island Guide

1. Panda Island

To get your upgrade materials, you’ll need to finish both the yellow and purple questlines on this island. The purple ones are fairly easy, collect some bamboo and check up on the pandas to see how they're doing. The yellow quest has you look for three hidden areas on the island. The first area is hidden here in the northeast, behind some trees. There even is a Mokoko seed here. The second spot is hidden towards the south a jump can be made to cross the island to get to your required destination. And the final one where there also is a mokoko seed waiting for you as a reward! And Panda Island is the best Lost Ark island to get honing materials!


2. Toto Silver Island

Here you will need to complete the purple quest from a guy with a wide face. This living rock needs help to hatch an egg. The first quest has you collect some moss that is floating around. But to complete the next part, you’ll have to go back to Tortoyk and get some items from mokoko villages. As well as some items from trees located in Cashew Tree Forest. Once you’re done go back to Toto Silver Island and help hatch the egg. Pay attention to what the NPC is saying, so you get the right ingredients. Complete one more quest after your egg explodes giving the poor old rock a new hobby and you’re done on this island!


3. Serenity Island

This is a long quest chain that has you collect resources from all over the place. To start off this quest chain investigate the destroyed cart that is close to where you land on the island. You’ll find an NPC that’s in bad shape further inwards on the island. Thankfully an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so pick some fruit and give them to this poor dude and start the next questline. Collect some more stuff from the island and then the pain begins. For the next quest, we need to go Tortoye’s head back to that mokoko mini island and enter this dungeon. Just defeat the giant rock monsters to collect some of their drops. And later in the dungeon do the same to their children. You don’t need to finish this dungeon, you can just leave as soon as you’re done. This quest also rewards a skill point potion by the way! Super useful Lost Ark tier 1 honing material islands! Next, we need to go to the Morai Ruins back on the earlier continent to defeat Thanatos. We’re not done yet though. Complete this quest and go defeat a big monster on this island, then talk to the guy's wife and finally, we’re done getting our final resources and even a token.


4. Shadow Island

This place is a giant tower with a crazy amount of floors. Complete the questline by simply walking back and forth and collecting drops by killing monsters. This can take a while. The next quest has you go even deeper into the tower to defeat a boss that spawns on the 5th floor. Now for the next part, you’ll need to climb all the way up to a certain floor. But this bit can be slightly confusing. Because you don't need to climb the floors of the tower on this island, but instead you will need to climb the tower dungeon that can be found in North Vern for example. You’ll need to get all the way up to floor 21 which will require a gear score of 420 do keep that in mind.


5. Dreamgull Island

We’re visiting Dreamgull Island where we will have to help a dude save a seagull. But then the next quest has you help another seagull while running circles on this island. And then another seagull, and then another one. This quest was way too long and drawn out. At one point in this questline, you’ll have to use the Song Forest’s Minuet. To get this song, you’ll first need to buy the Song of Resonance over at the merchant ship Peyto. You’ll need quite a few pirate coins for this one. Luckily completing the freedom isle and black fangs den questlines can net you plenty of pirate coins. Then you’ll have to complete the questline at Lullaby Island to get the Song of Resonance. Complete the quest from the fairy on this island, and then make sure to keep an eye on the timer in the map when the next time the quest to open these vines here can be started. You’ll have to do this three times to fully unlock the song. This quest is time-gated and can only be done once every other hour.


6. Whitewave Island

But you can also start Whitewave island right away after you’re done in North Vern. But to continue this questline you will need to get a gear score of 460 or higher. The first quest has you do some talking for free stuff, that’s always amazing. The next part of the quest has you look for maps hidden on different islands. But to get to some of those, you’ll need to have a 460 gear score. Once you have that and completed the necessary requirements, you’re good to go and finish the whole questline!

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