Lost Ark Leveling Guide 1-50 - How To Level Up Fast In Lost Ark

3/19/2022 4:46:40 PM

Level 50 is the level you want to reach to access end game content like chaos dungeons and guardian raids. This is the guide on speed leveling in Lost Ark to reach the end game as soon as possible. If you follow this Lost Ark 1-50 leveling guide, it'll take you about 9 to 12 hours to get there. 


Lost Ark Leveling Guide 1-50 - How To Level Up Fast In Lost Ark

There are only two ways to play Raiders of the Lost Ark: finish it all or hurry to the conclusion. If this is your first run, you should take your time and enjoy the game. It's a fantastic experience set in a delightful environment, and there's no need to rush. However, Una's Tasks and other Daily Missions have a daily limit, so the sooner you get 50, the sooner you may begin working on your character. In our Lost Ark leveling guide, we sharing with you the 12 best tips to level up.

Lost Ark Leveling Tip 1 - Skip The Prologue

The prologue takes about 20 minutes and rewards you with a pair of goggles. However the goggles do nothing, they're just a cosmetic, but you can always get this cosmetic in the future. All you have to do is make a new character complete the prologue and then you get the cosmetic. You can just use the shared warehouse to transfer to your other character. Do note however that these goggles can only be acquired once per account on the server you're playing on. Once you take them out of the box, they're in and equip them, they become locked to the class archetype that you're on. So at that point, you can only give it to your other characters of the same class architect warrior to warrior or gunner to gunner. However as long as you have not opened the box yet, you can then farm them on whatever character and open them on any other character. But once that box is open, that's when it's locked in.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 1 - Ignore The Side Quests

To reach level 50 as quickly as possible, you gotta focus only on doing the main quests until you reach the sea of Guyana which will be around level 37. However there is one non-main quest that you want to do early on, it's called learning about pets and you'll see it as a purple exclamation mark on your map. After you've saved pride home from a demon attack, completing this quest will reward you with a pet that will pick up loot for you increasing your efficiency. Then once you reach the sea of gana, you're going to move on to the finding the arks main quest, you're going to have that pop-up, but you don't need to do that at this point. You're going to move on to following world quests save the finding the arcs for the future. 

Then as you continue to progress through the different zones following those world quests, you're going to want to ensure that you don't leave Arthentine and sail for North Vern until you are at least level 49 with precisely 540 874 XP. Now odds are you don't have to worry about this and this won't even be a problem, you will likely reach level 50 while still in Arthentine. The minimum that you need it's going to put you in a position where when you complete the North Vern questline, that's going to give you exactly the amount of XP needed to reach level 50. If you are just one XP below that you will not reach 50. If this happens to be the case and again it most likely won't just do normal quests in Arthentine until you reach this benchmark.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 3 - Kill Efficiently

Killing monsters one at a time is slow and inefficient, you're going to want to group monsters together and use your area powers. These means don't just fight a monster because it's in front of you. Keep running make that monster follow you towards other monsters, group them up, know the size of your area powers. Because an area power does the same amount of damage regardless of how many targets it's hitting, you're either doing 100 damage to one target or to 10 targets. At 10 targets that's a lot more cumulative damage and that'll have you complete those quests more rapidly.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 4 - Avoid The Crowd

Now you're playing an MMO to be part of this massive world with other players, but you don't want those other players stealing your kills. If you need to kill a certain amount of enemies to complete a quest and you go to a zone and all those enemies are dead because other players have gone there before you and killed those enemies. Then you're waiting around for things to respawn, so you can actually change the channel that you're into a less populated one. To reduce the odds of this happening, just use the drop-down menu above your minimap to change channels. 

That said sometimes other players are helpful, if you do have other players around you killing the same monsters that you need to kill, just tag each monster. As long as you've dealt some damage to a monster, once it dies, you will get credit for your quest. You'll share credit, you'll each get credit everyone who damages that monster will get credit. So don't focus on killing the monsters, focus on just tagging them.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 5 - Take It Easy

When you encounter a dungeon to run, you might be tempted to run it on hard mode. To be more efficient, just run dungeons on normal while you're leveling. You're going to get the same amount of experience, but it's going to take a lot less time.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 6 - Don't Farm For Loot

You might be tempted to run that same dungeon over and over to get more loot. This really isn't necessary. As you level up, your gear is going to change so often. So any items that you spend time farming at your current level are going to become obsolete real fast.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 7 - Play Solo

Dungeons on normal difficulty can be completed solo and they don't require matchmaking. While it's possible that you can luck into a really good group. The way enemy health scales with a party generally makes party play slower, also just throughout your entire leveling journey from 1 to 50. It's advised to just play solo entirely. If you're focused purely on efficiency, it's generally less efficient to play in a group to level, from 1 to 50 in a group. There are often times when you're going to have to split up to each do your own thing, the game will force you to split up and then you're waiting around for your party members to finish their thing when you could have been going on and continuing on your own if you were playing solo. Now a well-coordinated group may be more efficient than a solo player, but without practice, a group is likely to be significantly less efficient.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 8 - Fast Travel

Whenever you finish a dungeon, teleport to the triport closest to your next main quest. You can travel the triports directly from your overlay map by holding alt and left-clicking on a triport. So for almost the entirety of rithramus, judea, west and east lutera, you're going to teleport to the triport closest to your next main quest after completing a dungeon. But upon reaching tortoic, teleporting to a triport from within a dungeon is no longer an option. So starting at this point onward, you're going to use your song of escape after completing a dungeon if the main quest continues outside of it. 

Then of course when you need to travel a long distance and you have no fast travel options, always use your mount. Then when you eventually get a ship and travel by sea, pick up barrels. Because these are going to refresh your ship's space bar boost power. Now it's not worth going out of your way to grab these barrels, but if you happen to see them along your way, do go and grab them. Also worth noting is that you can teleport directly to the port from anywhere inside of a continent by opening your world map and pressing ready to sail in the bottom left.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 9 - Do The Minimum

Killing random monsters gives almost no experience, so just kill whatever your quest demands that you kill and nothing else and move on as quickly as possible. Don't think that killing random monsters is going to give you great loot or great XP, just kill whatever you need to, the bare minimum.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 10 - Max Out Skills

As you're leveling up and gaining skill points at certain level thresholds, you're going to have enough skill points to max out a single skill or eventually multiple skills. But it's worth clearly stating that a maxed-out skill offers a significant power boost. So whenever you're able to if you have the choice, max out a skill rather than have skill points spread out amongst different skills. It is far better to have one maxed out skill than two or three or four skills with a couple of points in them.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 11 - Accessorize

Starting at level 18, you can equip accessories. These provide a big damage buff, don't ignore them, equip accessories as soon as possible. The best accessories to equip are the ones that give crit and specialization. Those are the stats to look for.


Lost Ark Leveling Tip 12 - Combat Consumables

Don't combat them, use them in combat. Don't hoard while you're leveling, you're going to receive combat items. Whenever you come upon difficult opponents like the final boss of a dungeon, use these consumables. We're talking about items like flame grenades, flash grenades, clay grenades, electric grenades, and frost grenades. These will help shorten the duration of these big difficult long fights. Now that said don't just use your consumables only use them when appropriate. If you get really big groups of enemies that can really be slammed down by a nice grenade, save them for these special occasions. 

There's one consumable that you never ever want to use while leveling and those are hp potions. These hp potions are the ones that don't restore a flat amount of your health but rather a percentage of your health. These are immensely valuable for the end game, so you want to hoard those for the end game. These are invaluable in raids. So while you're leveling, you're instead going to use apprentice healing potions. These heal you by a fixed amount and they're easily obtainable whereas HB potions are going to be a lot harder to come by. 

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