Best Summons In Elden Ring After Patch 1.03 - Mimic Tear Vs Banished Night Engval

3/21/2022 3:44:19 PM

Elden Ring 1.03 patch notes were released, but those patch notes did not include everything by any means. One of the more major things that they didn't include is a brand new entire renowned summon named banished night engvall. At the same time within this patch, the mimic tear summon has been nerfed for a lot of people who have been using it. It does less damage and it has ai that is simply much less likely to use spells or ashes of war or skills in general or even use a flask when it gets too low health. 

Before this, the mimic was pretty and disputed as the best summon for the average player in Elden Ring. With this change, however, is leaving many people wondering should they still be using the mimic or should they be using something else and what should that something else be. Today we will be answering two questions how does banish knight angval compare to the mimic tear as well as how to find the new best summon in Elden Ring after 1.03 update.


Where To Get Banished Night Engvall In Elden Ring

To get banish night engvall in the first place this is an especially fun one. Because for many of you, you already have him. You may just have a summon you never picked up already in your inventory and the reason for that is that this summon was made the reward for a boss that already existed before the patch. So anyone who defeated this boss before the patch has simply been given this summon straight up into their bag. If you don't have it and want to get it head to the Murkwater Catacombs, a decent walk north through the river from ag hill lake and defeat the boss inside to receive it as the reward. That said that places this summon as an incredibly early game, like you could go and do this as the first thing that you do in the open-world level early game.

Mimic Tear Vs Banished Night Engval In Elden Ring

We go for comparison starting off against a black blade kindred. We shoved a plus 7 mimic tear and a plus 7 banished knight envall at it for a number of attempts each. The mimic tear is using a moon veil which is neither the best nor worst way to use the mimic tear as an attempt to create an average player situation. On average, occasional strange ai decisions aside, the mimics here dies about twice as fast as the banished knight time-wise. However, they do so after dealing about twice as much damage. This is true on the overall fight but also quite noticeable just watching tiny interactions. 

Each individual hit of the mimic tear does anywhere from double to triple the damage of one-hit from the banished knight. However, if you watch their damage intake, it appears that the mimic has less than half of the health of the knight. Put simply this summon is not more offensively powerful than the mimic by any means, however, it does fill a very specific role the role of a tank and quite a decent tank at that. If you just want a summon to soak damage, this is a great choice. Combine that with the fact that you can get it right at the beginning of the game and this might just well be one of the top early game summons overall in Elden Ring.  


Should We Replace Mimic Tear In Elden Ring

Simply put, if you use big meaty weapons that get most of their damage from just swinging them and nothing else, mimic is still absolutely incredible. However, even then, it has still been nerfed for those players a little bit. The damage that the plus 10 mimic tear can do to a late-game boss is definitely appreciable.

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