Lost Ark Platinum Fields Guide: Unlock, Ticket & Farming

3/21/2022 4:52:50 PM

Platinum Fields are Lost Ark instanced islands that allow players to collect crafting resources and practice their trade skills without losing energy. Due to its ease of unlocking and great benefits, it is a popular location in the game. In this guide, we’ll focus on the Lost Ark Platinum Fields unlock, ticket, and farm. 

Lost Ark Platinum Fields

What are Platinum Fields in Lost Ark? - How to Unlock Platinum Fields?

Platinum Fields are special instances comprised of massive maps filled with Gathering Nodes of varying types, this is the best way to get crafting resources in Lost Ark. For the location of platinum fields, you can find the platinum field entrance in any major city, 

To access Platinum Fields, you need a special Platinum Fields ticket, which can be found by doing any trade skill task, but the drop chance is incredibly low across the board. For good reason, once you get a ticket, you have access to two platinum field maps, Nahun's Domain and the Old Yudian Canal, each map offers something slightly different. In Nahun's Domain, you’ll have access to Foraging, Logging, and Mining nodes, while in the Old Yudian Canal, you’ll have access to Fishing, Hunting, and Excavating nodes. 

How to Use Lost Ark Platinum Fields Ticket?

You have a random chance to receive a platinum field ticket during any of your trade skills. To get to Platinum Fields, you need a level 30 Foraging for unlocking the Golden Finger skill, minimum purple tools that have super armor effect, and a fast character, Gunslinger is a good choice. You will need to enter the Nahun's Domain, which focuses on foraging, logging, and mining. When you enter, you'll see a bunch of trade skill materials around the map in the waiting room, you will see a series of icons on the top left, your goal is to deliver any of the marked goods to the NPC to receive various buffs, returning all four will let you access the cave, if you unlock the cave, every single good respawn, so you utilize foraging and fast movements to gather everything. As soon as you get in, you need to open the map and find the important materials, you can use the search function in the map to find where it is and you do this before the gate opens because you need to find closer ones. After searching it, you can proceed to forage it to get the first buff, which gives you gather speed, and the second buff lowers your chance to lose durability on your tools. After returning the second material for the second buff, you need to collect all the foraging. If you have a high-level Foraging skill with a platinum field ticket, this is definitely a great way to make some extra Lost Ark gold coins. 

Tips for Lost Ark Platinum Field Farm

Legacy Gaming mentions what you need to know about Nahun's Domain is before going into the Platinum Fields, you should be above level 10 with all three of the trade skills required for this map, this is going to guarantee that you can hit every node available including the higher tier to reward more materials. It is also recommended to equip your best set of trade skill tools, this is when you are going to get the most out of the high-quality offerings. If you can find tools with Paralysis Immunity, you’ll be in better shape, as those will prevent you from getting smacked around while hitting nodes. If you’ve never been to the Platinum Fields before, go around and collect as many resources as you can in 15 minutes. There are foraging, mining, and logging resources up for grabs and it's really up to you to determine what you want to hunt down. 

There is a trick to maximize your 15 minutes in the fields, that’s simply by bringing friends, you can bring up to 4 people into this activity, each of you needs to have an Entrance Ticket: Platinum Field (Bound). The map is relatively large, you can split a party of four into various quadrants of the map, not only does everyone get plenty of resources, but it opens up the door for the platinum field secret mechanics periodically, when harvesting nodes, a special item will drop, these items can be physically carried back to the entrance of the zone and turned in for an extra reward. Once the time runes out for each item you bring back, you get a bag corresponding to the item itself. After an individual member turns in four of these items, a secret cave opens up, this game is filled with the best mining and foraging nodes, once a member turns in four more items, a secret island opens up with a chest full of materials and even more high-quality nodes.

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