Elden Ring Marais Executioner's Sword Guide - How To Get Marais Executioner's Sword

3/21/2022 5:12:19 PM

Marais Executioner’s Sword is a fantastic weapon with an awesome unique skill that has also benefited from the recent 1.03 patch. In this Elden Ring Marais Executioner’s Sword guide, we are showing the location to get this awesome weapon. If you guys want to know where to get this one and see what it does, then let's get started.


Elden Ring Marais Executioner’s Sword Guide

Now that of course arcane scaling is fixed, this is a super cool weapon. This weapon is said to be the storied sword of House Marais, the family of executioners who presided over the Shaded Castle. One of the legendary armaments. Elemer of the Briar, the Bell Bearing Hunter, snatched the sword from his looming execution and furnished it with battle skills from his home of Eochaid. It has a unique skill called Eochaid’s Dancing Blade.


Elden Ring Marais Executioner’s Sword Alibilties

Infuse the sword with energy, then fling it forwards in a corkscrew attack. The sword continuously deals damage while violently spinning. Charge the attack to increase rearch and duration of the spin. It is incredibly cool of course the way that you sort of send out almost with this magical ability. The fact that it does a sort of corkscrew motion means that it hits multiple times, it can also hit multiple enemies if you line them up correctly and the following swipe is also just good for finishing the job. Keep in mind for this one, it does have a strength requirement of 24, dex 14, arcane 23.


Elden Ring Marais Executioner’s Sword Locations

If you guys want to get Marais Executioner’s Sword in Elden Ring, you will first need access to the altus plateau and then you need to turn your attention to this little sort of village or castle up in the north. Some of you may or may not visit this. If you haven't, what you can do is go down to the Erdtree-Gazing Hill and you can then simply run up between the cliffs. Either way, you want to get to the top and you want to get to this area and from the Shaded Castle, you then work your way up the rock, jump over the wall and you can then take a right and go up the stairs on the left and that'll bring you to your first sight of grace. Now you have a far shoulder point rather conveniently in this castle.


From this location you're going to be dropping to the left, going down the ladder and you don't want to work your way across the swamp. There is of course poison here, so just jump and sort of dodge things as much as you can. But you're basically going to be hugging the left all the way around and then you get the other side, you take a right and climb up the next ladder. From there you want to go straight forward, you want to go down the stairs, take a right go forward again and then jump over the wall. From here, you want to go left towards the stairs and you're then going to work your way up another ladder. Following this, we will then be around the corner from another site of grace, so you now have a second fast travel point.


At this point, we're going to go forward, take a left go up the ladder again. We're going to go up the stairs and basically just follow the route. You will of course have to get past a couple of skulls at night. So do be careful of course depending on your setup, they can be quite challenging. Eventually, once you get to the end, you'll get to a lift, you'll go up the lift, you walk forward and there will be a boss fog door. Simply go inside, defeat the boss who just so happens to be using this sword. When you kill him, you get the sword.


There's a quick guide on how to get this incredibly awesome Marais Executioner’s Sword. It is pretty potent and it does have a rather unique skill. If you are tired of grinding, you can always buy Elden Ring items from Mtmmo.com with fast delivery and cheap price.