Overpowered Elden Ring Mage Build: Stats, Attributes, Gears, Spells, Talismans and Summons

3/23/2022 5:53:12 PM

After the recent 1.03 patch, are those previously powerful builds still insane? How to optimize your character in Elden Ring? Here we’ll go over an overpowered Elden Ring mage build with stats, gears, spells, talismans, and summons. 

elden ring mage build

Overpowered Elden Ring Mage Build: Stats, Attributes, Gears, Spells, Talismans, and Summons

Here is an optimized and powerful mage build by Nizar GG for the mid and late end game after the 1.03 patch. 

Elden Ring Mage Build Stats & Attributes

- Primary attributes: Intelligence, Mind, Vigor

If you don't have 60 intelligence yet, get that as soon as possible, as a mage after 60 intelligence, Diminishing returns start to kick in, but we will want to get 80 intelligence, to get soft capped between 60 intelligence and 80 intelligence, it's also useful to get a point of mind or vigor for every point of intelligence that you get, as the increases are relative and diminishing returns have not kicked in yet for might or vigor. If you are dying a lot, then you can prioritize getting vigor soft capped after intelligence and get it all the way to level 60. The other stats that are relevant are endurance and dexterity, and the priority is endurance, whether you want to spend actual points on endurance is going to be a personal choice for you 

Elden Ring Mage Best Spells (Sorceries)

- Stars of Ruin: incredible in the late game, not necessarily even because of its damage output but rather because of its unique tracking capability in the mid-game. Some bosses that you are going to fight have had too much crack cocaine and can barely stay still or stay in one place, this spell provides the ultimate solution to that problem. And with the most recent patch, its FP cost has been reduced, so it becomes better now. You can get it in Sellia Hideaway.

- Rennala's Full Moon and Ranni's Dark Moon: We also want to pick up both of the legendary moon sorceries, you can get Rennala's Full Moon just by simply turning your remembrance that you got from defeating Rennala at the round table and then choosing it. For Ranni's Dark Moon, we want to go to Chelona's Rise, when you get to the tower, you will need to do one of those turtle-killing quests. Once all three turtles are killed, you can go back to the tower and the seal has unlocked. Make your way up the tower to find a chest with the Ranni's Dark Moon spell. The Ranni's Dark Moon is nice to use because it provides -30% magic negation on your enemy. 

Elden Ring Mage Best Gear

- Helmet: Queen’s Crescent Crown

This helmet gives you +3 intelligence but has no trade-offs, which makes it a very good option. You can unlock this item after defeating Rennala or buy it with Elden Ring runes at the NPC in the round hold table.

- Arms: Carian Knight Gauntlets

- Armor: Snow Witch Set

This is probably the best mage set that actually has a very useful buff, it essentially gives a 10 damage increase to frost spells.

Elden Ring Mage Best Talisman

You want to pick up the Graven-Mass Talisman that you can find in a chest atop Albinauric Rise in the east of the Consecrated Snowfield, to break the seal on the tower, you will need to have the Fanged Imp Ashes summons, if you don’t have them, you can just simply buy them at the merchant. It's one of the best sorcery-related talismans in the game, it adds +8 extra damage. 

Elden Ring Mage Best Summon

Mimic Tear is the best summon in the game, no matter what your class is before, you can get it in the Eternal Ciy of Nokron. Which you have visited earlier with Ranni's quest chain and make sure you have a Stonesword key with you.