Lost Ark How To Get The Lostwind Cliff Card Set - All Spawn Locations & Times For Burt

4/6/2022 2:30:05 PM

The lostwind cliff is one of the better card set effects in the game the best one being the light of salvation for dps characters because there's a lot of content in the end game that deal dark damage and is also weak to holy damage. In today's guide, we're going to focus on the Lost Ark lostwind cliff card set and how to get them.

How To Get The Lostwind Cliff Card Set In Lost Ark

How to farm the lost wind cliff set in Lost Ark? First of all, the minimum requirement in order to make this set good is the six set 12 piece awakening, this is going to give you an extra 7% crit rate, might seem low but getting as much current as you can is pretty good, so that you can hit those juicy crit damage numbers. So in order to unlock the set effect, we need to collect all 6 cards as well as have a total awakening of 12 among any combination of the cards. You will notice that 4 of these cards are legendary cards, so awakening those up to the max is going to be really hard. Thankfully, the Seria and the Solas card are not legendaries, so these are our prime awakening targets, we're going to want to try to awaken these characters to the max because it's just going to be easier. 


This is a rare card and the easiest way to get Seria is to buy her off of a wandering merchant that appears in east luterra that wandering merchant is going to have 4 different spawn locations either in the Blackrose Chapel, Leyar Terrace, Borea's Domain or the Croconys Seashore.

Burt Locations

  • Black rose chapel: He's going to spawn right off of the triport in Styxia Village, go ahead and zoom in and he's going to spawn in the little corner.

  • Leyar terrace: He is going to spawn in Tamir Village, so your best bet is to go to the Mistfog Shelter triport and then just walking all the way down into the little corner.

  • Borea's domain: He's going to spawn in Boreas Castle, so this triport is not the exact location, but as long as you try port here, he should show up on your map as an icon.

How To Get The Lostwind Cliff Card Set In Lost Ark

  • Croconys seashore: He's got two locations actually, so the first one is going to be up here next to this triport, if you just try port here you should show up on your map.

  • Fishing village: The best way to do this is to go to wavestrand port and then travel out of wavestrand port because if you go to this triport, you have to go all the way around and you don't want to do that, it's just going to take a little bit too long because there's no easy way to get there unless you go down this path. So definitely wavestrand port come in and then you just walk into this area and he's gonna spawn in the little cranny nook. 

So those are the wandering merchant locations. This wandering merchant's name is burt and if you don't want to go and find them yourself, you can definitely just hit the chat up and ask where he is, there's definitely going to be other players looking for him as well. So you can also just keep an eye on the chat and it could show up. 

Burt Spawn Times

As for the spawn times for this wandering merchant, he's going to spawn at 12:30, 2:30, 5:30, 6:30, 8:30 and 9:30 a.m and p.m. So that's 12 times a day if you hit all of those times to go and check out bert's wears and see if he has a Seria card. Seria also comes from one of the adventure tomes. It's west luterra, so the west lutera adventure tome has Seria for completing 30, so there's another free stereo card, this one's probably going to be your first one. By opening up rare blue card packs you have a chance to get Syria. 


Solas is an uncommon card, so he'll drop from those uncommon green card packs. However, he is going to be a little bit harder to farm, he is farmable, however it is quite the time commitment. This is because he actually drops for completing the east luterra main story quest, the holy inquisitors and this is when you end up killing kakul said on in borea's domain. So the idea is that you can create multiple characters and play up to this point in the story to claim that card for your roster. This is one method that you can do in order to get this card guaranteed i have not personally done it, however, most people estimate that this is going to take you about 4 hours if you just speed through the story and do absolutely nothing else, but trying to get to that point in the story. So you gotta do that 15 times and that is quite the time commitment. However, it is a 100% guaranteed way in order to get the solace card. So that's an option if you want to do that otherwise you're just going to have to hope that you get solace from all of those green uncommon card packs.

King Thirain

You can get your first King Thirain card through report with him. So by reaching trusted, he's going to give you his card and this is going to take quite a while if you're not going to be giving him any kinds of gifts and you're just doing the emotes and the songs. However, you can speed this up if you give him gifts and so he has a list of preferred gifts and the thing to note is that this model of luterra's sword and this brooch also dropped from the wandering merchant. So you can purchase that off of the wandering merchant as well and speed up your report with Thirain, the festival of fire and ice is also another legendary report item that you can use on Thirain, the festival of fire and ice drops from it's the old guy merchant that is one of the first early merchants that you get for your stronghold and he is going to take adventure seal. So if you really want to target your dispatch missions for adventurer seal, you can get a whole bunch of those and so you can get a whole bunch of these whenever he appears. This is just one method in order to boost, the report on him quicker this is by no means a recommendation because report items are limited and so if there's a different character that you want to report up first, then that is totally your prerogative. 


You will get your first Armen card by completing an achievement, that achievement is called twilight on the horizon and you will get that after you complete your second awakening quest. Just make sure that you claim it by heading over to your universal storage.


In order to get your first carmine card guaranteed, you need to complete 100 chaos gates after that you're just gonna have to get lucky with a legendary card pack.

Delain Armen

Your first Delain Armen is going to come by reaching 10 igneous tokens and this means you have to reach 100% adventurer tome in 10 different areas. The biggest hurdle for adventure tomes is going to be the report. If you hover over the report for multiple different areas, there's going to be a list of characters that you need to get trusted report with. Trusted report is all four levels of the report. If you head to Rethramis, you can see that we have to hit trusted. Trusted is the final level in order to reach 100% adventurous home in multiple areas and depending on the area you're even going to get more characters. So the first two areas is a little bit easy even the third and then it just gets harder and harder because you'll notice there's like what eight characters that you have to reach maximum report with. So trying to target the ones with as little reports as possible is definitely going to be the ones that you want to go for first.

The next hardest thing is going to be the collectibles, because these collectibles are a random drop from any of the mobs that spawn on the map and that drop chance is incredibly low. So that means you could go and hit up the market in order to complete these collectibles. So spending some gold or spending time, the choice is yours. Then completing and finding all of the special monsters and completing every dungeon on both normal and hard difficulty and then also the field bosses that spawn in each area. So by doing all of that, you'll be able to hit 100% adventurous home and you'll need to do this again for 10 different continents. 

So our first 10 awakenings are ideally going to be from Seria and from Solas and then we can get our next 2 awakenings from any of these four cards, Thirain, Kharmine, Delain Armen or regular Armen.

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