Top 5 D2R 2.4 New Meta Builds for Ladder Start & Endgame in Diablo 2 Resurrected

4/6/2022 7:05:54 PM

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, we are sure most of you started with a blizzard sorcerer to magic find, after you become wealthy enough for an enigma you switch into your endgame character such as hammer, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. But when patch 2.4 goes live, you're going to have a lot more variety for starter and endgame builds, here's the list of the top 5 new meta builds.

D2R 2.4 Best New Meta Builds for Ladder

Top 1 - FoH Paladin

FoH Paladin was also known as the only character you'll really ever need, now that fist of heavens does damage to demons in addition to undead, you may be seeing one or ten thousand of these running around this upcoming ladder. We wouldn't recommend leveling with FoH, but after you're around level 75+, respecting this skill and farming players one Chaos Sanctuary with minimal gear is pretty impressive. Once you grind up enough gear, you could also respect into a hybrid FoH spider, this will be gear dependent for killing ubers but it's possible to have an uber chaos farming machine.

Top 2 - Hydra Sorceress

When the ptr was released, the rework on hydra was incredible, the damage was overall improved and the casting delay was removed. It made the hydro sorceress the new fan-favorite build temporarily until they bumped down the damage a bit, but overall we still believe that hydra sorc will be a strong contender this upcoming ladder, and many players will be respecting into as thier late-game magic finder. You could argue that blizzard may still be a little better but if you are planning on farming some of the brand new level 85 zones that have zero fire immunes inside, make sure you acquire the basic Diablo 2 items every sorc needs such as spirit sword, shield, and more helm. Later on you could also take advantage of the brand new D2R ladder runeword - the flickering flame, the plus three to fire skills with negative 13% to enemy fire res is insane. It also comes with a level eight fire aura when equipped. If you're not all in on hydra, messing around with a hybrid hydra frozen orb setup would be another good option, it could get you through about everything as a solo player.

Top 3 - Throw Barbarian

This build was extremely rare to see running around on, mainly because they would always be in town trying to replenish their throwing weapons quantity. Not only were Lacertor and Warshrike extremely expensive to obtain, barbs normally had to run around with two sets of them just so they could stay in the action for another 60 seconds. Now that you no longer have to worry about quantity, for the most part, the throwing barb has a real shot of being one of the end games going to build on this upcoming ladder. We wouldn't suggest leveling with one but you won't be disappointed if you end up gearing one up in Ladder season 1.

Top 4 - Lightning Strike Impale Javazon

This build really does destroy everything including ubers. Now that you can make infinity in spears, take advantage of a plus three matriarchal spear for your javazone. If you're kind of nervous about making the rune word infinity in a javazone only spirit, you're not alone. You could get away with using a Mancatcher for this build if you really wanted to, it won't be ethereal but at least you could swap it on your mercenary for future builds. You pretty much just run around in lightning strike ads, it's quite insane actually, this build really pumps. This build also has insane uber clear times while used in impale, we wouldn't recommend leveling as one of these instead max out lightning fury and farm Cows, Eldritch, Shenk, and Pindleskin in Hell. Use your valve to tank for you while you sit back and throw, once you farm enough currency transitioning into Lightning Strike and Impale will turn some heads for sure.

Top 5 - Poison Plague Javazon

Poison Plague Javazon will be powerful in the 2.4 Ladder, it could solo clear player eight cows with certain gear setups, and the chaos sanctuary has zero poison immunes in it and last but not least you'll probably be the only plague Javazon running around on the Battle net. We truly believe that this build will be slept on, it may not be the most exciting build to play but you can take advantage of a damage mechanic that others know nothing about. Using a Death's Web and a four sock superior monarch with four poison facets inside on your switch is insanely good for this build. Throw your plague javelin and then switch to your offhand for all that negative enemy poison res to take effect, the gameplay might take a second to get used to, but farming player 8 cows efficiently can be very rewarding.

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