Lost Ark Lance Master Guide - How To Prepare For Glavier Class In Lost Ark

4/8/2022 11:45:16 AM

Glaivier (Lance Master) is almost upon us in Lost Ark western release. If you're heavily anticipating the Glavier or the Lance Master coming with the big spear and Glaiver combo, today we're going to talk all about what you can do now to prepare for her arrival, so that you can boost her up as quickly as possible. In this Lost Ark Glaiver guide, we'll talk about exactly how much currency and enhancement materials you'll need to get her through tier 2 and through tier 3 as well as tons of tips and tricks on what you can do on the first day and beyond.


Lost Ark Glaivier Guide - How To Prepare For Lance Master Launch

Lost Ark Lance Master release date may even be arriving as soon as Arpil 14th which is next week. We already know that we're going to be given a fasten power pass along with the introduction of the Glavier into the western client. This means you could either start a brand new Glavier at level 10 and level them yourself manually or you can use this power pass they're giving us to get the Glavier immediately to ilevel 960 and land in fate which places us smack dab in the middle of tier 2. With the power pass, you'll be given blue gear armor and a weapon that is upgraded to plus 8 or ilevel 960. This means you need to get to ilevel 1100 or plus 15 on every piece before you can exit tier 2 Punika and enter tier 3.


Lost Ark Glaivier Leveling

You will need these amounts of currencies as well as these enhancement materials. These numbers are summed up assuming that you have the tier 2 research in your stronghold which improves the success chance as well as reduces the cost of every upgrade. It assumes that you have about average luck which means you're not winning every horn, but you're not failing miserably. So it's possible you'll need more than what's listed here or less on average.


Tier 2 960 - 1100 Required Materials

Silver: 619,200

Gold: 505

Life Shards: 273,183

Caldarr Fusion Mats: 231

Destruction Crystals: 8,975

Guardian Crystals: 26,912

Life Leapstones: 1,035


Tier 3 1302 - 1370 Required Materials

Silver: 4,247,991

Gold: 11,477

Honor Shards: 75,423

Oreha Fusion Mats: 599

Destruction Crystals: 9,014

Guardian Crystals: 27,073

Honor Leapstones: 1130


How To Farm Materials For Lance Master In Lost Ark

Most of the materials you can actually farm prior to the release of Lost Ark Lance Master or Glavier, but the ones that are going to be the most trouble are probably going to be the honor shards and the life shards which are usually built up over time through chaos dungeons as well as the leapstones. Now let's quickly go through all the different ways you can build up these resources now before Glaivier lands in Lost Ark and then we'll get into activities you can do once you have your Glavier to get moving quickly. 


- You can spend your pirate coins in the traveling merchant ship every single week per character to get upgrade materials. The shards themselves are not tradable but the crystals are you can buy tier 3 and tier 2 for every single character that is in that tier. Then you can store them up in your roster storage for when Glaivier comes out. If you have characters in tier 2 and tier 3 you can go through each of them and make sure you do your chaos dungeons for the tradable crystals and the guardian raids for the tradable leapstones and start stocking those up.


- You can start running infinite chaos on tier 3 and tier 2 characters to get up the shards of purification so that you can spend these on day 1 with your Glavier pick up the shard pouches, the honor stones, the leapstones. Then tier 2 you can get the shard pouches that are untradable. So you can save these up and just have this kind of currency sitting around ready to go. 


- If there are any challenges you haven't done in the welcome challenge, you can get those done and leave them unclaimed. If you haven't claimed some of these and they have materials on them you'll want to just leave these here get them done and then you can pick them up when your character is created. 


-If you have extra purple crystals or blue crystals, you can go into Mari's shop and buy the items that you would want to have on your Glavier day 1 and then start storing them in your product inventory. Life shards are most concerned about because those are the hardest to get prior to being able to do daily chaos dungeons. The big thing for this is when you get a life shard pouch in your product inventory do not claim these until your Glavier is created, leave them here do not claim them until you're ready and then once you have these ready to go, you can claim them on the Glavier.


- You can start storing up the rift pieces that you get from chaos gates that give you the secret maps which will give you enhancement materials. So you can save up these rift pieces that you have. On day 1 when the Glavier is created, you can come to the rift exchange vendor and then buy out all the secret maps. All you want is to do full rotations with other people so you get 4 times the loot rather than just doing each map solo. If your characters have been in an active guild and you've been contributing to the research, you should have some male bloodstones built up, you can then come into the honing materials in the shop and you can buy the tier 2 and the tier 3 items that are tradable. 

- You can also start storing up your coins of courage which are your PVP tokens Remember the higher the rank you get in PVP, the more you can buy out Unfortunately most of these are going to be untradable, so you won't be able to store them ahead of time. But if you build up a bunch of coins of courage the PVP tokens, you can then store those in your roster storage or just store them in your regular storage and then you'll be able to spend them when the Glavier is out and created. 


- You can go to Anguished Isle which has its own set of tokens, but you can use it to buy honing materials. On Anguished Isle every day, you'll get a daily repeatable quest that you can accept, you'll have to kill monsters on the island itself and then you'll get tokens that you can spend and it's once per roster which you can be doing right now before Glavier comes out. At the exchange vendor, you can exchange out your Crimson Skein for the leapstones that come from the life leapstone chest and the honor leapstone chest. These are untradeable to other characters but you can actually buy these per character and store them in roster storage. Then the Glavier can open them, so you get 50 life leap stones and 50 honor leaf stones per character. So as long as you're doing your dailies and storing up these tokens, the crimson skeins you can then pick up 50 leapstones per character.


- Outside of Yorn is a Azure Wind Island, if you've done this and you've unlocked the quest that gives you the tokens on this island, you can store up the tokens and then the Glavier can come to this island and get life shards from the merchant which grants you an extra 3 000 life shards once you pick it up on the Glavier. 


Lost Ark Day 1 Checklist After Lance Master Launce

1. Make sure make your Glavier 

What you can do is you can make a martial artist female character and just have it sitting there do not go into select skin and select your advanced class yet wait until it's available and then when you go into Trixion and when it's launched, you can go and select Glaivier. The reason you do this is anytime a character is created and sitting here even if it hasn't been selected for an advanced class, you're building up a rested XP. So your guardian raids, your chaos dungeons, and your una dailies will develop. Rested XP that you can then spend on that character if you build it now.


2. Make sure you do your dailies and your weeklies

The best ones that are going to be worth doing are going to be the ones for XP shards life shards. When your tier 3 do the honor shards, they'll start on Frost Helgaia, but you can also do your dailies for your leapstones and your guardian bonus and then you can go back into the raid level 3 guardians Dark Legoros, Helgaia, Calventis, and Achates and these will all give you the first time reward for clearing them once. Just make sure that you don't harvest their souls if you haven't done your daily guardian raids yet, as they will give fewer rewards than the higher ilevel versions. 


3. Do Gate of Paradise and Ark of Arrogance

These will give you more honing materials. At the end of these Abyss Dungeons, you can spend a little bit of Lost Ark gold to get the bonus reward which will give you even more honing materials. You can also do the dungeons in both of the tier two continents on hard mode to get extra shards. If you want you can do them on normal as well to get more crystals, this includes the Ruined Castle in Shady Cliff, the Cave of Sin in Red Moonshade, Wonderful Brewery in Black Anvil Mine, Ark of Arrogance in Hall of Promise. You'll eventually want to do your tier 2 tower. 


4. Make sure you're harvesting through life skills

Your fusion materials and then crafting them in your stronghold, you'll need a bunch of these in tier 2 and even more in tier 3. Once you're there, so doing excavating fishing and hunting can really get a lot of these stored up prior to and after Glaivier comes out. When all this fails, you have the auction house. So depending on how much gold you have at the time and how much you're looking to spend, you can then start picking up some of these materials, there will definitely be whales and big spenders that want to come in and get their Glavier as their new main and stock them up as fast as possible. So they're probably going to clear out the auction house and try to push it as hard as they can.

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