ACNH 4 Hidden DIY Recipes - How To Unlock Secret DIYs In Animal Crossing New Horizons

4/8/2022 2:46:14 PM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are some of the harder-to-find or easily missed DIY recipes that special characters award to players. Today we're taking a look at a handful of special DIY recipes that are either super hard to come across or require meeting certain milestones or completing certain objectives before obtaining them. For that reason, they're often overlooked or forgotten about. And with most of them fairly new to the Animal Crossing New Horizons hopefully, you'll discover some cool new Animal Crossing items that you can use on your island.


ACNH 4 Hidden DIY Recipes - How To Unlock Secret DIYs In Animal Crossing New Horizons

1. Leif

Leif is a traveling character who stops by to sell a variety of shrubs plants and vegetables. Since the 2.0 update, he can also be found on Harvey's island with his permanent shop too. Assuming you've unlocked him now, Leif is responsible for awarding the player the hedge DIY which allows you to place hedges. But he also offers a second DIY recipe that many players miss. It's possible to obtain a DIY recipe for the veggie basket which is a super cool item made up of all the vegetables added in the 2.0 update. You literally need a tomato, a carrot, a potato, a pumpkin, some wheat, and some sugar cane to even craft this item. The reason this recipe is easily missed is that you have to purchase vegetables from the Leif shop on 3 separate days before leaf sends you the recipe in the mail. However, most vegetables are easily obtainable from Kappn's boat tours and are super easy to grow. So in many cases, vegetables are never actually purchased from Leif.


2. Celeste

If you have a meteor shower on your island, there's a chance Celeste is also visiting. During her visit, celeste has out some of the best DIY recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Primarily from the space or star series. However, 2 additional day recipes were secretly added to Celeste DIY pool in the 2.0 update, including recipes for the yellow star rug and the starry skies rug. According to data miners, it's actually much harder to obtain the starry skies rug as it is the last-day recipe to be obtained from Celeste. This means you'll need to meet her a bunch of times before being able to craft it. Fortunately, there is another way to obtain these two recipes though, as they can also be found inside the message bottles that spawn on the star fragment island boat tour. So although still super easy to miss, does make them a little easier to find.


3. Daisy Mae

Instead of DIY recipes for furnished items, it's possible to obtain cooking recipes including the bamboo shoot soup, the jarred bamboo shoots, the kabu and kake, and the turnip salad, all of which are wonderful looking savory dishes. To obtain these recipes, you have to make use of Daisy Mae's turnip mechanic and buy turnips from her. Once turnips are purchased, Daisy Mae will send the recipes in the mail. So if you don't really invest in turnips anymore, they're pretty easily missed.


4. Pascal

Next up we have a very cool DIY recipe that's obtained from Pascal who can be found when diving for deep-sea creatures and stumbling across a scallop. Pascal typically offers pearl or themed items in exchange for the scallop if you choose to hand it over. However, there is one DIY recipe available for the awesome mermaid fence which allows you to place the mermaid fence just like any other ordinary fence. Interestingly the hedge DIY is one of the few fence DIYs to be obtained from special characters. Anyway although this mermaid fence item is as easy to obtain as the other items from the mermaid series,s it's often missed because it was added all the way back in the 1.3 updates. But because of an in-game bug was unobtainable, meaning players could never get their hands on it without hacking the game, which led many veteran players to miss the item altogether. Fortunately, the issue was later fixed and the mermaid fence can now be obtained.



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