Lost Ark 1445 Gear Guide: Best Gear Sets To Wear for Valtan & Legion Raid

4/11/2022 5:13:34 PM

In this Lost Ark guide, we're covering what are the best gear sets you have to wear until you reach 1445, in other words, the best equipment choice for the Valtan and 1445 Legion Raid. Then let's move on.

Lost Ark Gear Guide to Level 1445 - Best Gear Sets To Wear for Valtan & Legion Raid

Lost Ark Best Gear (Armor) Sets To Wear Until Gear Level 1445

First, you need to know the entrance level of Valtan for each mode, and the gear level for Valtan normal mode is 1415 and for hard mode is 1445. 

Argos Set Guide - Crit Rate & Crit Damage Set

Let's go for Argos set first to prepare normal Valtan:

When you hit 1415, you probably wear the Argos gear set either the one that raises your crit or your accurate damage depending on your class:

The Trojan Set doesn't do anything on voting because if you see the set bonus for two sets, it says you get a 20% damage buff when you hit an official mob and for 5 sets it says you get a 10% damage buff when you hit the mob which the grade is same or less than the guardian grade.

Valtan is higher than guardian grade and it's not an official raid as well, it's a legion raid, so all the set bonuses will not be applied to Valtan. If you are wearing chosen set, it's not late, Photon will come out in May tentatively, so you still have plenty of time to switch over to crit rate or quick damage set with Lost Ark gold.

For supporters, we recommend going for the crit damage set because, if you see the five-set bonus, these two gear sets either for the crit damage or crit rate set, react to each other which gives a bonus effect to the owners. And considering the fact that most of the classes go for the crit rate set, then you want to go for the opposite one as a supporter which is the crit damage set to react with DPS classes in your party.

Legion Raid Set Guide - Power of Beast Set

Let's go for the Legion raid set:

When the Valtan comes out, there will be a new NPC positioned next to the NPC who makes you the Argos set, where you can make legendary or relic gear sets from the legion raid.

If you beat Valtan normal mode, you will get a decent amount of these legendary materials which you can craft to a legion legendary gear sets and a few of these relic materials which you can craft to relic sets at level 1445. There are two kinds of sets for legendaries and lots of relic sets.

The important legendary sets are the Power of Beast set and Whisper of Lust, while the most of players would not look into the Whisper of Lust set because the set bonus is literally bad when compared to the Power of Beast set.  The power of beast set is overpowered and we are 99% sure that all the classes go for it, then let's find out why:

The set bonus for two sets says whenever you hit the mob you get a stack that raises your damage by one percent and this can be stacked up to 10 times, which means you can have a 10 damage buff, and this buff will last for 12 seconds but you can renew it every time you hit the mob.

One thing you have to take care of is that whenever you get hit by the mob, you lose one stack. The force it bonus says it increases the buff of each stack for an additional one percent which means it will raise two percent of damage instead of one percent per stack, so having 10 stacks means you get 20 damage buff which literally is the same as level 3 grudge engraving.

Also whenever you use a spacebar with 4 sets, you will get 10 percent of attack speed and movement speed for 10 seconds, so theoretically if you hit the mob regularly in 12 seconds and dodge all the attacks, you can maintain 20 damage buff infinitely.

Best Gear Set To 1445 - 4x Power of Beast Sets & 2x Agros Sets

Idealistically, when you enter Valtan hard mode at 1445, you want to wear four of these power of beast sets and two from the Argos sets either crit rate, this combination of sets will really make you stronger, even though you don't have the access for all the six full sets.

This is the route for the gear set on your way to 1445 as fun to play players, if you're a whale then you can just gear up to like 1490 or something where you can beat both in hard mode even with Argos gear sets but that would not be fun as the end content level will be 1445 by then and there's no point rushing higher than that. So we strongly recommend you to stick to the guide and take your time beating the normal mode for a couple of weeks until you reach the hard move.

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