Elden Ring Divine Tower Guide - 6 Divine Tower Locations & Activate Great Runes

4/11/2022 5:38:23 PM

In this Elden Ring guide, we tell you where to find all of the divine towers. We are explaining all the locations, so you can charge all your great Elden Ring runes find all the divine towers, and just then benefit from those buffs.


Elden Ring Divine Tower Guide - 6 Divine Tower Locations & Activate Great Runes

1. Limgrave Tower

For this one, you want to go over to stormville castle and then one of these things to do is go from either the rampart tower or the main gate. You basically want to work your way over to this location. If you haven't been there before then here's a quick route from the rampart tower, you can simply go from the side of grace and you can turn around behind you, you can then go and take the lift down if you have that activated already. You want to go down there into the room whereof you would normally fight the thing with the many arms. You want to run through that room and take a left to go through there and basically, this will bring you into the courtyard. 

From there, you can then follow the route which involves going right out the door, basically running down. We're effectively running back towards the sort of the main gate that general area where you can get pelted if you go through the main gate. Instead, we're going to take a left and go up past the line, you will avoid being attacked by and you're going to run through this room and it'll basically bring you out to this location where there is a site of grace. 


But if you haven't then from there you can simply run forwards and you want to run down the bridge. It's a pretty long bridge, there'll be some stone giants that will wake up and try and take you out. Basically, at the very end of the bridge, there is a teleporter, you take that and it will then take you to the other side of the bridge which is rather inconveniently broken. From there, you simply go and you interrupt the door open that goes through taking the lift to the very top, work your way upstairs there is literally one path and once you get there, you will then find the first rune and upon interacting with this, this will allow you to charge godric's great rune.


2. Divine Tower of Caelid: Basement

This one is the easiest one to do, but you will require some quest progress. If you haven't got the fast travel points then you want to go to the nearest site of grace. Then you want to work your way over to the tower now, this will require a little bit of parkour and a little bit of platforming. If you follow the route, quick tip if you do find that sort of jumping around navigating and sort of working your way past enemies a little difficult, you can summon your horse since you are outside, so actually using the horse makes this whole platforming section incredibly easy, still, watch where you're going. Basically, you're going to be working your way up the ladders until you get to the top. Then there is a site of grace that gives you a nice checkpoint in case you fall off and die. From there instead of going and taking the doorway that is in front of you which leads down into the tower, what you still want to do is turn around and go up the stairs through the little doorway. When you get to the top, there will then be a left, you simply use that to open up the door and the same principle take the lift at the top following the staircase and you'll then be able to go and activate the second rune which is radans.


3. Liurnia

This will require some quest progress you will need to have completed or at least kind of done part of rani's questline. What you need to do is work your way down and around from the artist shack, but basically what you want to do is get to the study hall entrance. When you walk in here, there will be a location where you can then place down that inverted statue and it plays a little cool cut scene. Basically, you'll be flipping the tower upside down. From there you are then going to want to follow the route that involves going behind the altar and basically dropping down. You do want to watch out, there are some of those creepy hands, there's also a mage invader who is incredibly accurate with his spells. 

But if you follow this route, it'll then take you down to a lift. From that lift, you can then simply run and walk forward, you can interrupt the door which again is upside down and that brings you over to another bridge which you can then run down. You will need to fight another enemy. There's a godskin down there, defeat him and you can then run simply to the very end of the bridge and the same principle, go in, take the lift, go to the top and you can then activate the next rune. Although this one is not the same principle, this one is the rune of death. Tying into the sort of a ranny slash fear questline, so not necessarily going to be the same behavior as before, but still pretty important.


4. Outer Wall Phantom Tree

Moving over to the west altus tower, there are actually two towers in the altus plateau, the west one and the east one. Starting with the west one, we want to do is go over to the nearest site of grace, which of course will be the outer wall phantom tree, assuming you have not got access to the tunnel just yet. From there, you then want to work your way down and basically go to the sealed tunnel down here. You simply run down the lake and you then follow the pathway down and run to the back corner where there is an entrance to the sealed cave. From here, there will be a few pathways that will involve you having to hit invisible walls or secret walls. 

The first one is once you run through the doorway, you then want to take a right to go past this debris, and then in this corner that is seemingly a dead end, it is actually not a dead end, you simply need to attack that wall and that will reveal your pathway. From there, you then want to follow the route which will take you down the lift. Through a few more illusion walls and we're going to navigate our way down some tree branches to get to the bottom. When you walk into the next room, there will be a boss battle, you have to defeat the onyx lord, not too difficult. Once you've taken him out, you will then be able to go through the back door and this will then lead you to the next tower. Open the door, take the lift up, go to the top, and activate the rune.


5. Forbidden Lands

As for the east altus plateau tower, we want to do is go from the forbidden land and basically go back down or you can go from the capital. You can work your way down this pathway depending on where you are in the story which may be easier said than done. The main thing is you want to work your way over to the lift, that will take you up to the forbidden lands. But instead of taking that lift, what you want to do is go right through the doorway and then walk out onto the bridge again before you can run simply down there to the tower at the end. You will again have to defeat a boss and you will then be just outside the door. Open the door, take the lift, activate the rune and that is the east altus tower.


6. Tower Of Return

For the last one, you want to do this one much nearer to the end of the game, this is Melania's rune. For this one, you want to go to the bottom of limb grave and you want to work your way over to the tower of return. Some of you might have taken this tower really early at the end of the game and got teleported to a very high-level area and been in a bit of a predicament. Basically, we're going to go and take that same route, climb to the top, interrupt the chest, it'll then teleport you over to the landlord ashen capital. From there, you then take the stairs up, you simply take a left ignore the stone golem, and take the teleporter. This will then bring you over to the isolated tower. Go in, open the door take the lift, and activate the rune. Now you've found all 6 divine towers in Elden Ring.