Lost Ark Tooki Island Guide: Locations, Tokens & How to Get All Mokoko Seeds

4/12/2022 4:24:22 PM

In Lost Ark, there are a ton of exclusive collectibles that can be used to exchange for rewards or help your leveling on character. Mokoko Seeds are a form of collectible item in the game to collect on multiple locations, and one of them is Tooki Island. So in this article, we’ll take a brief Lost Ark Tooki Island guide that features locations of Tooki island and Mokoko Seeds, as well as how to get the island tokens. 

Lost Ark Tooki Island Locations, Tokens, and Rewards

Lost Ark Tooki island is event-based and changes location every once in a while, so it has four different locations, you can find it west from Arthetine, east from North Vern, south from North Vern, and southeast of Luterra. It can spawn in one of these locations at a certain time. 10 minutes before spawning, there will be a vortex at the location it's going to spawn, so if you have under 10 minutes left for the island to appear, you will know if the Tooki island is going to spawn at your location.

A coop quest Tooki Tooki Treasures will start three minutes after the first person entered the island, it's pretty simple, you collect some Tooki’s Treasures, you fill some empty Treasure chests, then you kill 101 Tookies that spawn at the locations on your map and finally you kill Tooki King, the Tooki island soul is a random drop from the Tooki king, it can also drop the uncommon runes, wealth and iron wall, a rare Tooki king card, Tooki King Fake Eye & Tookicalibur, and some Lost Ark gold.

You can use the Tooki King Fake Eye and Tookicalibur in the Tooki Corporation island to purchase Tooki Transformation Coin that is needed on that island, Tookicalibur is also required for a quest on that island, so if you happen to get it, save it for the quest, Tooki island is also the location you need to go during the secret Tooki map glitch quest. There is also Una’s task daily called Taking on Tooki that requires you to finish the cooperative quest and kill the king, this will increase your reputation for killing the king, the final reputation reward from this daily is the 7th Giant’s Heart and requires you to do it 28 times. 

How to Get Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark?

Mokoko Seeds are a collectible item that can be exchanged for many other items in the game. Once you confirmed the location of Mokoko Seeds, stand next to the See and hold the G button to pick it up. Every time you get a Mokoko See, a little pear icon will appear on the map. There are a huge number of Seeds available in the game. There are three Mokoko Seed locations on this island, the specific locations are indicated by a red circle, as shown below.

Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark

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