Elden Ring Bow Faith Build Guide: Talisman, Equipment, Stats Of Level 100 Goldeneye Build

4/13/2022 10:01:17 AM

In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to be showing you goldeneye build which is a pure faith-based archer build at level 100. So if you want to see how to play a pure archer around this level, read on to find out. We list the talisman, equipment, stats and gameplay tips of level 100 Goldeneye build, helping you upgrade your magic archer build easily & fast. 

Elden Ring Bow Faith Build Guide: Talisman, Equipment, Stats Of Level 100 Godeneye Build 

Paying a pure archer in Elden Ring is extremely difficult and it isn't for the faint of heart. It can be done and it works really well in cooperative situations, but playing solo as a pure archer can be really challenging at different areas of the game. 

Weapons For Bow Faith Build Elden Ring Level 100

Erdtree Bow:

We need points into faith in order to unlock and use golden vowel to spell golden vowel which buffs our damage by 15% for 90 seconds. You need all the damage you can get with this build so that's very crucial and those points invested into faith are then not wasted because they go into holy damage on the bow because it scales with fate. Another reason to use this bow is that it makes better use of golden arrows which deal holy damage and we have lots of things in this build that buff our holy damage. So getting that holy damage as high as we can is crucial. You will notice immediately that golden arrows outperform regular arrows with this bow like the magic arrows out perform regular ones with the horn bow.

how to build a goldeneye in Elden Ring

Black Bow:

We need a short bow for this build in order to jump attack and land attack at the same time. We also want to put another ash of war like barrage or reign of arrows. And the black bow is not a short bow, however, it still acts like a short bow meaning that you can jump and shoot and land and shoot the same motion unlike a regular bow and it has better damage than every other light bow out there. It does benefit from strength and dexterity points into damage, but you don't really need to concern yourself too much with the damage of this bow because when you're using this bow most of the time you're going to be using blood arrows. It's not true all the time, sometimes you'll use lightning arrows but a lot of the time you're just going to be trying to get bleed build up with barrage in order to proc bleeds on enemies. 

Elden Ring bow faith build level 100

So essentially the way you're going to be set up with these two weapons is that you're going to go around the landscape using the herd bow, using your golden arrows in one slot and then you're going to be swapped to your black bow when you need to take something on close range where you can't pick it off from long range. And you're going to use blood arrows at that point to try and proc bleeds on it if it can be bled. 

There is sort of a gap in this build between killing things at long range with the Erdtree Bow which does really good damage at range and bleeding things at short range with the black bow where you have enemies that fall somewhere in the middle, maybe they're really aggressive and you need to take them on the close range with a black bow but they can't be bled. Great examples of this are the gargoyles in this game, they can't be bled and they're really aggressive with you. However, you can generally keep a modest range with them, so it's not so much of a deal.

Armor For Elden Ring Bow Faith Build Level 100

Guardian Armor Set:

As far as armor goes for this build, use the guardian armor set, you can use whatever you'd like. It fits the theme here of Goldeneye for this build, but you basically want to wear the heaviest armor that you can in mid roll in order to have the most protection possible.

Elden Ring bow faith build level 100

Silver Tear Mask: 

It reduces physical attack damage, however, when you're going in on bosses with the black bow and bleed arrows, you're not really striking with the arrows for most damage per arrow shot, you're just trying to build up bleed as fast as possible to rip off big chunks of health and this gives you 8 arcane which allows you to use a swarm of flies without having to invest points in arcane on your character. So you can just pop this on go into a boss fight, use a swarm of flies or you can even use it around the landscape or a tough enemy and then pop it back off afterward and then you remove that debuff of negative damage and then you don't need to use hormone flies on regular enemies that you're picking off with the urgery bow.

level 100 goldeneye build in Elden Ring

Talismans For Bow Faith Build Level 100

When it comes to talismans for this build, there are 5 to use:

  • Ritual Sword Talisman: This boosts your damage by 10% while you're at full health. You don't plan on getting hit much when you're playing an archer you're trying to like slowly methodically, pick things off from range and this is a great way to get some extra damage out of your bow. There aren't too many talismans that increase your damage.

  • Sacred Scorpion Charm: It boosts your holy damage and we do use one spell that deals holy damage with this build, but also the arrows we're using the golden arrows are predominantly holy damage, the bow is predominantly holy damage. So you get a really good bang for your buck out of this one.

  • Arrow’s Sting Talisman: It just increases the damage of your arrows by 10% which is just all-around good to have.

  • Arrow’s Reach Talisman: It extends the range of your bow meaning that you will do full damage at longer ranges with your arrows. If you shoot an arrow at an enemy outside of your bow's range, the arrow damage is going to drop off more and more the further it gets away. So this extends it so you can snipe from long ranges and still do maximum damage.

  • Green Turtle Talisman: It increases your stamina regeneration. When you're using barrage and you're in close range boss fights, you use stamina quickly for dodge rolling, jumping, shooting and you need that stamina to recover quickly in order to be able to keep doing things otherwise you're just standing there flat footed shooting and you're going to get hit. So what to do during those fights or right before those fights is swap out arrows reach talisman for green turtle talisman because you don't really need the range in those fights at all and instead you'll benefit more from that stamina regen.

    There are also a couple other talismans that you could use for this build that would be very effective which are the warriors' jar shard or Alexander shard. These increase your weapon skills damage by 10-15%. You can get the one from Alexander, the warriors jar shard by killing him early on if you want or you can get his upgraded version later in the game past this point, it would be more of an end-game archer build.

  • Ancestral Spirit’s Horn: This gives you 3 fp back after defeating enemies. When you're using mighty shot with the urgery's bow, it costs 6 fp and you usually one tap just about every enemy except for the more difficult ones and that would basically reduce the cost of that to three fp if you killed stuff one per shot. 

Goldeneye Build Gameplay Tips

How this build works is that you're gonna run around the landscape using your urge repo picking things off with mighty shot, you should have tons of fp with this, it costs 6 fp per shot, you got 160 with 30 min, so that's a lot of shots before you run out and you should be trying to pick off one thing at a time being really slow and methodical. If you are a very aggressive player, this is not a very good build for you because it's a very slow methodical play style when you're out on a landscape or in dungeons trying to pick things off. However, what's really great about this is that it has probably longer range than any other build in the game, you can hit things from so far away that you're hardly ever in danger unless you get ambushed or you didn't see an enemy and it aggros onto you from point blank. So then, you'll either come to a difficult enemy that you can still range down this way if they're slow or if you're very far from them should give you plenty of time to fire many shots, or you can switch to your black bow and start using your bleed arrows to proc bleed on them. If it's a boss, you can pop on the silver tear mask in order to get swarm of flies out, throw swarm of flies on them and then starting barraging them with bleed arrows and dodging and jumping and doing that over and over to keep rocking bleed on them. 

Spell Skills

  • Golden Vow: You should be keeping golden vowel up as you explore one of the benefits of this is that it increases your damage and defenses for 90 seconds, and this allows you to move around and shoot. You can buff yourself and keep exploring while you increase your damage, you want to keep this buff up most of the time when you're shooting at things in order to deal maximum damage per shot.

  • Blessing of the Erdtree: Use this when you need healing like before a difficult enemy or a boss. This is a upgraded version of blessing spoon essentially, so you're going to get more hp per second it costs a bit more fp. But since you have the faith requirement to use it, you're going to be a lot harder to kill in boss fights because you're going to be running around, jumping around, so that's going to heal you up over time. A lot of boss fights take longer with this build because your damage is just not as high as some other builds. However, your survivability should be better because you're out of harm's way most of the time and you're also healing yourself substantially.

  • Protection of the Erdree: This is another really great buff for Bow Faith build. This is going to give you 30% damage reduction to magic fire lightning and holy damage, which you can get almost 50% if you have this up. So if you take like inadvertent damage while you're fighting a boss, it's not going to deal nearly as much damage, particularly ones that do elemental damage, which will give you time to regenerate health with that heal over time.

  • Swarm of Files: This is very situational and we don't meet the requirements for it by default the way you are set up, we just pop on the mask when we want to use it and then pop it off afterward because it reduces our damage when using it. But this is great for like bosses where you can lead with it at the beginning of a fight to get some bleed build up on them or you can throw it out periodically when you have a moment like they're doing something that gives you time to cast it and then switch back to your bleed arrows. It can help save you some bleed arrows that can help augmented that bleed style while you're using your bow.

  • Elden Stars: This is one of the legendary spells in the game, it costs 50 faith requirements in order to be able to use. What's really good about it is this thing tracks from so far away and it stays out for about 10-12 seconds and you can run around and shoot while this thing is out cast a major star out and all these stars come off of it. The damage isn't super high, but it does really good like posture damage to enemies, so you can stagger them with this. You can pull thread off a host off one cast of this or you can throw it up and keep fighting and then once it's gone, throw it up again and keep fighting, you can't have two of these out at once, so you can't just chain spam it. But it's really nice to get in some extra damage and posture jams while you're fighting with your bow, but it's very situational.

Elden Ring Bow Faith Build Guide

Attributes & Stats For Level 100 Goldeneye Build 

  • Vigor: 35 - Keep you alive, it's probably a little lower than you want but you are playing at range so you can get away with lower vigor here and that's not a big deal.

  • Mind: 30 - Because you use mighty shot constantly, you use barrage constantly, when you're in boss fights you use buffs constantly. You need a big fp pool, you will not go through your fp that quickly, but it's gonna allow you enough to get from checkpoint to checkpoint without running out.

  • Endurance: 10 - You don't need to equip load with this build, more stamina would be very good for this build but we can't justify the points for just stamina. You're not planning on getting hit so you don't need a lot of heavy armor for this build.

  • Strength: 12 - You don't really need strength at all for this build, 9 points is what you actually need for this build so you don't want to put any points there if you don't have to.

  • Dexterity: 24 - It is there to increase the damage with a black bow, it also is required for a black bow so you need 20 in order to even use it and it does increase the damage of urban trees bows well. The scaling on that goes to d for dexterity at +9 is going to benefit dexterity and both bows, so it's a good step for this build.

  • Intelligence: 9 - We don't need any.

  • Faith: 50 - We really need to increase the damage of the urge tree bow and past 50 the damage starts to drop off a bit.

  • Arcane: 9 - The swarm of flies spell requires 16 arcane, you can use the helmet or you can put 7 points here.

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