Elden Ring Best Blood Loss Weapons - Top 5 Weapons for Elden Ring Blood Loss Build

4/14/2022 11:11:26 AM

After the 1.03 update, some of the Elden Ring weapons that were previously bugged are now in full effect, so blood builds to become more powerful. What weapons are the best options in terms of blood loss? Let’s go over the top 5 best Elden Ring blood loss weapons for your builds with their benefits, unique skills and locations.

elden ring best blood loss weapons

Elden Ring Best Blood Loss Weapons - Top 5 Weapons for Elden Ring Blood Loss Build

Arekkz Gaming introduced some of the best weapons you can try when creating blood loss builds in Elden Ring, as well as where and how to get them. 

1. Eleonora's Poleblade

The first item is Eleonora's Poleblade, it looks incredibly awesome, the one with the unique skill Bloodblade Dance where you leap at foe to perform a flurry of tornado-like attacks, follow up with additional input to perform an attack that ends in an evasive maneuver. It is quite cool and flashy, sometimes it does put you in some precarious positions, and sometimes sort of jump back afterward actually puts you away from combat where you kind of want to be. If you want to use it purely from a blood loss buildup in Elden Ring, it’s recommended to use the regular combos, if you are just going for the speed of hits, also just to handle this weapon, you can use your regular RB or R1 attack, which is powerful as well. More importantly, as of the recent patch, Eleonora's Poleblade does some decent damage. 

2. Rivers of Blood 

The second one is Rivers of Blood, this is a fantastic-looking katana, as of the recent patch, it is quite possibly the best katana in the game. The unique skill Corpse Piler basically allows you to do these fast flurries of attack, which dish out crazy damage and work towards the blood loss buildup. So this weapon is a brutal combo and once upgraded, you can benefit from the appropriate scaling. If you want to get it, you need to go over to the Church of Repose and beat the invader.

3. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

Once you have defeated Mohgwyn in Mohgwyn’s palace, you can then go to the Roundtable Hold and trade the Remembrance of the Blood Lord with Enia for this Great Spear. It has a unique skill Bloodboon Ritual where you raise the sacred and pierce the body of the Formless Mother, stab up to three times, creating explosions of blood with each thrust. It’s not the fastest weapon, it does still apply a blood loss buildup and doesn’t take too many hits for it to proc, but this is also a quite nice weapon in terms of farming. If you are someone sort of specked into decks and arcane, maybe you don’t have the ways to use one of the other weapons that make farming very efficient, then you can go to the Elden Ring rune farming spot and use this one to kill a lot of chunks of enemies in a relatively short time. 

4. Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Another boss weapon that you can trade the Remembrance for is Morgott’s Cursed Sword, it has the unique skill Cursed-Blood Slice, where you brace, then charge forward to deliver a downward diagonal slice. The bloody trail of the blade is followed by a burst of flame. You can press an additional input to do a second full of attack. during the thrust motion, you are also attacking which can stagger enemies and you then have these two follow-up attacks. This does do blood loss build-up, it's a little slower on the weapon front, not necessarily as slow as Mohgwyn’s Spear, but as swords, go keep in mind that while this might look slightly smaller, it is considered a great sword hence the slightly slower attack speed. 

5. Reduvia 

If you are doing blood-related or blood loss builds, Reduvia the Dagger is fantastic, it is amazingly quick. You have a unique skill Reduvia Blood Blade and then basically send out these blood blades which are super cool, they also proc the blood loss buildup, this also gives you a nice ranged offering, to get this one, you need to go over to the Limgrave and go to the south of the Murkwater Catacombs, simply run under this lake until the invader spawns, kill him, he will drop his dagger.