Lost Ark Sorceress Leveling Guide & Build: Best Sorceress Skills For Leveling From 10-50

4/16/2022 2:29:42 PM

In this guide, we will go over the best skills for your Sorceress from level 10-50. Some skills only unlock once you reach a certain level, the last skill and the awakening skill are unlocked while doing the North Vern main story and bear trees will mention for you to visit her in Trixion. 


Lost Ark Sorceress Best Skills For Leveling 10-50

In Lost Ark, once you have created your character, you then already get access to skills, one simple rule to follow more skills are better simply because the skill to start might not be the best option does not mean you should not use it. It is also super important to focus on the right combat stats. Obviously, item level is king but you should look to find jewelry that has crit, swiftness or specialization on it. These stats are in general always helpful and contribute to your kid. Now let's have a look at the Sorceress best skills that you want to use for level 10-50.

1. Blaze

The only skill you want to keep throughout your leveling journey is Blaze. It has decent aoe damage for mobbing but also helps you with the tripod damage amplification which makes it so that your target takes 6% more damage from your other skills. We would suggest keeping this skill at all times on your hotbar, also keep it to level 4 and use additional points later on in other skills. 

2. Seraphic Hail

Early on into your journey, you want to start using seraphic hail, it launches a wave in front of you and simply damages enemies, good for clearing waves of mobs but also decent damage on single target. We would suggest to get this skill to level 7 asap to then use the tripod's quick preparation and additional explosion. Less cool down means more water waves and the additional explosion is both useful for aoe and for a single target. At later stages around level 45 or higher, you can also upgrade this skill to level 10, to then use the additional tripod weak point detection to enhance your single target boss damage.

3. Punishing Strike

Another really good skill to use while leveling is the punishing strike. It simply calls forth a giant thunderstroke where your curse is located to then inflict massive damage to your foes. This is a perfect aoe damage skill which is why we're going to enhance it even more. Wide angle attack and electric discharge are the tripods to use to make sure that no mob escapes your lightning rough and is destroyed in a single attack. If you want to, you can also pump this skill later on to level 10 and use the additional tripod magic amplification to enhance its damage during your arcane rupture which is your identity skill.

4. Frost’s Call

Already decent without any skill points but even better with skill points. Pushing this to level 7 will make it an instant cast which just feels better to use. The two tripods you want to use with this skill are enlightenment and unstable rule. This guarantees the instacast and also generates more of your identity gauge. This skill can also be up to level 10 where you wouldn't put your last points into enhanced strike.

5. Explosion

One of the core skills from the Sorceress. When casting explosion you are summoning a flaming projectile that launches into a direction until it explodes on impact or when reaching max range. This skill has a significant cooldown, yet it is a master of all because you have really vital tripods that suggest with law of the jungle and weak point detection which increases your damage to mobs and two bosses at the same time, which makes his skill great for any situation. You can fit in more points into magic amplification to enhance the skills damage during your identity.

With all of these skill choices, we are already stacked on damage at this point, but we also want to look into getting some more mobility into our build. 

6. Elegian’s Touch

In dungeons and certain areas you cannot use your mount, so we want to get allegiance touch to increase our movement speed in those areas or just in general. So with ellegian’s touch, you opt for mp recovery and swift footwork which is the reason why we take this skill in the first place, also make sure to end it manually for the free mp recovery.

7. Esoteric Reaction

Another Sorceress best skill for leveling from 10-50 in Lost Ark is the esoteric reaction. When you cast it, you create a magic crystal at your cursor location where it then charges up and is followed up with an explosion. It is good for single target damage but also to clear out a few mobs. In terms of tripod choice, go for quick prepare and enhance strike. This skill unlike others can stay at level 7 and doesn't need to be upgraded necessarily.

What is really great about the Sorceress is that the skills that you are using while leveling are also viable for later on, not all of them, but some of them. Depending on the build you are going to pursue most of these skills will actually stay, this means already early on you can develop some of your muscle memory to get used to using your skills. 

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