Lost Ark Deadeye vs Gunslinger - Is Gunslinger Better than Deadeye in Lost Ark

4/16/2022 4:07:25 PM

What is the best advanced class of Gunner in Lost Ark? Is Gunslinger or Deadeye good? Now, let’s go over the differences between Lost Ark Deadeye and Gunslinger across different areas. 

Lost Ark Deadeye vs Gunslinger - Is Gunslinger Better than Deadeye in Lost Ark

Deadeye and Gunslinger are both Gunner Advanced Class in Lost Ark, and they both wield 3 weapons: the sniper rifle, shotgun, and pistol to deal damage from any distance. They are the counterpart of each other and they have similar weapon swapping mechanics, however, they have lots of differences. Deadeyes are adept at using the shotgun and Gunslingers are adept at using the sniper rifle. Which class is better, here are more differences you can check. Mtmmo.com is a reliable Lost Ark gold shop that provides the cheapest currency and items.


Compared to Gunslingers, Deadeyes are more adept at handling the shotgun, allowing them to inflict twice the damage in melee range. Compared to Deadeyes, Gunslingers have a better set of sniper rifle skills that let them maintain their distance safely. The exclusive shotgun skills of Gunslingers can be canceled if you switch your gun, but usually, you don’t want to cancel it because you can chain this into other shotgun skills, which is very useful for PvP, not that much damage and doesn't create a knockdown, but still pretty useful. For Deadeye shotgun skills, he does have a knockback on his shotgun stance, if you have a tripod in the first level, you get a stun, which is very nice because from that you can follow up to other abilities from other stances. 


- Handgun Stance: Spiral Tracker, ATO2 Grenade, Enforce Execution, Plasma Bullet, Meteor Stream, Somersault Shot, Equilibrium, Death Fire, Shotgun Rapid Fire, Dexterous Shot, Quick Shot, Shotgun Dominator, Cruel Tracker

- Shotgun Stance: Sign of Apocalypse, Hour of Judgment, Last Request

- Rifle Stance: Spiral Flame, Holding Catastrophe, Triple Explosion, Aimed Shot


- Handgun Stance: Spiral Tracker, ATO2 Grenade, Quick Step, Plasma Bullet, Meteor Stream, Somersault Shot, Equilibrium, Death Fire, Dexterous Shot, Peacekeeper, Bullet Rain

- Shotgun Stance: Hour of Judgment, Shotgun Rapid Fire, Last Request, Dual Buckshot, Sharpshooter

- Rifle Stance: Spiral Flame, Catastrophe, Perfect Shot, Focused Shot


They have different engravings, the class engravings for Lost Ark Deadeye are Enhanced Weapon and Pistoleer. With Enhanced Weapon, if you change stance, you’ll get a 30% crit rate for 9 seconds, so using all weapons, you get that increased crit rate, it is a good engraving. The Pistoleer, you can only use a handgun stance, but you have really high damage. For the Gunslinger, his class-specific engravings are Peacemaker and Time to Hunt. For Peacemaker, you can use all stances, but people prefer to go for Time to hunt, which is basically you are locked out of your shotgun stance, but you can 30% critical rate for both handgun and rifle.

PvE (Range/Melee)

Gunslinger is probably more popular in PvE because of the fact that rifle skills are range skills and you don’t have to get close to the boss and you get huge damage from the rifle compared to Deadeye, which needs to switch weapons and use a shotgun that you have to go in melee range of the boss in order to get the back attacks. Deadeye class uses Master of Ambush engraving, in which back attack deals more damage, but Gunslinger does not and uses Master of Strikes, which is the opposite of Master of Ambush. People like gunslinger more because of the fact that you're actually more ranged than melee and in Deadeye's case you have to be more melee. If you more care about DPS, Gunslinger would be the better choice, if want to play with pistols only, you can choose Deadeye. 


When you are starting out, both Gunslinger and Deadeye are pretty equal, it’s just the fact that it's easier to get a character up to PvP speed to just test them out and see what are the differences and if you're good at one class, you're going to be good at the other, because they pretty much share a wide variety of same skills, so both are pretty much fun in PVP. A difference is that Deadeye requires you to be behind the target to do combo damage and leaves you exposed in PvP to cc, and Gunslinger does not need that. And PVP, Deadeye has more strong combo damage but Gunslinger has more chance to initiate combo.

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