Lost Ark Striker Class PvE & PvP Build Guide: Best Skills, Stats, Gems, Cards & More

4/16/2022 6:55:51 PM

In this Lost Ark guide, we invite you to discover the complete guide of the best Martial Artist Striker PvE and PvP build. From the basics to know to the awakening of your character and the exploitation of his skills, we explain everything you need to know.

Lost Ark Striker Class Guide - PvE & PvP Build

The Lost Ark Striker is a class of the Martial Artist archetype. He is an expert in martial arts mastering the power of the wind. It is his incredible speed and his use of elemental magic that makes him a DPS as formidable as it is exceptional.


Large capacity for DPS

Extremely high attack speed

Very high mobility


Only Striker available in Men's version

Rather an average level of defense

Little utilitarian input

Identity Skill

In the case of the Striker, it is his three elemental Orbs that make him who he is. By killing enemies, you actually generate elemental Orbs that, if accumulated up to three, allow access to two extremely powerful skills:

Esoteric Skill: Call the Wind God

16 second cooldown

The Striker transforms into a powerful whirlwind that spins for 3 seconds, dealing 13 hits each, damaging nearby enemies and knocking them into the air. While using this technique, you can move a maximum of 12 meters.

Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges

24 second cooldown

After heating up his fistfight weapons with intense flames, the Striker launches himself 4 meters forward and inflicts damage on enemies hit, then launches them into the air with a powerful upward uppercut, inflicting more damage to targets hit by all three attacks.

Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike

18 second cooldown

You accumulate Lightning energy that pierces enemies. You kick and deal heavy damage to enemies you knock into the air.

Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact

8 second cooldown

Land a powerful blow that distorts space and inflicts moderate damage to enemies.

Awakening Skill


5 minute colddown

Standing on one leg, the Striker spins in place and focuses their energy before putting their other foot down, dealing damage to enemies in the selected direction. The first hit is immediately followed by an air attack dealing damage to enemies hitting and knocking them into the air.

Using this skill requires Chaos Coins. They are relatively easy to obtain. You can purchase it from a general supply dealer for 120 Silver Coins. Be aware that this skill has a reload time of 5 minutes.

Best Stats for Striker

  • 70% Specialization for 30% Critical Strike

Best Engravings For Striker

  • Deathblow

  • Ambush Master

  • Grudge (level 3)

  • Cursed Doll (level 3)

  • Keen Blunt Weapon (level 3)

  • Adrenaline

Best Gems for Striker

  • Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike (Cooldown)

  • Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges (Cooldown)

  • Violent Tiger (Refill)

  • Moon Flash Kick (Cooldown)

  • Storm Dragon Awakening (Cooldown)

  • Intense Shock (Cooldown)

  • Lightning Whisper (Refill)

  • Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike (Damage)

  • Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges (Damage)

  • Sweeping Kick (Cooldown)

  • Sweeping Kick (Damage)

Best Card Sets for Striker

The best Striker Card Set, regardless of build, is Light of Salvation:

Light of Salvation (7 cards)

  • 2 set: Dark damage reduction +10%

  • 4 set: Dark damage reduction +10%

  • 6 set: Dark damage reduction +10%

  • 6 Awakening Set 12: Damage dealt becomes Holy damage

  • 6 Awakening Set 18: Holy Damage +7%

  • 6 Awakening Set 30: Holy Damage +8%

Lost Ark Best Striker Builds

Best Striker PvP Buil

As with most Dungeon Builds offered on MGG, the Striker's build focuses mainly on the large area damage you can inflict with your skills, including Call from the Wind God. All the techniques chosen offer heavy area damage but also generate a maximum identity gauge, allowing you to quickly access your Esoteric technique.

Lost Ark Best Striker PvP Build for Dungeons

Best Striker PvE Build

This build focuses on the significant damage spikes that the Essentialist can offer. During the windows during which your Esoteric techniques are available, you inflict heavy damage and that's the heart of this build. If you miss one of them, then your DPS instantly drops heavily, requiring you to know the boss you're facing properly to be truly effective.

Lost Ark Best Striker PvE Build for Raids

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