ACNH May Day 2022 Maze Guide: Walkthrough, Rover Rewards, How To Complete May Day 2022 Maze Fast

5/4/2022 10:46:34 AM

We're now in May in Animal Crossing New Horizons and Tom Nook has built a special May Day maze out on one of the deserted islands, which means players can now have opportunities to work their way through maze puzzles to collect bell vouchers. In this guide, we’ll cover some walkthrough tips on how to complete May Day maze ACNH 2022 and show you what rewards you can get from the maze. 


ACNH May Day 2022 Maze Guide - Walkthrough Tips & Rover's Rewards

You can be given a May Day ticket by Tom Nook. To celebrate May Day for the 1st of May you'll be given a single ticket to fly to a special maze island in an effort to find the cat Rover, you'll be able to do this between May 1 and May 7th. There are 9 bell vouchers in it for you, if you stuff it up you can call rescue services to bail you out and try it again for the cost of 100 Nook Mile points. So, to not spend extra money, you have to know how to do May Day maze 2022 carefully. Here is a complete guide for Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022 May Day walkthrough.


May Day Maze ACNH 2022 Walkthrough Solution - How To Solve May Day 2022 Maze In ACNH

Check the quickest and most efficient way to complete May Day maze in ACNH 2022:

  • As you enter the maze, players need to dig up the tree blocking their path, as well as the clear the shrubs with the shovel.

  • Eat the fruit located behind the shrub.

  • As you head inside the maze, collect the wooden branch and fruits in the proximity. You will also find a bag of tools over there.

  • Then, take a left and head towards the tree blocking your path to the right corner. Use the ladder to collect the Worn Axe on the cliff and cut that tree.

  • Next, jump over the wooden log and collect the branches as well as the fruits.

  • Now, collect the fruits and clear out the stones blocking your path.

  • Once you have cleared the path, collect the fruits and head towards the bottom right of the maze.

  • Collect the fruits again, and clear out the rock blocking the route.

  • After clearing the rock, collect the cards and eat a piece of fruit again.

  • Then, equip a shovel and clear out the tree. As you jump across the wooden log, you will come across a workbench.

  • You can craft a Flimsy Axe with the required materials.

  • You can choose the option to “keep crafting” to craft another Axe.

  • With 1 Flimsy Axe, 3 wood, and 1 iron nugget you will be able to craft an Axe.

  • Use the Axe to clear out the tree blocking your path to the bottom left.

  • After you have cleared that tree, pick up two pieces of fruit and head towards the 3 trees.

  • You need to equip the Axe again to clear out those 3 trees.

  • Once you clear these trees, head to the right and clear out the shrubs.

  • As you clear the shrubs, collect the four bell vouchers.

  • Then, you can clear out the shrub blocking your path and head outside the maze.

  • You will see Rover over there. But the maze isn’t over yet, head left and then take another left to reach three stones at the bottom left of the maze.

  • Eat the 3 pieces of fruit to clear out those stones with a shovel.

  • After you clear those stones, collect 5 bell vouchers and clear the shrubs blocking your exit.

  • As you exit the maze, you can head over to Wilbur.

  • Upon interacting with him, select the “Time to head home” option to go back to your island.

ACHN 2022 May Day Rewards - Bell Vouchers

Once you complete the event, you should end up with a max of 9 bell vouchers plus some of the other plans, such as Rover’s briefcase. Before you fly back, you'll be warned that if you do leave you can't redo the maze. So be sure that you get all the bell vouchers. The bell vouchers will be sent to you the next day which you can then sell at nook's cranny for 3000 Animal Crossing bells each or 3600 if you've got the bell boom ordinance.

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