How To Level Up Gear Fast In Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder | Leveling Guide

5/6/2022 2:23:55 PM

In this guide, we are going to be showing how to get runes and all different gear in order to level character up in Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder and make that character so much better. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Leveling Gear Guide

1. Go down to the countess and get runes 

So the first tip was go down to the countess and get runes and make those rune sets in order to gain wealth and kill champion packs along the way. So take out a champion pack almost bit it, it's just a little aisle room but it's kind of some of the ruins that you can cube up to get to the rooms that you want and need. Now no need to cut because you can take out champion packs, that is awesome to find right at the beginning of the ladder. You get yourself a white monarch and then just a small upgrade for mercenary and that is actually to get crushing blow on your mercenary. Crushing blow takes a percentage of the monster's total health away when every time that you hit them, so getting crushing blow on your mercenary is absolutely amazing especially when they don't really do that much damage on their own. It's just a unique gothic plate, some people might be like what but rattlecage has 25 chance of crushing blow and hit causes monster to flee which is going to help the survivability slightly. Click here to learn more. 

Go ahead and continue down to the countess, you can get done in the countess, this is a little bit tough because we are such a low level like level 65, at this point take out her minions, take out the countess, go drop a safety quarter off just in case go ahead and throw these in here, take out the countess and this countess drop for early on is nasty, I get a double key drop and a lem rune which you need to make that treachery for any mercenary. That treachery gives you that 45 increase attack speed and the chance to proc fade. So go ahead and make a little bit of room, we don't need one of these gems and pick these up two terror keys and a lemon, now that was all in one run.

2. Head over to Larzuk

Head over to Larzuk with that white monarch, get yourself a spirit instead of random shield, so there we go four open sockets. Here's a towel, a flail, an ort and an amn rune. 35 fcr in the first rune can the luck continue. Get yourself a spirit shield, go ahead and throw that on. Then rock a spirit shield and the a large proponent of this, just got some garbage shield but there is a three socketed helmet along the way somewhere, so go ahead and plug some topaz in it. At first maybe we can wait till we get to three perfect but actually most of the time at the beginning of a ladder why bother waiting, you're only gonna lose a little bit of magic find between that, so you get 64 magic find on a helm instead of waiting. If you're going to get necessarily topazes in order to cube up to get to the perfect one, so just go and throw them in there. 

3. Find things for a caster amulet

Go ahead real quick and since we found everything we needed to do for a caster amulet, it didn't roll with the exact skill which is difficult to get. It's a very bunch of luck if you get the exact skill you need, but at least we got an fcr aiming with mana and regenerate mana and a good amount of lightning res on there. As we continue, a lot of times people will have to search long and hard for those white monarchs and a lot of times it's because they're searching in public games, somebody else is grabbing them before you do, you have to get into games where you're not running around in cows or the calf sanctuary or bale where everyone else is taking all the drops before you can get to them, especially if you're a sorceress because you're going to be a distance from the action. And then you're going to be casting from a while away because you're going to be more squishy. Then we'll say the hammertons or the barbarians are up there. 

4. Find the unique ring

So go ahead and continue down, we find the unique ring, not an soj on day one a ladder, but at least the magic fighting angel not terrible to find at the beginning ladder. We end up going just the rest way down to the countess here, get the final runes, make an insight but along the way we didn't find a poker open socket pole arm so we grabbed these runes and we actually had found a four open socketed bow. In this new patch, you can make insight in bows, so an insight is going to be mega important to have especially on an energy shield sorceress specifically.

Grab the gear off old act 2 mercenary and higher up. Let's go little lady and us a little dynamic duo of two ladies is gonna go take out the monsters of evil, give her that rattle cage and we will go ahead and just make an insight in this random bow that we have with four open sockets, good enough whatever it is you get the meditation aura to help out your mana recovery, throw that on and let's get going.

As we get going here, this is why you want to get that magic find on that helm early on. It's not a shaco but it is a poor man's shaco, it is the war hat that is unique and that is a peasants crown so you get the one all skills, you get vitality and energy faster walk run all different kinds of stuff replenish life. It is a really good helm to get until you get that shaco.

Then just for an example of going around just killing random monsters everywhere you can, good things can happen, doing Tal Rasha Tomb runes taking stuff out and a random monster just dropped us a shaco. Just going around and killing monsters as fast you can in very weak areas even if it's not the cast sanctuary or you're not doing cow runs or battle runs or in some great level 85. Sometimes the best option is just to get out and kill stuff as fast as you can.

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