Elden Ring Items for Faith Build - Best Faith Weapons, Incantations, Talismans & More in Elden Ring

5/6/2022 5:32:59 PM

Except for equipping the most insane weapons for your build in the Elden Ring, there are some other items that can give you a great boost on your weapon or max out the damage. What are the best items for faith in Elden Ring, below is a collection including Elden Ring best faith weapons, incantations (spells), talismans, seals and ashes of war. 

Elden Ring Items for Faith Build - Best Faith Weapons, Incantations, Talismans & More in Elden Ring

Arekkz Gaming shows a list of 6 overpowered Elden Ring items for Faith build, including Faith weapons, talisman, incantation (spell), sacred seal and ash of war.  You can also find the location of each item, and the fast way to get it. 

Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons  

- Winged Scythe: The first item on the list is Winged Scythe, which is an amazing Faith scaling weapon with bleed for early game, bleed is incredibly powerful in Elden Ring. The Winged Scythe can be found in the location called Tombsward Ruins. When you are at the center of the ruins, simply go down the stairs, run back then go in the door, there is a chest where the scythe is inside. 

- Erdsteel Dagger: Another Faith weapon in Elden Ring we have is Erdsteel Dagger, you can get it easily and early in the game. In order to get the dagger, you need to find Kenneth Haight in Limgrave, then you need to go and complete his quest, what you need to do is clear out Fort Haight, which is in the bottom right-hand corner of the Limgrave map. Go to the top and kill the knight, after doing that, you will be awarded the weapon. 

Elden Ring Best Faith Talisman

Faithful’s Canvas Talisman: This is a great early-game talisman for Faith builds, it boosts the potency of all incantations. If you go the first step and then turn right, we’ll be going over to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, jump over the wall, bypass all the enemies, go down the stairs and go to the door at the back, opening the chest will teleport you to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, where you’ll find the talisman at the end of it. 

Elden Ring Best Faith Incantation

Lightning Spear: This is an incantation that does awesome damage, this spell creates a lightning projectile and throws it forward. In order to get it, you have to slay a knight. If you do this on horseback, it is actually pretty easy, if you go further north up into Liurnia and you go to the south of Artist's Shack, find the Leyndell knight, if you then run around him and take him out, he will then drop this Dragon Cult Prayerbook, which you can then take north up to the Church of Vows, you can speak to Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows, given the book to learn the incantations and you can then go and purchase that incantation from him after that.

Elden Ring Best Faith Seal

Godslayer’s Seal: This is a sacred seal that is necessary for incantations, it’s accessible in the early game but you’ll need a Stonesword Key, make sure you get one of those, then you can get them from various vendors. If you go to the Rampart Tower in Stormveil Castle, then you follow the route, there are a couple of ways you can get there. You are going to be running into the courtyard and then upon doing, you’ll circle your way down the stairs, continue to the end until you get to a doorway that is blocked by white fog, and use the Stonesword Key to dispel the fog on the Imp statue, there is a stockroom, and the seal is hidden in a treasure chest. 

Elden Ring Best Faith Ash of War 

Ash of War Sacred Blade: this is incredibly useful, go to the Third Church of Marika and across the swamp, you're basically looking for a Teardrop Scarab, when you kill this one, you get the sacred blade, which is a nice Ash of War. When you apply the Ashes of War in Elden Ring, you can also change the scaling of your weapons, this allows you to change the scaling to Faith and then be able to use more weapons.

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