Tips and Tricks for Lost Ark Valtan Raid Preparation & How to Get Maximum Relic Accessories

5/10/2022 12:08:01 PM

The legion raid Valtan is coming soon in Lost Ark in the second half of this month, what preparation can you do to defeat the raid more quickly and gain more rewards including relic items? In this article, we list some things you can do to prepare for the Lost Ark Valtan and get maximum relic accessories for higher profits. 

Tips and Tricks for Lost Ark Valtan Raid Preparation & How to Get Maximum Relic Accessories

Here we have some Lost Ark Valtan preparation tips and tricks by DonTheCrown, and the ways to max out your relic accessories and gear sets, not limited to Valtan normal and hard mode, but including dungeons, guardians, Valtan/Vykas farming, etc. 

Do not claim or use Aura of Resonance

If you are logging in, do not claim the Aura of Resonance reward, because it’s going to give you two extra Chaos Dungeons and as long as you are 1415 or higher by the time Valtan comes which should be on May 19, you want to use those then. If you already have claimed it, just don’t use them, these can be much better when you are 1415 or higher. If you reach 1445 item level, the Chaos Dungeon does have a chance to drop relic accessories, the relic armor and weapons can have the +4 tripods or skill tree transfer things on them. 

Save your dungeons and guardians

There is a new patch is potentially to launch on May 19, how to get the maximum benefit from that? The suggestion is not to do Chaos Dungeons on your main or any Guardians at all, for any character that reaches 1415 item level. Because all of the content that you can do there will give you additional benefits like relic gear sets, 1415 guardians can also give you relics as well. So if you are 1415, don’t do guardians starting on Saturday, then on May 19, you can start running the new 1415 guardian - Deskaluda, you'll get a whole lot more loot across these days. If you are really close to 1415, do whatever you want to do but try to get the most money from relics. 

Looking for relic accessories

Relics are important in Lost Ark, first off, the relic accessories have more stats than the normal legendary accessories, besides having more stats, we are also going to have more engravings as well. Legendary items normally have two positive engravings that are 2-3, with one negative that is 1-3, the best one you can have is a 331, and the worst you can have 223. The relic accessories will have a positive with 3-5 and the second positive always being a 3 value, and a negative with 1-3. This means the worst situation for relics is 333, which is basically like pretty close to the best legendary. You can get relics with the five and the three, this allows you to easier to get more full level three engravings and just makes them way more powerful. You can have to chance to earn thousands of Lost Ark gold for some of these items. Relics does have so much potential to make you lots of money, that’s why we are trying to maximize getting these. 

Engravings on gear

If you're running a class that has a very expensive class engraving like Mayhem, just going plus nine Mayhem which allows you to pretty much cover that up and you don't have to find Mayhem at all on any of your accessories, this is going to be extremely expensive because only Berserkers will be able to drop them and it's just not very common to happen. You can get Cursed Doll up to 12, this is like the second-best engraving for damage. Surge is probably getting nerfed so you need level 3 surge for it to be amazing. This allows you to go out and get a nearly perfect relic amulet with crit and specialization for more stats. If you are looking to get into doing relic accessories early on, it’s gonna be hard to get perfect ones, if you get something that’s perfect for your class, it’s probably better to sell it because the price will come down and you don’t necessarily need to have 4 or 3 engravings to do the content, it’s better to get more Lost Ark gold online



Cursed Doll

Ambush Master

Combat supplies and items

What combat supplies you will need for the Valtan raid? For Argos, people just like health potions, sometimes they bring Destruction Bombs and Whirlwind Bombs, but Valtan is a little bit harder than Argos. If you complete the Valtan phase 1, you can get loot and then you have to vote to continue to move forward, and you can even join a different group for phase 2, as they have completed phase two for the week, you can space out your time a little bit more and try with different groups and setups. 

- For Valtan phase one, you are gonna want Whirlwind Bomb, because there is a stagger check, you want panacea which removes debuffs from your character and that is incredibly useful for one of the mechanics where the boss hits you and leaves a bleed debuff on you. 

- For Valtan phase two, you want to bring Destruction Bombs, Valtan comes completely armored up and the raid needs to provide a lot of weak point damage onto him to break his armor off of him. If you don’t break the armor, it basically reduces the damage your raid does for a long time.

- Time Stop is also a good option, there are a few mechanics in Valtan phase 2 where you can get absolutely flopped off the side you can just get in a bad spot, having a Time Stop allows you to just kind of chill out and allow stuff to develop around you and then come out safe. 

Make Valtan sets with crafting materials

When it comes to sets that are coming with Valtan, there are two new legendary sets that you can start to make, this is from the normal mode of Valtan. There are also nine relic legion sets that you can make. These sets do require you to get materials both from Valtan and Vykas, so we are not able to complete these sets currently.  

Legendary Sets

- Beast Power Legendary T3 Set

- Desire Whisper Legendary T3 Set

Relic Legion Raid Sets

- Domination

- Betrayal

- Yearning

- Destruction

- Charm

- Entropy

- Nightmare

- Hallucination

- Earth’s Entropy

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