Lost Ark Valtan Phase 1 Guide - How To Defeat Valtan In Stage 1 Normal/Hard

5/11/2022 6:08:56 PM

Valtan is the first-ever legion raid that will come out in NA and EU pretty soon in Lost Ark. Valtan has two stages. In the first stage, you will fight against Valtan's subordinates and in the second stage, you will eventually fight Valtan in the legion raid. In this Lost Ark Valtan guide, we are going over the mechanics, gimmicks, and patterns of Valtan in Phase 1.

Lost Ark Valtan Phase 1 Guide - How To Defeat Valtan In Stage 1 Normal/Hard

Before the beginning of the first stage, there are things to be prepared for. For the battle items, every one of you will need a whirlwind grenade. Because there's a gimmick that requires stagger and also sacred charm and panacea to remove the bleeding debuff that the boss does. You can use a time-stop potion instead of panacea if affordable to avoid patterns when your healing potion is on cooldown. Another thing you have to do is to take the position of the octagon. The one who starts in the 1 o'clock direction is given the number 1 and others are given plus 1 by 1 in order clockwise. Classes who have a better stagger to be in the front. This is for clearing the major gimmick in the first stage. 


Sidereal Skill

The raid leader can use sidereal skills if the sidereal gauge fills up to the max. The gauge naturally gets filled up from time to time. In Voltan raid, you can use thyrain that deals huge damage by pressing ctrl z, wei for huge stagger, and decent damage by pressing ctrl x. Bar 4 for party super armor and incoming damage reduction by pressing ctrl c, using which side area on which situation should be used carefully since it takes a long time to restore the sidereal gauge. 



The boss in the first stage has 50 health bars. 


Uppercut pattern

The boss of burgers front knocks you down and slashes back. 


Vanish and swing

The boss vanishes and snaps immediately and swings when it appears. The swing knocks you down. 



At the 45 health bar, the boss goes to the center and tries to split itself into two: a red one and a blue one. The damage you can deal will decrease for this short moment, so just stay aside. When it finishes splitting you will have to face the red boss until you meet 30 health bar. And every attack that this red boss does will give you bleeding debuff which can stack up and last for 30 seconds. That really hurts you constantly. Using panacea and the sacred charm to remove the debuff. Also when combating red boss from any attacks, if one player gets hit several times or multiple players get hit at the same time, aoe slash strikes that area for that much amount which can literally kill your team. So you should avoid attacks even if you're something like a gunlancer.


Rush pattern

The boss rushes one to three times in a row which knocks you down.


Aoe slash pattern

The boss roars with a wide range of slashes and dashes backward with another slash attack that starts splitting from the boss to both sides.


Jump pattern

The boss jumps in and swings around which makes an explosion afterward on the outer side. After dodging the swing, you have to come inside to avoid the explosion.


Bombarding pattern

The boss curses itself with a glow and starts to bombard the area where players are at. This pattern also knocks you down.


Clone pattern

At the health bar around 37, the blue boss also comes in for a battle. There will be two kinds of target marks above the two players. One with red and one with blue. The red boss will chase the player with a red target mark and the blue boss will chase the player with a blue target mark. The player who has the red one usually sticks to the top side and the one with the blue one usually sticks to the bottom side. The reason for doing this is because it's really hard to combat both of these mad creatures at the same time. So the idea here is to split them. For the rest of the 6 players who don't have the target mark above, they can deal damage just to either one.


Whirlwind pattern

The boss creates a surrounding whirlwind and it starts to whirl toward one player. You have to move away from the boss in the surroundings or you can use the spacebar to get out of the surroundings as well. If you get hit by the boss, you will literally get grinded which will almost instantly kill you. 


Fury swipe

The boss roars and slashes madly on the front. This attack does lots of damage. 


Darkness and Incarceration 

Between the health bar of 35 and 30, if your party lacks DPS, you get the darkness debuff. After a few seconds, some players will be incarcerated. Those who aren't must help them free because the boss dashes to where people are incarcerated, grabbing everyone in a way that easily kills them. If your party has high DPS, you won't see this pattern. 


Grab the orb and stagger

The major gimmick. At the health bar of 30, all the players have the position in the place which they decided before entering the raid. Starting from number one, players must grab the orb in sequence and stagger the boss. This is why classes that have high staggers should be in front numbers. If you fail, either grab the organ sequence or the stagger that's the raid wipe. Make sure to keep your eyes on the player whose number is in front of you, whether he grabs it or not. When you succeed, the stagger the red boss vanishes, and the blue boss comes in for transition. You will have to fight the blue boss until the health bar is around 17. The raid leader can use thyrain which can deal a lot of damage to the boss. If you want to use thyrain, use it right after the blue boss appears because it just does auto attacks for a few seconds which is a guaranteed hit.


AOE Attacks after the 1st stagger

From now on until the end of the raid, the boss periodically charges for the strong aoe attack. When the boss swings both arms, that's when aoe attack is released. Every one of you must dodge quickly to the end of the map in the direction of the boss. There are three kinds of this attack and you can figure out when and which one it's going to use by washing its arm. If there's nothing on its arm, it means it's yet to be charged. If it's green it will strike the area with an attack that explodes very fast. This will kill you if you get hit by stacks of explosions. If it's blue, it will strike the area with an attack that freezes players. If it's red, it will strike the area with an attack that explodes after a few seconds. This one is much stronger than the green one, but it's easier to dodge. Failing to dodge will likely kill you. 


Swing and explode

The boss swings its arm and the outer side explodes dodges the swing and comes into the safe area. 


Triple swipe

The boss swipes three times at the front.


Dash and bombardment

The boss dashes bombarding their area.


Second clone

Around the health bar of 23 and 24, the blue boss calls the red boss in the combat. The way to get through this situation is the same as the first clone gimmick. Combat in a separate position as possible. 


2nd grab the orb and stagger

The second stagger gimmick around the health bar of 17, the second stagger gimmick starts. It's the same as the first one, get yourself positioned correctly and grab the orbs in order. The raid leader can use wei on the second stagger to clear the gimmick safely instead of using thirain. After you succeed in the second stagger, the boss starts to fire missiles all around. So make sure to be at the edge of the map and dodge the remainings by slowly approaching the boss. After succeeding in the second stagger, the boss combines back to the purple boss which is the last phase you have to go through against the remaining health bar.


Rush and grab

The boss rushes forward and grabs all the players on the way. When you get grabbed here, you almost get instantly killed because it scratches afterward for a count of how many players were grabbed. 


Gravity field

The boss generates a gravity field that slows the players inside the field.


Fear and stagger

A random player falls into fear and the boss teleports the player in fear to instantly kill him. If other players succeed in stagger, the gimmick is resolved. If not, it will almost annihilate your party.

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