10 WoW TBC Classic Sunwell Plateau Tips: How To Get Through Your First Clears In Sunwell Plateau

5/12/2022 10:49:47 AM

Here are 10 tips to help you get through your first sunwell plateau clear in WoW TBC Classic phase 5. Some of these you may have heard of, some you probably haven't.

TBC Classic Sunwell Plateau Tips: How To Get Through Your First Clears In Sunwell Plateau 

1. After Sathrah Stuns Calicos, then Taunt the Demon

On Calicos, make sure that you wait until sathrah stuns and knocks down the humanoid calicos before you taunt the demon. This can cut a lot of your damage taken and make for a smoother transition for your healers.

2. Give Bag of Marbles to Brutallus 

Bring your bag of marbles for Brutallus, your shamans likely never did the quest and using them during the stop can really help mitigate a lot of the damage he does.

3. Gnomish Cloaking Device 

Many of us are engineering and if you are and haven't made this trinket, you definitely should. This enables you to completely fizzle the conflagration cast on the Eredar Twins, if she's targeting you with conflagration, just pop it during the cast and you vanish, super helpful. 

4. Keep Soul Stones on the Tanks 

Keep your soul stones on the tanks, remember that most of the enemies in sunwell plateau are tauntable. So keeping a soul stone can salvage a bad pull if you're quick about it. Remember when the tank dies and then they take the soul stone, they need buffs as soon as possible to get back into the action. And since there are teleporters that get you close to the bosses after a wipe, anyways wipe recovery isn't that big a deal.

5. Make Use of Soul Stones

On Felmist, remember that you can bubble and cloak encapsulate but you can also di someone who gets it to eliminate the raid damage. This obviously isn't a perfect strategy as you lose a pallet in this way, but with some efficient soul stones or battle rezzes, you can make good use of di and help prevent further deaths.

6. Fade Before the AD Spwan

On M’uru, threat from the various ads that spawn can be a problem for your tanks because as they run in, healers are continuously pumping heals. Priests however can pre-fade which reduces their current threat by 1500 and this can go negative, so if you fade before the ad spawn and then continue casting, you've given your tanks a small buffer to secure them.

7. M’uru and KJ

Also on M’uru, crafty engineers can use frost grenades to freeze the small void walkers that the void sentinels spawn when they die in place for your warlocks to get a better setup on their seeds of corruption. This is a small trick that's actually surprisingly effective at clearing these adds up.

8. Swap Healers 

Remember that swapping healers into your shadow priest groups is a thing. Healer man up to this point hasn't been too much of a concern except maybe on council, but remember you can swap healers in and out of the shadow priests group to help them regen some mana if they're tapped. Having a dps player with an easier rotation manage, this can be helpful, just keep calms clear and let the raid know that you're making the swap.

9. Kil'jaeden

Kil'jaeden is casting a majority of the fight, so he can't dodge or parry. As such, it's not so big a deal if you're melee and you're stuck attacking his front. Don't creep the raid by being too close to someone with fire bloom in order to be behind the boss. It's not actually increasing your dps by all that much and just requires the healers to do more work to keep you up. Expertise also has a lower value in this fight subsequently.

10. Buff the Raid

On Kil'jaeden, if you're quick about it, you can stack, buff the raid with haste and then re-spread between the darkness of a thousand souls casts. This really increases your raid's dps, lowers damage taken and speeds up the encounter tremendously.