Lost Ark Argos Gear Set & Bonus - Best Argos Set for Every Class in Lost Ark

5/16/2022 4:56:31 PM

There are two legendary Argos gear sets available in Lost Ark, what set bonus do they give, and what is the best Argos set to go? The choice would vary when you go with different classes and builds. We’ll go over the complete Lost Ark Argos gear set with set bonus & effect, and focus on the best Argos set for every class and build. 

lost ark argos set

Lost Ark Argos Gear Set Bonus - How to Get Argos Set in Lost Ark

Harsh Oath and Preordained Diligence are both legendary gear set to obtain in Lost Ark tier 3. Once you hit the 1370 item level, you are able to start doing Argos phase 1 and earn the material Argo’s Blood for crafting these two gear sets. You can also sell your extra materials for Lost Ark gold to buy other items. Each set has 6 pieces of items and a bonus for 2 set and 5 set. 

Harsh Oath Set Gear:

Harsh Oath Gun

Harsh Oath Hat 

Harsh Oath Chestpiece 

Harsh Oath Pants 

Harsh Oath Gloves 

Harsh Oath Pauldrons 

Harsh Oath Set Bonus

2 Set Effect: 

Gain Lunar Power for 6s every 2s when you hit a foe.

Lunar Power: Crit Damage +6% (Max. 5 stacks. Cannot be used in conjunction with Solar Power.)

5 Set Effect:

At 5 stacks of Lunar Power, change to Full Moon.

If a party member with an effect that is activated with 5 sets of Determination is within 3 meters while Full Moon is active, you gain Lunar Eclipse.

Full Moon: Crit Damage +50% for 15s.

Lunar Eclipse: Crit Rate +25% and Crit Damage +50% for 15s.

Preordained Diligence Set Gear:

Preordained Diligence Sword 

Preordained Diligence Headwear 

Preordained Diligence Chestpiece

Preordained Diligence Pants 

Preordained Diligence Gloves 

Preordained Diligence Pauldrons 

Preordained Diligence Set Bonus:

2 Set Effect 

On hit, gain Solar Power for 6s every 2s.

Solar Power: Crit Rate +3% (Max. 5 stacks. Cannot be used in conjunction with Lunar Power)

5 Set Effect 

At 5 stacks of Solar Power, gain Midday.

If a party member with an effect that is activated with 5 stacks of Oath is within 3m while Midday is active, you will gain Solar Eclipse.

Midday: Crit Rate +25% for 15s.

Solar Eclipse: Crit Rate +25% and Crit Damage +50% for 15s.

Best Argos Set for Each Class & Build in Lost Ark

Yoda of Soda has researched the expected crit rate for each class, the sources of crit rate, and the set provide more benefits for the class or build. If you are one of the classes including Gunslinger, Artillerist, Reflux Sorceress, First Intention Wardancer, Crit focused Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter, Bard, and Support Paladin, you are gonna want Harsh Oath. If you are literally any other class or any other build, you’ll want Preordained Diligence. The reason is that these DPS classes that can run Harsh Oath already have more than 70 crit rate without the armor set, so you get an average of 1 to 6% more damage on average with the lunar set instead of solar. The reason you want Harsh Oath on paladin and bard is that you are support classes and most DPS classes will be running Preordained set because they need the crit rate. 

In order to proc the second five piece set bonus, which gives you both crit rate and crit damage, you need to be near somebody with the opposite set at max stacks as well, so this way you can proc it for them and it's essentially like giving them another buff, by the way, the reason why some classes that already have high crit like red Gunlancer which build crit and they also get crit rate from their class engraving, the reason why you should run Preordained on them is that even though you have decent crit, it's basically just barely enough to make Keen Blunt viable, so you want to be able to get to 70 and 80, so you can make the most out of Keen Blunt, and also if you're a bursty class having the ability to create when you really need, it is also very important, so for those classes on average you can expect a 4 to 12% damage increase if you run preordained instead of Harsh Oath, so even if you have 60 plus crit rate, running Preordained is better for almost every situation.

Classes should use Preordained:


Paladin (DPS)

Gunlancer (Red)

Gunlancer (Blue)


Wardancer (Esoteric)

Scrapper (Taijutsu)

Scrapper (Shock)

Soulfist (Robust)


Shadowhunter (Demonic)

Deadeye (Pistoleer)

Sorceress (Igniter)

Sorceress (Reflux) with Crit Rate 63%

Shadowhunter (Suppression) Swiftness build

Classes should use Harsh Oath:

Paladin (Support)

Wardancer (First Intention)


Deadeye (Enhanced Weapon)




Sorceress (Reflux) with Crit Rate 68-83% 

Shadowhunter (Suppression) Crit build