Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Build Guide (Level 200): Attributes, Equipment & Gameplay Tips

5/16/2022 5:38:12 PM

In this Elden Ring Guide, we bring you a fallingstar beast build. It's a level 200 build and centered entirely around the fallingstar jaw. Here's the thing with this Elden Ring fallingstar beast build. This is a fun weapon because it's got a really powerful special attack that is really good against a lot of enemies. Next, we are showing you the best way of optimizing this level 200 fallingstar build in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Build Guide (Level 200): Attributes, Equipment & Gameplay Tips

This is a simple build to use. If you want to do this best Elden Ring easy mode cheese build, you do need at least that fallingstar beast jaw weapon because everything else is optional for our equipment. Fallingstar jaw is a pretty solid weapon just for hitting your enemies with. It does a pretty decent amount of stagger and can deal significant amounts of damage. This build doesn't just depend on using the weapon art, it also is pretty good.


Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Build Attributes

Vigor - 50

Mind - 40

Endurance - 29

Strength - 60

Dexterity - 60

Intelligence - 20

Faith - 10

Arcane - 10

We've got our attributes distributed thusly so we've got vigor at 50. The higher your hp, the better at least. 40 mind is because we will be casting a significant amount for this. Endurance is 29 to keep your stamina as high as you for this build. Strength and dexterity got them both at 60 because those are the skills that the weapon scales with now. It's important to mind that the special attack does not scale with strength and dexterity or even intelligence, that only scales with the level of the weapon. Obviously the higher you've got your weapon upgraded, the better for this one. The intelligence we're just going to go with the bare minimum requirement for this which is 20 for this weapon. This is pretty much the optimal stat loadout for this build.


Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Build Equipment

Weapons - Fallingstar Beast Jaw

We've got fallingstar beast jaw at plus 10 because it's going to make your gravity bolt weapon art which is the cornerstone of this build significantly more powerful. Attribute squads to use it are 34 strength 12 decks and 20 intelligence. Otherwise, our attribute scaling is c for both dexterity and strength. So the more points you could put into decks and strength, the better it's going to be just as a weapon to hit people with. It has split the damage of physical and magic. So if you're using it for that type of combat, it does scale with intelligence but not very well, because it's got a d rating in that. It's worth really putting that many points into intelligence unless you're also going to be casting some other form of magic with this build. Therefore, you need better intelligence.


How to get fallingstar beast jaw

It's going to be up here in mount gelmere, you see a crater on the map the closest site of grace. Right up in this crater, you'll find an adult fallingstar beast and you defeat it and that's how you get this weapon. Pretty straightforward process.


Heads - Maliketh’s Helm


Arms - Maliketh’s Gauntlets


Legs - Maliketh’s Greaves


Chests - Night’s Cavalry Armor


Talismans - Shard of Alexander, Magic Scorpion Charm, Ritual Sword Talisman, Erdtree’s Favor

Shard of alexander greatly boosts the attack power of skills so that one makes perfect sense. Because it's a weapon skill.A magic scorpion charm raises magic attack, but lowers damage negation. That one the special attack we're using does magic damage and so this does boost it a decent amount.

Ritual sword talisman raises attack power when hp is at maximum. Since this build is one that you use for just primarily ranged attacks and you can use it over and over and over again. It does really high stagger. So when you use it, you almost never get hit. Your hp is almost always at max with this one. It makes perfect sense that this would be a great talisman to go with it.It gives us more hp stamina and equipment load which helps you wear heavier gear and not to have your endurance super high. At talisman 4, you can put almost anything you want.


Physicks - Flask of Wondrous Physick

For our mixed physic, we're going to do the magic shrouding cracked tear which boosts magic attacks. This one does help with a special attack. So that's another one to use. The same goes for the stonebarb cracked tear, which temporarily makes the stance break easier. This special attack not only does lots of damaging can fire in rapid succession but does an immense amount of stagger. So this one helps you break through a lot of those blocked stances, the follow-up attack is just going to do incrementally more damage.


Summons - Dung Eater Puppet

For our summon, you're going to want something that will aggro the enemy. Because if you have to use a summon, it's probably because the enemy is one that is not super easy to take out. Dung eater puppet going to be very aggressive and is going to keep your enemies attention.


This is a really simple build because it doesn't have a lot of steps to it. You could have one more step if you used a flintstone staff and use terra magicka which also helps. You don't have to be very close to your enemy to hurt them, you could use a glintstone staff and tear magicka for another 10 damage boost. The steps for this build are simple, it's drinking your wonders physic and then spam these special attacks. Once you've cast it, so it takes a tiny bit of build-up to cast it, but it's actually not that long. But you can fire it in rapid succession afterward. Because we put so many points into our minds here, you can just keep going. There are very few bosses in the game mid-tier or god-tier that have enough life to withstand getting pounded by it for the entire duration of our fp here once you have this build.


Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Build Gameplay Tips

It only takes two hits with it to stagger troll-type enemies until they're down on the ground. Then you could either go up there and finish them off or just keep piss pounding them with the special attack. It's really the dealer's choice at that point but either way, it's pretty simple once they're lying on the ground defenseless. A lot of this is going to come down to just the immense stagger potential and the fact that it's a totally ranged attack. Obviously, it doesn't have unlimited range, you have to be somewhat close to your enemy. You can usually get close enough that you can hit him with it before they'll actually get aggro to start attacking you. 

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