Lost Ark Valtan & Destroyer Preparation Tips: Top 7 Things To Do To Get Ready for Valtan Update

5/16/2022 6:22:11 PM

Here we go over everything from secret stronghold techniques to prepping your destroyer to catch up with or without a power pass and all the stuff you're going to need to complete before Valtan and Destroyer release.

Lost Ark Valtan & Destroyer Preparation

How To Get Ready for Valtan Update in Lost Ark?

Tip 1 - Pre-Make A Warrior Character For Destroyer

The most important thing is to pre-make it, so you get that full rested five-day early bonus. All you do is pre-make your Destroyer, you walk over to Trixie and you don't pick her class nothing like that you just sit there and wait for the character to come out. We told people to do this with glaivier and a lot of people didn't they said that they regretted it later, so no regrets not even a single letter.

The schroer's big engravings are Super Charge, Dual Master, Grudge, Barricade, and Cursed Doll, with the only viable class engraving being Hammer of Wrath or Hammer of Rage. Whatever the engraving may be called the effect is going to be crit chance and crit damage per gravity core that you have. So that's what you're going to be looking for and it's going to sell for quite a bit, just like the glaivier book did when it first launched. So if you get lucky and get a legendary Hammer of Rage book, you're going to be on the moon. And stat wise destroyer goes heavy crit in light spec but you can balance both in some niche builds, so anything with crit and spec is going to go a long way for destroyer and you're going to be able to make some good money off of that, so don't accidentally salvage some free riches after the update comes out. 

Tip 2 - Stock Some Tier 3 Gear Honing Materials

And this is roughly the material count you're going to need to get to 1415. and most people aren't going to be there or 1445, and a lot of the Lost Ark gold gained YouTubers are trying to predict crazy inflation for a destroyer. Destroy is a very niche class and most people won't play because it is very slow, you should be trying to prepare for Valtan and the big goal gains from Valtan especially with all the watches getting banned. Tons of people are going to be pushing 1445 and 1460 because the 1460s we're going to be able to do vicos at, so look for tier 3 materials to go way up in price at least until the bots come back, and hopefully, they can keep them going. 

But we'll see how we dive right into Valtan and this one's been set in a few different places. Take your five days off your chaos and your rates, on your main if you're 1415 plus so that you can get that rest bonus that means on Sunday you're free for a bit, and then when the update hits on Thursday, you're going to be able to get some big juicy rewards on some gear that the whales are going to be snatching up like Karen's with coupons at Costco. 

Tip 3 - Do Chaos Rifts and Stack Shards

The new south burn maps are supposedly insanely good for tier 3 progression, so we'll see on Thursday how good they really end up being for NA because a lot of stuff does get changed for us. Now for the real thing that is putting you or will put you behind if you don't start doing it. If you're a 1445 whale with the level 6 stronghold, you're going to be spending a lot more on consumables coming up real soon, but if you do want to redeem yourself, it's time because it's bonus rewards are nuts and you can really start making your also less of a task and more of a fun thing to do in play. Some of the stuff you will need for Valtan, if you have a zircon brain as health potions splendors are going to give you nine uses per fight, and when you have the zerker brain you're going to need them along with the food and need to re-pop every time you wipe if you're like hard progging.

Then the buffs are going to be really nice to give you that extra power and when you're crafting you're going to want to stack as much great success chance as possible, just to help you double the amount that you get from crafting. It doesn't pop all the time but the more chance you have the better, and these are all the bonus great success chance crafting items, these are specific to whatever you're crafting and you do have to equip them in this tab for your manner to get the buffs. 

Tip 4 - Purchase Fusion Materials, Extra Maps, and Outfits for Better Crafting Success Chance

So there are special ones that are going to be like for your fusion materials and your extra maps whatever cooking. And whatever else you're looking for but what we're going to be looking for is the Envisaka Statue, the World Tree Leaves, the Pumpkin Scarecrow, and everyone's Lost Ark statue like the for everyone the globe thing that also has it on it. But there are also NPCs with purchasable outfits. This part's a little pay to win because it's like 350 gems per NPC outfit but the great success chance caps at 10 and you really want to get there. So Neria (Prideholme), Artisan Urr, and Nineveh Sunshine Maid are going to be the ones that you're looking at here. 

With the inflation on the fusion materials, you're just gonna print gold if you have a high-grade success chance for this stuff, but for those progress potions, you're going to need level 40 which is the level five workshop entrusted with Neria. It comes pretty fast if you're spamming missions and some of the best exp actually comes from the bosses and like the special missions that you can do, so make sure you're sending these out every chance you get.

Tip 5 - Get High Gathering Tools

As you notice gathering materials on the up and up, the gathering is becoming more valuable and the stats on your gathering tool mean quite a bit. Obviously, the higher tier gathering tool you have like the more stats and more like abilities it gets or affixes whatever you want to call them, but the most important ones are going to be super armor when you're gathering in mobs the amount gathered and like special items gathered, but most importantly absolute top tier is the one that makes the minigames easier. The gathering is brain dead and it should definitely stay that way because you do want to remotely think when you have to burn your energy bar out, and this makes every single minigame like every tool you have the mini-game thing on just insanely easy. If your gig is sweating on gathering have two tools one for like spamming and then one specifically for the mini-games and if you combine all the stuff we just talked about you're going to be printing the big pp potions and hopefully making some good gold games, so that you can enhance your gear.

Tip 6 - Join In A Guide or Group

Having a good strong build, good game knowledge, and good game sense is going to go so much further than anything else. Being able to pop more is going to let you make easier decisions and give you more mistakes which in turn helps you look better and lets you carry your groups easier. So if you're pugging and you're trying to find a guild or a group, you can open up opportunities to playing with better players, so that you can hopefully get into a decent static and you don't have to struggle through pugs every week. We do really recommend joining guild getting some friends just for raiding, it makes the game way more fun to do with people you like, especially when you have to run it down on five or six characters.

Tip 7 - Use Alts To Help Your Main Build

The alternative to alts is just to run a couple of hours of infinite chaos every day, and we know both options are kind of in but it is what it is but in the long term you're going to get a lot more out of having all these alts just because they generate so much and really has a harsh curve effect where it's like the initial investment takes away from you.

But every 1340 characters give you like 1500 gold just from doing a Oreha every week that doesn't include all the stuff you're going to get from chaos dungeons and bosses whatever else you're going to be doing, and your 1370s are going to make like 2500 to 3000 gold somewhere in that range from hard mode to Oreha and p1 Argos. It doesn't really matter but as you can see like raw gold starts adding up pretty quickly like that and you don't even have to go to the market and this is perfect for people that don't like to play the market or don't like to be involved in the market at all. So more alts the better and obviously your main is going to stack the biggest change off of argos and the hard modes and revolt in coming out even more gold.

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