Elden Ring Dual Straight Sword Dex Build Guide (Level 150) - Talismans, Armor, Stats, Gameplay Tips Of Golden Champion Build

5/17/2022 3:15:03 PM

In this guide, we are going to be showing you golden champion build. This is a level 150 dexterity build that dual straight swords and also uses a shield while wearing heavy armor that can attack very quickly or a block counter as needed. If you've been looking for a pure melee build one that only really uses martial weapons to deal damage besides a couple of buffs, then this build is for you. We list weapons, armors, talismans, stats and gameplay tips of level 150 golden champion build.

Elden Ring Dual Straight Sword Dex Build Guide - How to Build a Golden Champion (Level 150 Guide)

Elden Ring Dual Straight Sword Dex Build Guide (Level 150) - How To Build Golden Champion

Best Weapons For Golden Champion Build 

Ornamental Straight Sword

One of the reasons we chose this is because it's all physical damage. Having all physical damage is great if you're going to use one weapon because a lot of enemies can be resistant to a certain type of damage like if you're using all holy damage or something like that, and you can get into situations where you need to swap your weapon out or you will be really ineffective. That's just not the case with this build because we're doing primarily physical damage. 

Another thing to use this weapon is that it's actually a paired weapon, so when you go to two-hand it like you would any weapon you actually pull out the other pair like you would with claws or fists, and then you're dual wielding two versions of this weapon. You can do the dual wield move set with l1 or you can do the regular move set with r1. Additionally, if you buff the weapon with its ability gold and tempering you add some holy damage to the weapon. But what's really great is not only does it buff both weapons, but it changes your r2 and your r2 attacks into something completely different, the r2 then does like a dual wield attack and the charge r2 does like a flurry of blows really rapidly, it has a long charge up, so it's not always usable but you get this huge flurry that allows you to attack very quickly allowing you to boost your damage very quickly with the talismans we use.

Frenzied Flame Seal

Also use the frenzied flame seal for this build, we don't even upgrade it because the buffs we're using don't get any better with any kind of scaling and it weighs zero, so it doesn't add any to your weight.

Banished Knight’s Shield

As far as shields go for this build, using the banished night shield because it has very low strength requirements and the weapon even though it does have strength scaling, has very poor strength scaling when compared to dexterity, so you want to crank dexterity to get the most out of the oriental straight sword. So having low strength means not using like the heaviest shield out there and this is a good choice because it only has 14 strength requirement, it also has fairly good guard boost.

Best Armor For Golden Champion Build

Banished Knight’s Armor

You can really use any armor you want here, the idea though is to have very high protection and very high poise. One of the things about dual wielding in this game is that you want to be very aggressive when you do, because you're using talismans that build up your attack power the more you hit and you want to be able to swing through some attacks without dying in order to keep building up that damage and keep dealing more and more damage with each swing. It's the same armor that we used in the champion build just in this case we're using the unaltered chest piece instead of the altered version.

Best Talismans For Dual Straight Sword Dex Build

Winged Sword Insignia

The reason to use this talisman in this build is because we're dual building and you're going to be attacking rapidly with these attacks, or if you use the charged up r2 that thing just does insane amount of tax very quickly which will build up the attack bonuses you gain from these two talismans. You can also use the rotten wing sword insignia in place of the wingged sword insignia if you have that, the only way to get that is for have someone drop it for you unless you get an ng plus.

Dragon Crest Shield Talisman

Dagoncrest shield is there to further increase our physical defense because we're wearing heavy armor and because we're using this, we're able to take lots of damage as well, as using golden vowel, you have 50% physical protection and if you use even heavier armor like if you go up in this build like 15, 20 levels and you increase your endurance more and you get more equip weight, you can use even better armor and get that up to like 60%. Black flame protection also will give you increased physical resistance which works really well if you can hit the faith requirement for it.

Spear Talisman

It does increased damage when you're doing thrusting attacks into an enemy that's attacking you. This happens a lot with this build and the charged r2 attack does a lot of thrusts as does the l1 attack when you're dual wielding, you have several thrusts in there and this is going to boost your damage when you're attacking into enemies that are attacking you when you're using these weapons with its thrust attacks. You could replace this with something like the ritual sword talisman if you want, but you are going to take damage with this build so that's going to be a lot harder to pull off because it's going to be harder to maintain full health.

Millicent’s Prosthesis

It is also a great fit for this build because we need dexterity to boost the damage of the weapon and it gives you +5 dexterity.

Best Spells For Dual Straight Sword Dex Build 

  • Golden Vow: It increases attack damage and our defenses, beyond getting dexterity really cranked there really isn't a ton of ways to increase our damage strength isn't very much. So getting this, your faith up to 25 in order to use this is a much better option particularly if you're already maxed out at 80 dexterity.

  • Fame Grant Me Strength: It boosts physical damage, we deal primarily physical damage even though we have a holy damage buff, it's not a lot of holy damage with this build. So this works great.

  • Blessing’s Boon: It is there to give us health regeneration over time to keep our health capped off again, we're going to be trading damage a lot with this build, so it's good to get some of that back in between enemies.

  • Black Flame’s Protection: This will give you even further physical resistance making you exceptionally hard to kill. But you'll need a couple more points in faith in order to use that.

Stats & Attributes For Golden Champion Build Level 150

  • Vigor: 45 - If you level up this build more, you're probably going to want to put points into vigor because you will be trading damage even though you have high protection. It really allows you to play aggressively when you're dual wielding.

  • Mind: 20 - It’s there in order to be able to get your buffs off easily and to just maintain like three or four blue flasks will the rest are health.

  • Endurance: 32 - It is there in order to meet the equip low needed with heavy armor, a sword shield and seal and still be able to medium roll.

  • Strength: 14 - It is there in order to meet the requirements of the shield that we're using the ornamental straight sword scales very terribly with points into strength. So it doesn't increase your damage much.

  • Dexterity: 80 - It is there is because that's what the ornamental straight sword scales best with and it scales very well up until 80. It does have soft caps where it starts to get less and less but it still outperforms strength, so if you're trying to get maximum damage, you're going to increase dexterity very high before you start putting points into strength.

  • Intelligence: 9 - We don't need any for this build.

  • Faith: 25 - It’s there to meet the requirements for incantations, golden vow, blessing’s boon, flame grant me strength and if you're going to use black flames protection, you need to get this up to 30.

  • Arcane: 9 - We don't need any for this build.

Golden Champion Gameplay Tips - How To Play Gold Champion Build Level 150

Buff with golden vow run around or minimally golden tempering but sometimes use golden vow and golden tempering depending on what stretch of the game we are facing. Keep sword and shield out and try and block counter regular enemies normally, you can counter or critically strike an enemy off one blocked counter, finishing them off just getting rid of them if the enemies are spread out. But if they're grouped up, just tend to dual wield and try and melt enemies quickly. If you can build up your hits with your dual weapons, then you'll get more and more damage with each subsequent attack and building that up early is really good strategy to get your damage high, so that from one enemy to the next it gets easier and easier to kill them.

Also one of the really great things is that you can swap back and forth between sword and board and two-wheeled really easily and not lose that buff on the left-hand weapon, so you really can just go with whatever you want for the moment, swap back and forth as needed and just rebuff as usual. 

Another thing that's really great about this buff as well is that because it lasts a minute, you can make it so that you have a skill on your shield and you can just swap to do a wheeled buff and then swap back to sword and shield when you want to use the shield's ability. Always to use golden parry for this build, and if you're not a very good parry player, this is a great build to learn how to parry because it's kind of a gradient, you can parry from a lot longer range with this build and if you're someone who's who isn't fantastic at pairing, you can how to do it and ease yourself into getting better and better at pairing, you could use whatever skill you want, you could use barricade shield here if you want or something else like carrying retaliation.

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