Lost Ark Relic Set Farming - How To Farm Relic For Valtan In Lost Ark

5/17/2022 4:28:52 PM

The new legion raid "Valtan" coming to Lost Ark on the 19th of May. All of the players have been ready for that. Are you preparing yourself for the upcoming Valtan update? In this Lost Ark relic set farming guide, we will show you how to prep for getting relic accessories.


Lost Ark Relic Set Farming - How To Farm Relic For Valtan In Lost Ark

One of the most anticipated things about Lost Ark's upcoming content for North America and Europe is the appearance of Valtan. Additionally, a brand-new gear rarity, the Relic, will be introduced during the Valtan Legion Raid. Materials obtained in the raid may be used to build relic gear. Extraordinary stat enhancements and additional engraving nodes on accessories are also provided by this version of the game's armor and weapon sets. Next, we are focusing on farming Lost Ark Valtan Relic Set.

1. 1370 Infinite Chaos

If you do your two daily runs, you're going to waste that aura of resonance that is required to enter the chaos. Then you have so-called infinite chaos. We're going to focus on the 1370 chaos dungeon which is the most efficient to do this to farm Lost Ark relic set and we are going after these fragments in tier 3. If you are 1415 gear score plus, you can buy really accessories with these fragments. It should be around 70 for one piece, so the more you have, obviously the better. And of course, the more you buy, the price will increase.


2. Stacking Rested Bonus

You are going to stack up the rested bonus for both guardians and chaos, for the chaos it's only on your main character. For 1415 characters, you are not stacking the chaos instead of guardians or una’s tasks as well because you can get relic stones as well from the daily una’s tasks. So this is what you can be be doing for the next upcoming days or so it's going to farm these chaos dungeons. Because there is pretty much not that much to do now that we are stacking rested bonus but we are going only for this fragment of longing.


3. Relic Farming Methods

It's up to you if you want to do the whole run of the chaos or only the part of it. This means this is the second-floor chaos, some of the people are farming infinite chaos just for the boss on this floor and seeing if you can get a special portal which is a golden portal or red portal. Or you just focus on full runs or take a look and test whichever of those routines is faster and more efficient.


4. Getting Destroy & Guardian Stones

If you either run a full or just for boss, you can get some honing mats, destroy stones, and some guardian stones as well. On top of that, some honing mats which is not bad at all. You can get yourself a special portal, the golden, special maps, and more of these fragments too.


Enjoy the grind, get ready for the Lost Ark Valtan release to get the relic accessories. Who knows you might be very lucky. If you need to buy fast and reliable Lost Ark gold, Mtmmo.com provides you Lost Ark gold with fast delivery!