ACNH June Update 2022 - New Events, Seasonal Items, DIYs, Critters in Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update

5/20/2022 12:44:57 PM

With June, we'll have a new season shift in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which means new events, seasonal items, DIYs, and critters on our islands, both in the northern and southern hemispheres. Let’s discover all details about ACNH June Update 2022.

ACNH June Summer Update 2022

Animal Crossing New Horizons June Summer Update 2022

June is the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and kicks off the snow season in the southern hemisphere. On our Animal Crossing New Horizons, new months and seasons will bring new content. In addition to the island landscape being transformed into a unique look for the season, new seasonal events will be celebrated, new ACNH items and DIY materials will be collected, and new critters await us on land and sea. So, it's time to start understanding the June schedule so you don't miss out on enjoying those seasonal events and getting some exclusive items.

ACNH June Island Aesthetics

Northern Hemisphere - Now we'll move on to something a little less obvious: improvements to the terrain surrounding the Animal Crossing New Horizons island. Players in the northern hemisphere have been seeing fully bloomed pink and white azalea bushes for the past few weeks. However, after June 1st, these will shed their blossoms and be replaced by blue and pink hydrangea plants. In addition, weeds in the northern hemisphere will become less colorful but more flowering. 

Southern Hemisphere - Holly bushes will blossom until mid-June for players in the southern hemisphere, after which red and pink camellia shrubs will bloom. Because the southern hemisphere has begun to turn into winter, weeds will begin to seem frosty and icy in the coming weeks. Finally, as the winter season progresses, gamers in the southern hemisphere will have the opportunity to see auroras in the night sky beginning June 11th.

ACNH June Events To Celebrate

These new holidays and events are coming back to our island in June to bring us holiday cheer and gifts:

Wedding Season (June 1st to June 30th, Both Hemisphere)

Items To Get: Wedding Bench, Wedding Decoration, Wedding Table, Wedding Chair, Wedding-party Wall, Wedding Flower Stand, Wedding Candle Set, Wedding Head Table, Wedding Cake, Wedding Pipe Organ, Wedding Arch, Wedding Welcome Board, Wedding Wall, Wedding Flooring, Red Wedding Rug, White Wedding Rug, Cake Dress, Wedding Tuxedo, Wedding Pumps, Wedding Shoes, Bridal Veil

Throughout the entire month of June you can decorate a wedding photo shoot for reese and cyrus, take advantage of all the new and returning wedding furniture. All the pieces from last year are there with seven new wedding themed items available as well, you can get these new items through Nook Shopping and the Abel Sisters as well.

Bug Off (June 25th, Northern Hemisphere)

Items To Get: Artisanal Bug Cage, Bug Aloha Shirt, Bug Cage, Bug Wand, Buttgerflies Wall, Butterfly Backpack, Ladybug Rug, Laybug Umbrella, Spider Doorplate, Spider Web, Termite Mound, Toy Centipede, Toy Cockroach, Artisanal Bug Cage, Gold Bug Trophy, Silver Bug Trophy, Bronze Bug Trophy

Oon the fourth Saturday of June is the very first Bug Off of the year, Flick will be stationed at your plaza with the challenge of catching the most bugs that you can within three minutes, the rewards from this event seem to be the same as last year. But don't worry if you don't get them all this time, there will be three more bug offs after this with one in July, August and September as well.

Father's Day (June 1st to June 30th, Both Hemisphere)

Items To Get: Thank-you Dad mug, Thank You Dad Apron

Father's Day is celebrated at Animal Crossing New Horizons with a couple of dad themed items, these are the Thank You Dad Mug and the Thank You Dad Apron, hopefully you get a little bit more creative with your gifts for your dad with actual father's day being Sunday June 20th.

Summer Solstice (June 15th to June 21st, Northern Hemisphere)

Items To Get: Sunflower Crown

The summer solstice will take place between June 15th and June 21st, and you can pick up the summer solstice crown from nook shopping during these dates.

Winter Solstice (June 15th to June 21st, Southern Hemisphere)

Items To Get: Winter-Solstice Sweater

At the same time, in southern hemisphere, winter solstice will be celebrated with wintry themed items available on Nook Shopping.

International Children's Day (June 1st to June 15th, Both Hemisphere)

Items To Get: Carp Banner, Newsprint Helmet

June 1st to the 15th, we'll have some more seasonal items from Nook Shopping for the International Children's Day, you can pick up the handmade cape and the handmade crown during these dates.

ACNH June DIY Materials & Items To Collect

In June, the southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere enter different seasons, so different seasonal DIY materials and items will be available to collect, and there are two special items available to players around the world:

Gemini Fragment DIY (May 21 to June 21, Both Hemisphere)

DIY Materials To Collect: Gemini Fragment (2), Star Fragment (3), Gold Nugget (2), Stone (6)

Items To Craft: Gemini Closet

Cancer Fragment DIY (June 22nd to July 22nd, Both Hemisphere)

DIY Materials To Collect: Cancer Fragment (2), Star Fragment (3), Gold Nugget (2), Stone (3)

Items To Craft: Cancer Table

Summer Shell DIY Items and Materials (June 1st to August 31st, Northern Hemisphere)

DIY Materials: Summer Shell (36), Star Fragment (3), Coral (10), Giant Clam (4), Sea Snail (2), Sand Dollar (2), Cowrie (1), Venus Comb (1)

Items To Craft: Shell Wand, Shell Wreath, Shellfish Pochette, Starry-Sands Flooring, Summer-Shell Rug, Tropical Vista, Underwater Flooring, Underwater Wall, Water Flooring, 

Frozen (IC) DIY Items and Snowflake Materials (June 11th to August 24th, Southern Hemisphere)

DIY Materials: Snowflake (161), Large Snowflake (16), Stone (10), Star Fragment (3), Tree Branch (2)

Items To Craft: Falling-Snow Wall, Frozen Fence, Frozen Floor Tiles, Iceberg Flooring, Iceberg Wall, Ski-Slope Flooring, Ski-Slope Wall, Snowflake Pochette, Snowflake Wall, Snowflake Wreath, Frozen Arch, Frozen Bed, Frozen Chair, Frozen Counter, Frozen Mini Snowperson, Frozen Partition, Frozen Pillar, Frozen Sculpture, Frozen Table, Frozen Tree, Frozen-Treat Set, Ice Flooring, Ice Wall, Ice Wand, Snowperson Head, Three-Tiered Snowperson

Tree's Bounty DIY Items and Acorn & Pine Cone Materials (March 1st ~ June 10th, Southern Hemisphere)

DIY Materials: Acorns (41), Pine Cones (31), Tree Branch (23), Clump of Weeds (15), Clay (13), Maple Leaf (10), Hardwood (3)

Items To Craft: Acorn Pochette, Acorn Rug, Leaf Campfire, Pile of Leaves, Pine Bonsai Tree, Traditional Balancing Toy, Tree’s Bounty Arch, Tree’s Bounty Big Tree, Tree’s Bounty Lamp, Tree’s Bounty Little Tree, Tree’s Bounty Little Tree, Yellow-Leaf Pile

ACNH June New Critters (Fish, Sea Creatures, Bugs) To Capture

New Fish in June

55 fish are available this month which is almost 70 of all the fish available in your critter pedia while, it'd be great to go over all 55. Let's only worry about the 14 new fish that are arriving and the two that will be leaving at the end of June.

Northern Hemisphere

New Fish

Giant Snakehead







Saddled Bichir

Ribbon Eel

Saw Shark

Hammerhead Shark

Great White Shark

Whale Shark


Southern Hemisphere

Pond Smelt


Sea Butterfly



New Sea Creatures in June

June brings us 24 deep sea creatures, 5 new ones begin to appear and 3 will be gone once july rolls around, let's go over the 8 sea creatures that are the most important.

Sea Creatures

Northern Hemisphere

Sea Grapes



Gazami Crab

Tiger Prawn

Southern Hemisphere


New Bugs in June

Lots of bugs available in May as well with 48 of them available to be caught. There are six new bugs spawning this month but there are also eight leaving after June, so let's go over the 14 bugs that are of the highest priority.

Northern Hemisphere

Emperor Butterfly


Drone Beetle

Goliath Beetle

Rainbow Stag


Southern Hemisphere

Emperor Butterfly

Rajah Brooke'S Birdwing

Dung Beetle

Guess you ask