Lost Ark June & July (Summer) Roadmap 2022 - New Raids, Classes, Dungeons & Skins In Lost Ark

6/7/2022 11:44:17 AM

Amazon just dropped the Lost Ark roadmap on our heads on the 1st of June finally it was about time. This Lost Ark summer roadmap 2022 is actually a pretty decent one. Lost Ark is getting fed with new stuff, are you excited to go through the Lost Ark June and July roadmap? Without further ado, let's have a look at everything in the Lost Ark summer roadmap 2022 for June and July.


Lost Ark June & July (Summer) Roadmap 2022 - New Raids, Classes, Dungeons & Skins In Lost Ark

With the Lost Ark June July Roadmap, the current phase of the game is where it starts to get very good.  Not only we are starting to see the legion raids, which are what precisely makes Lost Ark Lost Ark. Because legion raids are the identity of Lost Ark. But also, Lost Ark is releasing new classes. A lot of you want a specific class, they're looking forward to a class for example scouter or reaper or whatever and that's exactly what they touched on first because this is such an important topic. They're of course staggering the releases due to building hype and bringing people back to the game.


New Legion Raids In Lost Ark Summer Roadmap (June)

We're finally getting to the June content, we will be having next to Valtan a new legion raid, the Vykas legion raid. It will be released in June already! This will just accelerated the player base into playing Lost Ark more and also will motivate players again to play and grind a bit more. The Vykas Legion Raid is divided into three parts, with gates or checkpoints at the conclusion of the first and second phases. The first phase has an encounter with Incubus Morphe, while the second and third phases feature encounters with the Desire Devourer Vykas.


New Guardian Raids In Lost Ark Summer Roadmap (June)

Accompanied with Vykas will also have a new guardian raid at item level 1460 which is also the item level required to do hard mode Vykas, normal mode is 1430. You can do the new raid Kungelanium which is basically well a big turtle in ice. They will obviously drop better rewards and definitely worth getting to 1460 if you can for the release of this raid. Like other guardian raids, you can attempt to vanquish alone, with a party, or matchmake with up to three other heroes.


New Dungeons In Lost Ark Summer Roadmap (June)

Everyone has been talking about the bridge, here we call it thronespire. Thronespire is a new single-player dungeon experience in a twisted dimension with 50 levels. It is basically a not really endless bridge but it has certain stages. You kill mobs, you then kill an elite mob, and then you move on to the next stage with a time limit. In the end, you have a big boss that you have to defeat and you have different stages going from like rank 1 to like stage 25 basically and you get different rewards. The rewards are very juicy, this is also where you will be getting free legendary engraving books that you can trade on a marker board and make some cash probably. Once these drops expect the engraving prices to go down a little bit, especially for grudge. 


New Skins In Lost Ark Summer Roadmap (June)

Legendary costumes have been introduced a while back, we get the season two legendary costumes. The way this will work is very easy, you can buy certain materials and a Yoz’s Jar from the in-game store, you will then put the materials that they will call cloth in this version of the game and then put them in the jar. Then you can buy luck rng create a legendary costume out of it. If you do not get lucky to create a legendary costume, you will get a normal costume, not from the shop. One of the old-looking gears from tier 1, tier 2 and so on that you will then get instead. So getting legendary costumes is a really big gamble the good thing is you can put them on the market board and people can buy them or you can sell them. 


New Classes in Lost Ark Summer Roadmap (July)

Every two months will have a new class, so from now on, you can expect a new class to be released every two months with the next coming in July. We start off with the already earlier announced new class the Arcanist. The class that throws cards that do play with cards also called Arcana in the other versions will be released as another mage class. From slicing up enemies with a deluge of thrown cards to summoning powerful magick attacks or team effects from the cards themselves, the Arcanist has a trick up her sleeve for every situation.


Valtan Inferno Difficulty in Lost Ark Summer Roadmap (July)

The Valtan legion raid is already out and will become available in inferno difficulty which is the hell mode difficulty. It is synced down, you cannot outgear this content, you will be putting in all of your stats, and your engravings in a pre-made sheet, you'll be able to adjust everything properly and then go in into Valtan. The thing is it has more mechanics than Valtan hard mode and it also is designed so that you need to clear it all in one go without dying. So phase one and phase two without anyone dying to get the famous beast war title. 


New Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark Summer Roadmap (July)

Last but not least, the Challenge Abyssal Dungeons will finally be coming to our version. The Challenge Abyssal Dungeons basically are similar to the Trial Guardians where you get synced down to the dungeon you're going into. All of the old dungeons like the uh like the Rohendel Dungeon and the North Vern Dungeon will be available again for you as in like with actual rewards. This is also where you will be getting tons of honing materials and cards, this was our biggest resource for cards. You can play through each Abyssal Dungeon once per roster each week.

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