Lost Ark Vykas & Valtan Set - Best T3 Legendary and Relic Gear by Build

6/10/2022 5:16:57 PM

Valtan and Vykas are both legion raids in Lost Ark that are able to drop materials to craft legendary and relic gear sets in the game. Vykas was released after Valtan in the KR version, when will it come in the Western Lost Ark? In this article, we’ll list the material rewards, weapon and armor sets for Lost Ark Vykas, as well as the best T3 legendary and relic gear for all builds. 

Lost Ark Vykas & Valtan Set - Best T3 Legendary and Relic Gear by Build

Vykas is expected to be revealed in the next roadmap of Lost Ark, as its item level is after the Valtan. For the Lost Ark Vykas set, you'll get pieces from the same set as Valtan, but different armor when going through Vykas normal and hard mode.

Vykas Materials & Rewards

Other than special mats, you are able to get other rewards from normal/hard Vykas, such as Lost Ark gold and accessories. 

- Normal Vykas: Covetous Fangs, Covetous Wings

- Hard Vykas: Covetous Wings, Stone of Chaos

Vykas Legendary Sets

- Beast: Gloves & Shoulders

- Whisper: Weapon & Helmet

Vykas Relic Sets

- Dominion: Gloves & Shoulders

- Betrayal: Weapon & Helmet

- Yearning: Chest, Bottom, Gloves, Shoulders

- Destructive: Gloves & Shoulders

- Charming: Weapon, Helmet, Chest, Bottom

- Death: Chest, Bottom, Gloves, Shoulders

- Nightmare: Bottom, Gloves, Shoulders

- Hallucination: Chest, Bottom, Gloves

- Salvation: Helmet, Chest, Bottom

Best Legendary and Relic Gear by Lost Ark Build

Below are the Lost Ark best T3 gear sets by Reddit user u/Uthgar, covering Vykas/Valtan legendary and relic gear for every class build based on engraving. 

1. Warrior 

Lost Ark Berserker Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Berserker's Technique: Beast & Salvation

- Mayhem: Beast & Nightmare

Lost Ark Paladin Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Blessed Aura: Beast & Yearning

- Judgment: Beast & Betrayal

Lost Ark Gunlancer Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Combat Readiness: Beast & Nightmare

- Lone Knight: Beast & Death

Lost Ark Destroyer Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Gravity Training: Beast & Death

- Hammer of Rage: Beast & Death

2. Martial Artist

Lost Ark Striker Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Deathblow: Beast & Death

- Esoteric Flurry: Beast & Death

Lost Ark Wardancer Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- First Intention: Beast & Domination

- Esoteric Skill Enhancement: Beast & Domination

Lost Ark Scrapper Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Ultimate Skill Taijutsu: Beast & Death

- Shock Training: Beast & Death

Lost Ark Soulfist Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Robust Spirit: Beast & Hallucination

- Energy Overflow: Beast & Domination

Lost Ark Glaivier Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Pinnacle: Beast & Nightmare

- Control: Beast & Death

3. Gunner

Lost Ark Gunslinger Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Peacemaker: Beast & Nightmare

- Time to Hunt: Beast & Nightmare

Lost Ark Artillerist Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Firepower Enchantment: Beast & Nightmare

- Barrage: Beast & Hallucination

Lost Ark Deadeye Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Pistoleer: Beast & Hallucination

- Enhanced Weapon: Beast & Death

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Death Strike: Beast & Nightmare

- Loyal Companion: Beast & Hallucination

4. Mage

Lost Ark Bard Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Desperate Salvation: Beast & Yearning

- True Courage: Beast & Charming

Lost Ark Sorceress Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Igniter: Beast & Nightmare

- Reflux: Beast & Nightmare

5. Assassin

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Demonic Impulse: Beast & Salvation

- Perfect Suppression: Beast & Nightmare

Lost Ark Deathblade Best Gear Sets (Legendary & Relic)

- Remaining Energy: Beast & Death

- Surge: Beast & Death 

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