Elden Ring Best Strength Build Guide (Level 150) - Armor, Talisman, Gameplay Tips Of Colossal Crusher Build

6/11/2022 2:35:07 PM

In this guide, we are going to be showing you a colossal crusher build in Elden Ring. This is basically a level 150 version of the colossal guardian build, this is a 100% purely strength focused build that uses a colossal weapon. Check this build-out for your giant crusher if you've been considering an upgrade. We break down equipment, talisman, attributes, and gameplay tips you need to make the best Elden Ring colossal crusher at level 150!


Elden Ring How To Build a Colossal Crusher Level 150 - Best Strength Build Guide

Best Elden Ring Strength Build Weapons

  • Giant Crusher

Using the giant crusher which is a colossal weapon, that's kind of a hammer looking weapon, does strike damage and it scales phenomenally with strength when set to the heavy affinity and since we have such high strength with this build that gives us an absolute ton of damage. Another reason that we want this build is because we're using trolls roar, the ash of war with this build and it scales with strength and your weapon upgrade and weapon level etc. So the more strength we have, the more damage that ability does. So we get more damage out of the weapon and we get more damage out of trolls war when we use it.

  • Highland Axe

The other weapon that we're using for this build is the highland axe. This actually increases the amount of damage you do with roar attacks by about 750%. We don't actually use it for attacks, we just hold it in our off hand, don't even upgrade it in order to increase that damage. The reason that we're able to carry this in the off hand and the reason we really want to is because when you're two handing the giant crusher, you don't really care what's in your offhand, so you can put really anything there that you want. But the highland axe is going to increase the damage of trolls roar and it's going to increase the damage of the follow-up attack afterward. So it's going to give you a good amount of damage in both of those cases.

Elden Ring Strength Build Stats (Attribute Points)

  • Vigor: 53

  • Mind: 18

  • Endurance: 36

  • Strength: 80

  • Dexterity: 12

  • Intelligence: 9

  • Faith: 14

  • Arcane: 9

Elden Ring Strength Build Armor

  • Trolls Roar

It has a very long cast time, very long cast animation and if you get staggered out of it when that happens or you don't get it off all the way, then you're going to be in a really bad spot, you'll never be able to get it off and you usually stagger enemies if you can hit them with trolls roar. So even if they bump you or hit you even with a regular attack or even a pretty heavy attack, if you have high enough poise you'll still hit them with rolls roar, you'll be able to stagger them and then if you're using the assassins crimson dagger and the assassins cerulean dagger, you'll be able to regain health and regain fp. So it won't even matter that they hit you anyway because you're wearing such heavy armor that it usually doesn't do that much damage, and you just heal it back up and heal the cost of the regain most of the fp that you use.

As you get further and further into the game bosses tend to do more and more stagger damage, some of the early ones do very good stagger damage too depending on the weapon that you're using, so you'll need to get more and more poise if you want to withstand their attacks otherwise you'll have to rely on dodging them and ways you can do that are getting the bull goat set which has 100 poise if you use all the pieces and then using something like the goat talisman in order to increase your poise even further, that will give you 133 poison you should be able to tank almost any hit with that and still continue your attack, but you're going to be extremely heavy between that the giant crusher. So you'll need a lot of points and endurance if you're going to use that setup.

Talismans For Level 150 Strength Build 

  • Assassins Cerulean Dagger

  • Assassins Crimson Dagger

  • Dragoncrest Greatshield

  • Roar Medallion 

You're going to go around and you're going to use the roar and if enemies hit you, then you're just going to poise through it, you're going to do a critical attack and you're going to regain your health and fp from that critical attack. One of the great things about colossal weapons is that they tend to do two procs of Assassins Cerulean Dagger and Assassins Crimson Dagger. They actually trigger this effect twice, that means you're gonna heal for twice the amount and you're gonna gain twice the amount of fp you would if you're using other weapons or most other weapons. That really allows you to just walk up, hit trolls roar tank whatever is going to hit you critically strike it, kill it, go back to full health and just repeat this over and over and really honey badger your way through the game. This does not work as well on a boss because you typically don't stagger a boss in one troll's roar and you probably don't stagger most bosses and one trolls roar and a follow-up attack. So you have to be a bit more cautious about what you're doing, you can't just walk up unless you have something like the whole bull goats armor set with that you might be able to pull that off in that scenario. 

  • Dragoncrest Greatshield

Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman reduces the damage you take, this allows you to go up and get hit and then recover enough health that you're back up to full health, so you really don't care if you get hit as long as you don't get like hit like twice in a row and staggered or you hit by some crazy heavy attack, you don't have maximum poise, so that really reduces the damage allowing you to heal back up to full.

  • Roar Medallion 

Roar Medallion increases the damage of troll roar which is purely physical damage and it also increases the damage of your follow-up swing, so you get damage from both of those things.

  • Shard of Alexander & Green Turtle Talisman

This is to give you more damage with the roar and to give you back stamina because you're going to be attacking a lot more regularly and you're going to run just chew through stamina using a colossal weapon, but when you're out on the landscape, if you just use a trolls war and then critically strikes something trolls four critically strikes something. You're not really worried too much about your stamina recovery and you're not really too worried about how much damage short trolls roar is doing, because you're killing them with that follow-up strike.

Gameplay Tips Of Colossal Crusher Build Level 150

Don't use any buffs with this build at all like you're literally just running around and attacking and you use this combo, the trolls roar follow-up attack is necessary combo, using the critical strikes whenever you can run up and backstab enemies if you have to get critical strikes as well in order to just keep regaining fp and hp, it's one of the reasons we're able to get away with very low mind with this bill even though trolls were cost 22fp is because you gain most of it back or all of it back every time you pull off that combo. It works against enemies that are hard to stagger a lot of the time too because even if they don't get straggled by trolls roar, they'll get staggered by the fall of attack as long as you don't get staggered by whatever attack they do during that animation and if you have very high poise, that's not likely to happen.

Another really great thing about this build too is that you can buff your weapon with something like you can use blood grease or magic grease or fire grease or whatever kind of grease you want on your weapon as well to further boost your damage on top of what you're already doing. So if you're fighting an enemy, that's like weak to magic or something you use like magic grease on it to get some more damage out of it and give you even more damage.

More Tips for the Strongest Strength Build in Elden Ring

If you're using the flask wonders physique, you're going to want the green burst crystal tier. This is going to increase your stamina recovery again you're going to chew through stamina with this build. So you want to be able to recover it as fast as you can. You can pretty much use whatever else you want you can use the one that increases the poise damage that you deal so you can stagger bosses with like one shout and a follow-up, that'll allow you to get a lot of critical strikes on bosses. You can stagger easily or you can use one that increases your protection or one that increases your poise.

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