Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Raid Guide: Battle Item, Attack Patterns & Tips To Clear Kungelanium Raid

6/11/2022 3:56:16 PM

Today we are going to cover one of the newest bosses Kungelanium in Lot Ark that's going to come out soon in the game under the Guardian Raids, raising the challenge for these kinds of raids to a higher level. We also share some tips and strategies that will help clear this raid. 


Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Raid Guide

With Deskaluda's help, Kungelanium will join the ranks of formidable Level 6 Guardians that can be encountered in a Guardian Raid. In order to take on Kungelanium, players must be at least 1460 item level. It's possible to take on Guardian Raids alone, in a party, or with a maximum of three other players.

Battle Item

Kungelanium raid requires gear level at 1460 and by using some battle items, it will make the raid easier and faster. This is what people do in kr server, it's an effective way to assign battle items to all four members. Number 1 uses flare for finding the guardian. Number 2 and number 3 uses a pheromone since this boss runs away twice. Number 4 uses corrosive bomb just for once since Kungelanium needs its shell to be broken by using weak point destruction skills. Your party will deal significantly less damage when his shell is not broken. Using corrosive bomb just for once is enough to break his shell. So basically, all members just have to use one item for each.

Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Raid

First Meet

When you meet Lost Ark Kungelanium for the first time, you can see him just chilling for some seconds, this is when you throw corrosive bomb and spam the skills and you can stagger him if your party have enough stagger. If your party do not have enough stagger, he will fire a cannon that does aoe damage. It's okay failing the stagger but you will have more chance to destroy his armor if he's staggered.

Shooting Cannon

The boss shoots cannon where one player is at when it hits the ground, then it generates an artificial intelligent orb that follows the player nearby. The person who is being followed should take the aggro away from where your party is at, because the orb generates icy floor that makes you slow if you are on that floor. When you get hit by the orb, it freezes you for a moment and aura appears on your character. If your party gets hit by this aura, it will freeze that party mate as well and he will get the same aura. So this is contagious and you should go far away from your party mate when you are hit by this orb.


The boss stares at you for a moment and fires the breath. If you get hit by it, it will freeze you and generate the freezing aura as well.

Turnaround and Jump

The boss jumps and turn around to a random player. This jump knocks you out if you are close to it.

Body Slam

The boss slams his body on the front.

Sheel Destruction

When your party breaks his shell, your party will be able to deal 100% of the damage from that point. After he stands up, he will become invincible and run away. This is when you throw the first pheromone if you want to save your time.


The boss digs the ground and bombards area with tons of cannons. This pattern is able to counter when the boss starts to dig. If you fail the counter, you just have to walk around dodging the bombardments.


The boss rushes forward which knocks you down, this pattern is able to counter.

Surrounding Icicle & Bombardment

The boss shoots a cannon which makes surrounding of icicles, followed by tons of bombardments. After that, he shoots another cannon that does massive aoe damage in the area of the surroundings. Dodge the bombardments and destroy the icicle to escape from it.

Back Jump

The boss jumps backward which knocks you out.

Jumping Forward Twice

The ball jumps forward twice which knocks you out.

Freezing Intentionally

The boss starts to roar dropping four bombardments on each side. The place where it got bombarded generates an ice hole which makes you frozen when you stand on it. For this gimmick, you have to intentionally stand on the hole and get frozen because the blizzard that strikes for a few seconds will kill the players who are not frozen. After the gimmick ends, then he becomes invincible when you have to use the second pheromone if you want to save your time. This game can be used several times after the very first one and only the very first one is the one when he tries to run away. From now on, you will see icicles falling from the sky regularly which will slow your movement speed.

Stomping Twice

The boss stands his front legs and stomps the ground twice. Whenever it stomps, it will do massive airway damage on the ground that freezes you with contagious aura. There is a safety zone for this pattern, stay diagonally making some distance from the either side of the head, you have to stay in the exact spot. 

Kungelanium Guardian Raid Tips

  • Bring the essential battle items such as HP potions, Destruction Bombs, Frost Grenades and Flares.

  • Learn how to place a marker on a nearby ice geyser whenever a Blizzard Blast is about to happen.

  • Use Flares to easily spot where it moves, especially when moving to another phase.

  • Use your Destruction Bombs and Weak Point skills to break its shell as soon as possible to maximize your party’s DPS output.

  • In order to combat the Kungelanium’s heavy armor, we recommend including a Gunslinger or an Artillerist on your party who want to specialize in armor reduction debuffs in order to make the fight more manageable.