Lost Ark Vykas Phase 1, 2, 3 Mechanics & Patterns (Normal/Hard) | Vykas Raid Guide

6/13/2022 10:51:18 AM

In this Lost Ark Vykas Raid guide, we are going to explain the main mechanics, patterns, battle items, typing, and strategies for you to clear the Phase 1-3 Vykas raid in both normal and hard mode.

Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Guide - Mechanics (Typing), Patterns, Fighting Strategy

In the Summer Roadmap released at the end of May, Vykas content was determined to be released in June as the second Legion Raid, for players to complete the full set of Relic Gear Sets and new Lengendary Sets. Now follow us to go over all mechanics and tips to clear the raid and get rewards including Lost Ark gold easily.  

Lost Ark Vykas ilvl

  • Item level 1430 required for Vykas Normal Mode

  • Item Level 1460 required for Vykas Hard Mode

Lost Ark Vykas Release Date

  • Lost Ark Vykas release time may be scheduled on June 16th or 25th.

Lost Ark Vykas Phase 1 Mechanics (Typing), Patterns, Fighting Tips

Battle Items For Phase 1: Whirlwind Bomb, Time Stop (for Hard mode)

Party Positions: Before Phase 1 begins, everyone needs to choose a spot at one five seven and 11 o'clock, this is for every party member and it's for the mechanics later on.

Lost Ark Vykas Phase 1 Mechanics - Party Position

50-55 Bar: Split

Now you're going to enter and fight Morphe until about 50 to 55 bars and this is where he splits into pleasure and desire, blue and purple respectively, each party will fight one of them randomly. The main thing to note for the blue and purple version is that for blue version like a lot of usual bosses, red AOE equals bad, while for purple version purple AOE equals good and safe zones. 

49/50 Bar: Stagger Into Orbs

At line 36 a staggered bar will appear on the boss, once this is checked, a blue or black mark appears above your head, go to your predetermined spot. At this point, blue or black indicators are shown at 1, 5, 7 and 11 o'clock and you have to eat 5 of your corresponding color, blue at 11 and 5, and black at 1 and 7. If your marker does not match your position just swap with the person next to you. Once this succeeds, blue boss will create an AOE that is either safe inside or outside, this is for the other party fighting purple boss, so tell them where the safe zone is either in voice or in chat. 

30 Bar: Boss Swap Between Parties

Once both parties have pushed their respective bosses to 30 bar,s the bosses will then swap, meaning if you are fighting blue boss you will be now fighting purple boss. Once this happens, go to the edge of the map until he uses his AOE.

25 Bar: Safe Zone Callout (White Field Briefing)

At 25 lines, markers will appear at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock (either north, east, south or west), the white is the safe zone, so tell the other party where the safe zone is (blue party saw 3 o'clock was white, therefore safe zone, but looks black to purle party)

12-15 Bar: Stagger Into Orbs

At 12 to 13 bars the stagger into black blue orbs into the safe zone occurs again, so tell the other party members accordingly, and this is actually the same pattern as 36 bars (inner/outer safezone callout)

5 Bar: Berserk

When the boss crouches and does a while aura afterward, the will go in a frenzy mode that increases his damage and attack speed. 

Velganus Mechanic in Vykas Hard Mode Phase 1

That's it for Vykas normal but we are going to explain the extra Velganus mechanic for Vykas hard:

This can happen for either party regardless of who you are facing, the boss will go to the middle and create a red AOE with the middle at the safe spot, you will stand in your positions until the AOE is finished and walk outside as an orb is attached to each member. 

You consume the orb once you have walked far enough and the Velganus mechanic begins start in the yellow safe zone and follow the direction of the whirlwind for the other safe zones. If you succeed, you get a shield that protects you from the boss's next attack, if you do not, you need a time stop or gain a massive shield such as a paladin's awakening to survive this.

Lost Ark Vykas Phase 2 Mechanics (Typing), Patterns, Fighting Tips

Battle Items For Phase 2: Sprinter’s Robe, Time Stop

Party Positions: Like in phase 1, before you enter the fight, you need to choose your positions, this is for the winged mechanic and the black-red mechanic:

  • Choose one of these positions for the winged mechanic: The role of the three outer members is to Callout whether Vykas has their wings open, closed or half-open meaning only one wing is open at their positions. The role of the five inner members is to consume a mark that appears in their respective locations, they will either get a red or purple mark 

    Lost Ark Vykas Phase 2 Mechanics - Party Position 1

  • Choose one of these positions for the black red mechanic: Thus the positions are 11-1, 11-2, 11-Spare, 5-1, 5-2, 7-1, 7-2, and 5/7-spare. Type your position in chat and make sure no one has the same position.

    Lost Ark Vykas Phase 2 Mechanics - Party Position 2

The two mechanics mentioned are the main gimmicks required to clear the phase 2. 

144 Bar: Lasers

Boss goes at the center, everyone splits and runs clockwise

12 Bar: Illusions + Orbs (Winged Mechanic)

At 120 bars, Vykas will go to the middle and disappear, like mentioned at the start, go to your positions for the winged mechanic . Five members eat the orbs and the outer three callout the wings in chat or invoice. The five will gather to determine whether there are more purple or red markers. Generally it's either three purple and two red or three red and two purple. If the red is the majority run to the Vykas with fully open wings first and then half open and lastly fully closed wings for the safe spots. If purple is the majority the safe spots are in reverse beginning with closed wings.

90 Bar: Same Pattern as 144 Bars

Boss goes at the center, and creates a waffle pattern, dodge the explosion three times. eveyone splits and run clockwise

60-65 Bar: Black Orbs Eating (Black/Red Mechanic)

Lastly, at 60-65 bars, the black red mechanic begins, run to your respective positions and the Vykas cone will emit a red or black aura five times, type it out in Chat for example: 11 B (Balck) R (Red) R (Red) B (Black) R (Red). 

After emitting these five auras, Vykas will always shoot out five black orbs no matter what, it's a memory game from here as members are supposed to get hit by these black orbs in the order that the black auras were emitted. Each member is to eat one black orb that the cone shoots out, if you eat the wrong one or more than one you die unless you time stop it. 

50 Bar: Lust Injection (3 Debuff Indicator)

Starting from 50 bars, Vykas will cause a debuff each time you get hit. Once you get 3 debuffs, you will cause an explosion in a cone. Run towards the corner of the map to avoid hitting your teammates. In 2 out of 3 locations of the cone, they will emit 3 black auras instead of 2 meaning that the 2 spares in the middle should come in respectively, if party members are dead, time stop is advice. For example, if you are 11-2, you would eat the second black orb at 11 o'clock.

Lost Ark Vykas Phase 1 Mechanics (Typing), Patterns, Fighting Tips

Batte Items for Phase 3: Whirlwind Grenade, Time Stop Potion, Sleep Bomb

Gauge Bar: In phase three, there's a special mechanic where everyone will have a bar over their head as you take damage from patterns this bar will fill pink and red once it's past the white threshold. If filled up, you become charmed by Vykas attacking your allies until killed or a sleep bomb is thrown on you. Also, note that in Phase 3 like Pphase 2 there is a poop mccanning appearing on party members you're in there so make sure you throw it out.

175 Bar: Speed/Slow Puddles

At 175 bars, there's the speed puddles mechanic, three or two raid members depending on normal or hard will have a brown puddle below them, the rest will have blue. Brown puddles gather at 9 o'clock and lay them out to slow your movement speed, the rest with blue puddles gather at 11 or 7 o'clock throw them out and then join back at 9 o'clock.

155 Bar: Find Vykas

At 155 bars, there's the find Vykas mechanic ficus disappears and leaves some cones behind, a raid member with their gauge over the white threshold red will see swords instead of cones. The member that can see the swords should ping them, let's call them the seer (use sound to determine the real Vykas). Then it is the job of the raid members who see cones instead of swords to determine if the seer pinged any of the cones, that is the safe zone.

135 Bar: Typing Mechanic

At 135 bars, there is the typing mechanic. Run to 12 o'clock where the first person reaches there will open the yellow orb, this is to reset everyone's gauge. Making sure your gauge is zero is super important as you can use the maximum time for the typing test, even if one person fails you all are punished.

120 Bar: Get Charmed

At 120 bars, raid members will have poop puddles on them. Don't throw them out, all must be converted into Vykas's minions or you will die to her attacks.

100 Bar: Stagger Into Timestop

At 100 bars, there's a staggered mechanic gather at 3 o'clock lower your gauge and after Vykas does an inner AOE damage use your stagger bomb and skills followed by a time stop.

75 Bar: Speed/Slow Puddles

At 75 bars, this is a repeat of the speed slow puddles from 175 bars meet at the same location and repeat.

55 Bar: Tentacles

55 bars is the technical mechanic, party one left, party two right, minimap shows how many tentacles are left. To do damage, you need to have a red gauge bar over the threshold prepare your sleep bombs or kill your allies.

30 Bar (Hard Mode Only): Spacebar 

At 30 bars is the spacebar mechanic, it is an exclusive mechanic for hard mode Vykas. At 1, 5, 7 and 11 o'clock, there's an orb that spawns around Vykas, party members with low gauge goes to these spots and eat one each. Once in contact, note that your gauge will fill up. These positions are not predetermined as you never know who will have low gauge.

0-2 Bar: Stagger

The zero bar mechanic, go to the middle of the map and look at your mini map to see where Vykas spawns, slowly make your way there and use your staggered grenade and stagger abilities until Vykas' staggered bar is depleted. Do this while dodging Vykas' patterns.

Medusa Mechanics in Phase 3

There's a special mechanic that we want to give an honorable mention - Medusa, one that tests her coordination, an attack that can come out randomly. Vykas stops moving and sends out black wavy lines from her location, everyone has to look away. But Vykas can stand with either 1, 0 or 2 wings open, if 0 no one looks, if 1 one looks, if 2 two people look, this can happen twice. Party one members one to two first round, party one members three to four second round, party two tops up when required. That's it, congrats on clearing Vykas.

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