Top 5 Diablo Immortal Free To Play Tips - How To Make The Most Of Diablo Immortal As A Free To Play Player

6/14/2022 4:08:53 PM

Since the release of Diablo Immortal, it has made a lot of waves in the market, the first thing players do is level up, farm DI platinums and get as many legendary items. But if you want to make the most of Diablo Immortal as a free to play player, you’ll want to follow some useful tips. Be sure to check this guide and learn tips on how you can get the most out of your free to play experience in Diablo Immortal.

Top 5 Free To Play Tips For Diablo Immortal - How To Get The Most Out Of Free To Play Experience

1. Hilts Vendor: Get All the Crests

Legendary gems are very rare as a free-to-play player. You can get them from running elder rifts with rare crests or legendary crests. And these quests are going to be the most important thing for you to buy with your currency. So when you go to the hilts trader, you can get a monthly legendary crest for 1600 hills, so this is very important. And also daily, you can buy two rare crests and those have a chance to drop some legendary gems as well for you. So always make sure you get those.

There’s a lot of stuff like gems, reforge stones, there is also monthly legendary gem, so this just rotates to like a random one, there is ca’arsen’s invigoration which is not a very exciting one just like a primary attack buff and it's a one star gem. So if this ever shows some really good gem, you might want to get that. At the beginning of the game, there is a lot of front loaded hilts income, but it will definitely slow down later on. So you want to preserve it as much as possible so you can always come back for those daily crests.

2. Elder Rifts: Share crested runs for Embers

The way you use those rare and legendary crests is in elder rifts. So if you go here in west march, you can put them into the slots and this will give you extra drops when you finish the run. There's another thing and that is that when you do this you also get these fading embers and those are actually shared drops, so if you invite people to your party and everyone adds crests, everyone will get more fading embers. The other dude is personal, so you can't really you know benefit that much from extraordinary quests that other people had. But these fading embers also basically translate into more legendary gems with this fading amber and runes vendor, so if you talk to this guy you can convert your embers into runes and those in return can be used to craft legendary gems. It will take quite a while to get there to buy enough runes from embers to get some good legendary gems, but you definitely want to make sure that you use this to the fullest. So always share your crests. If you have a lot of crests and you want to do some runs and make sure you're invited some clan members, some friends just to share those embers especially for the free to play players.

3. Craft the right Legendary Gems

You can crafted the jeweler, so if you go to the person in westmarch, the legendary gems go in those primary equipment slots up to six, so you get one from the regular battle pass and they also get a set as weakening later on level 15 on a battle pass. These are not really crazy gems so far but they get you started to give you some effects, they give you some extra combat ratings, so it helps.

You can do this with crests and then you go to the crafting menu and you can select the specific gems. There is also a way to craft random gems, so if we look at random legendary gem for far runes and there is a chance to get one, two or five star gems. And this is mostly the thing you want to use with your far runes and your fading embers. So you can buy them for embers and then once you stack up 22 of them, you can craft this and have a slight chance to get the higher star gems. So this is mostly what you're looking for long term, but just to get started, just use some of those one and two star gems, so whatever you have the rooms for, you can see that they always share the same runes. So that is like the ati rune for the two star gems and you also have the one star gems that need a few far runes. So for the start, just make sure you fill up your gear with some legendary gems to get the extra stat bonuses like just having any legendary gem basically helps you already. Then you can start saving them up for this random 5-star craft.

4. Get the Platinum Daily Reward

Another very important resource when you're free to play is platinum. So you get 300 of that from the daily battle pass quest reward. Go in your battle pass and then there's gonna be some daily quest that shows up and you just have to collect 120 points and you can do this with any activity. So this is something you always want to max out, the platinum will also be important especially for the marketplace trading. So you want to make sure that you get the platinum every single day so that you can also buy some stuff from the marketplace. So people might be putting up some legendary gems, etc on the marketplace and then you can also use the platinum there to gain a bit more out of it. 

Other than that, if you want to get ahead as much as possible as a free-to-play player, just make sure that you farm efficiently set up groups, set up warbands, collect the daily caps for hidden layers, for the gems, for the paragons, make sure you always stay on top of there, upgrade your gear, so you can get extra combat rating from improving the gear.  So all your stuff is level free and the more materials you grind, the more you can upgrade it. So this helps you a little bit and this way you can also try to become as strong as possible as free to play.

5. Maximize your Scoria income from Helliquary

There's also the helicarry, so this is something that you unlock around level 40 or so in questline and westmarch and you have those weekly raid bosses and you also see that as Scoria rewards, scoria is also very important because it can upgrade your helicarry and you want to do this as a war band of 8 people, so you get extra Scoria, so always make sure when you see Scoria rewards. You want to get them as well at all costs because this upgrades a header query and this also gives you extra combat rating and you really want to get as much as possible for this.

So, hilt splendor, always get the crests, then make sure you maximize your rune income and you're fading amber income, so share those crested runs so you can craft gems, get the random 1 to 5 star gem craft going whenever you have enough runes on the jeweler and make sure you always get the Scoria.

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