New World Double EXP Gathering Event - Best Locations For Each Gathering Skill & How To Make Use of Them

6/14/2022 5:29:32 PM

The brand new gathering exp bonus event is now live in New World, running from Monday to Thursday throughout the month of June, with everything wrapping up the final weekend with a four-day event where all xp weapon gathering refining and character level xp all being doubled for those four days. In this guide, we are going to share with you some best spots for each of the gathering skills that you can use to level up in New World June xp event.

New World Double Gathering EXP Event - Best Locations For Each Gathering Skill In New World

A lot of you will have reached level 200 and it doesn't affect the ones that are already level 200, but we are going to share with you some of best spots for each of these gathering skills down so you can make the most of this double xp weekend and get yourselves up to 200 in each of those skills. 

1. Mining Gathering Best Locations

If you want to get your mining levels up initially, you can choose the everfall or first light, both of these areas are really jam-packed full and you can see here what we've got highlighted on the map is just the iron, the star metal and then aura Calcium, but there is silver, there is gold, there is platinum in some of these places as well particularly in these lower level areas you'll see a lot of silver. But first light is a really good one, monarch smooth is a really good one and everfall is also a really good one. Also you can go into Windsward and you will get a decent amount between the border, between first light and Windsward. You'll get quite a lot there and then over to the top right side, that's for early doors. Then for any of you are more towards the mid and end game of mining when you're at 150 plus, you're gonna want to either go to ebonskill reach over here, you can see there is a ton of star metal, there is even a bit of iron and star metal and then you've got some Orichalcum at the top and mostly around the imperial palace you've got a ton of star metal and aurora calcium nodes. 

New World Double EXP Gathering Event

Your next best place that is the least contested in terms of Orichalcum if you are looking for it is wreak water. On top of the mountain range, tons of oracle come very quick respawns as well and you should be able to get your hands on a lot of that there, you can follow the trail down with the iron and the style metal and make your way down here to all of this Orichalcum as well in the ancient zone. It's a really good area. And then finalizing it off there with a bit of great cleave for star metal and Orichalcum in the mangled heights, elite zone and finally shattered mountains, he's gonna be your main bulky one if you can get a group together to go with you and clear that out.

2. Harvesting Gathering Best Locations

There are two best areas, first light, so literally out of the settlement top right corner doesn't look like an awful lot on the map but there is an absolute ton mixing in a lot of hemp, really good zone. Cutlass keys as well, you're gonna get a ton of herbs down here but by far the best area if you are able to get up here is the area in Ebonscale Reach. There is just a ton of herbs here, you're going to be able to power through those, if we just go ahead and turn the herbs off however if you just wanted to get the hemp the silkweed and the wire fiber, then you're going to also want to look at Ebonscale Reach, this is decent. But for the hemp itself, Windsward on the islands around here is the best area to go for that early game as well as making your way to rest the shore. What you can do is go from the shrine up towards Mourningdale and you will see there is a ton of silkweed and also a little bit of wire fiber mixed in and this is a great run you can do in the mid levels between Mourningdale and the rest of the short way shrine. When you are trying to go for that wire fiber, you're going to want to be going up to Edengrove up to the top way shrine around this area, you can see there is a ton of wire fiber, it's a really good location.

3. Woodcutting Gathering Best Locations

It is any young or aged trees to start yourself off up until you get up to that level 100. Then you're gonna want to start going to wordwood lower level zones and lower level players, it's going to be best in brightwood, you can see straight from the settlement, if you head south, there is a big abundance of the trees there right along the side of the road and a little few towards the cemetery area where a lot of the pvp quests take place. Really nice amount of wood that you can get there, you'll also see that in the angry earth zone if you are able to clear this is a really good location for wordwood trees. And those eagle eyed among you will have noticed all of the ironwood that's jotted around here, so if you are someone that is able to get this at 175, then this is also a really good thing you can do to kind of gather both of those at the same time. However, for your ironwood, you can come up to Edengrove, if you go from valahold down to the road underneath it, there is a ton of this ironwood trees. in the angry earth zones below this, you can find a ton of weird wood, so if you do want a bit more of that, there is a great place for it there.

Another really good place that is worth mentioning is in rest of the show, the angry earth elite zone, it's just behind the area that is the depths and this elite zone has got a ton of weird wood trees there but it's got a weirdwood tree based entrance and also an ironwood tree based entrance. So if you are the level to collect either of those, you can go ahead and clear this and this is a pretty good way to get a decent amount of wood, it is pretty close basically to the waste right at the top don't go to the one next to their depths as you will have to go all the way around the mountain.

4. Skinning Gathering Best Locations

You're just going to be going and getting the mobs in the area that is level relative to your skinning. Basically you the mob ranges were changed, so that now up until around level 55, you're going to still be getting that tier 4 hide. Your skinning level depends upon which level mobs you can skin, so you just want to go to the level respective as it tells you on the map. For that zone and you should be able to get as much xp as possible, there was some better ways to get more xp previously. The lower levels, if you go make your way down to Windsward and go to the buffaloes on this island, they used to give you a little bit more, however now they don't really give you that much more but it is a still a really good place to go because there is an abundance of animals there. So you are going to get a decent amount of xp, likewise if you head up to everfall and you go to the left side, the wolf area if you are super level, this is really good to start off with and there's a ton of wolves over there whilst you're gathering all of this other stuff, you're going to be able to pick up some good locations in Brightwood, rest the short again up towards the top area near this way shrine, you've obviously got bushland but you've also got a wolf area and if you're walking up and grabbing the herbs and the hemp, you're gonna see a lot of animals up here. 

Finally, once you do get to the required level, Edengrove is your place to be, go around these water side areas if you will, ust over to the side where you can see it says beast, this zone is a lot of the pig type mobs and you'll be able to get a lot of them done there very quickly which should boost you all the way to 200 if you aren't already there. This is a really nice and easy location to get hands on.

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